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Found 16 results

  1. We have accidentally bought a pre erected tent on the worthy view site- rather than the sticklinch site where the rest of our group is. Does anyone know if there is a way of doing a swap or finding other buys that want to swap from stick lunch to worthy view? Any advice would be great as this is really upsetting, which sounds spoilt but the 6 couple were all trying to stay together for the experience! Very gutted!
  2. Hi, can anyone tell where the usual pickup point for the coach in Bristol is please?
  3. Looking for a lift to Glastonbury festival Friday after work from London - can meet anywhere and will pay of course Thanks!!
  4. oscartdog


    Helping out at Glastonbury, know I have a ticket to collect from the box office when I arrive then enter through blue gate. does anyone know where the box office is I have been sent a link saying it is on the A361 to the right of Pilton but this area isn't even on the festival map??? I don't know where to go to collect my ticket (not sure if I am qualifying as staff/volunteer or something), i'm helping with an environmental group there if that helps somehow. Also what ID do I need to collect my ticket, all the info I have given for it is my name - apparently thats all that is required for what sort of ticket I am recieving. My passport is expired - will that work?!?!?! All answers much appreciated:)
  5. Hey I land in Manchester at 6:15pm and am hoping to head straight to Glastonbury festival. I looked at getting a train but it could only get me as far as Bristol, as the trains stop running to Castle Cary! Is there anyone headed to glasto area Thursday evening from Manchester who has space for an extra? I can provide petrol money, snacks and good chat! - Cecilia
  6. I have a spare car parking pass for Glastonbury. Anyone want to buy it off me?
  7. TDA


    We have tried to contact Tangerine Fields and Glastonbury regarding this but they both told us to ask the other but is there a way to get a taxi from the site coach station/taxi rank to the Tangerine Fields site? These are miles apart and we are arriving by coach & the thought of having to go through the arrival rigmarole only then having to exit the site at the other end to walk to the camp site? I don't know how the one way systems work, or have any idea where a taxi could be to help us.
  8. Hi. I'll be driving to the festival with friends early Thursday morning, but my wife needs to work and won't be able to get a train out of London until about 5pm on Thursday. There seem to be a few trains per hour from Paddington /Waterloo with the Paddington train being faster. 1. If I book a ticket for a specific train, with crowds is it likely that they will be able to get in that train, if not, can it be used on the next train with availabile space (ie are usual conditions of carriage for specified train bookings ignored due to the volume of people going to the festival?) 2. First class is not significantly more for the trains she is thinking of taking. Anyone got experience of a 1St ticket to Castle Cary for the festival? Will it be a reserved seat, thus guaranteeing her a place on the specified train, or if big crowds will she be waving the train goodbye from the platform and squeezing in to standard in the next available train. Therefore the additional cost for 1St having been wasted. Thanks
  9. Hi just wondering if anyone had any spare car park tickets for sale. Be much appreciated. Thanks.
  10. KTt

    Going alone?

    Hello,I got a free ticket to go to glasto this year - lucky me right !!! - but I dont know anyone going :((( sniff, im wondering if anyone else in the same boat?! would lovvee to find a group to go with together if anyone's interested ! Ktt xxx
  11. Looking for any pescatarian food stalls at this years Glastonbury 2019? Lobster, crab, fish curries, etc. Thanks!
  12. Lift or car share, south Wales return...day and price negotiationable
  13. Me and 4 friends are hoping to travel down to Glastonbury on the Wednesday and travelling back on the Monday midday to Halifax/Leeds area. Just wondering if anyone’s got any car space and wants some £. Can go in separate cars so number isn’t a problem
  14. Like thousands of broken-hearted Glasto obsessives I have been unsuccessful in nabbing myself tickets (7th time I've failed in 8 years!). My wife will be attending as an NHS midwife and previous festival worker already she is on course to be an FMS first responder again and by hook or by crook I would still also love to attend the greatest place on earth with her by pitching in with one of the fantastic causes I had already signed up for (Wateraid, Oxfam, FMS), But a lovely email has appeared telling me if I have a recommendation from one of the Glastonbury Recycling Crew 2017 I could potentially join the team for 2019 - There's hope yet! Are there any lovely 2017 Recycling Crew able to assist or point me in the right direction? Of course Cider bus pints aplenty for all able to get me on the right side of the fence! Thanks for any help in advance!
  15. I had my guitar stolen from my tent at Hawkwell Camping ground. If anyone has seen this guitar or has any information, please let me know! It's small, almost Ukulele size. This guitar means so much to me (bought it from bolivia) and i'd love to get it back. It came in a case, with a capo and slider in the pocket. - Thanks
  16. My usual lift share buddies aren't going this year so I have 1 or 2 spots free in my car (2 if you travel light, 1 if you take more kit). I plan to leave Maidenhead around 6am on the Wednesday and meet up with friends at the services on the M5, so I'm happy to pick up within a certain distance of the M4 along the way, or within a certain radius of Maidenhead. We always go M4/M5 and then a bit of a back-route to the West Car Parks which bypasses some of the queues. I plan to leave camp around 7-8am on the Monday. Cost will be an equal share of the car park ticket (£45) and share of roughly £40-50 for petrol. Car is a Fiat Punto - no air-con I'm afraid, but windows down and some good music on it's fine
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