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Found 12 results

  1. 2 passengers.. hoping to find spare seats or to buddy up to hire a car. Hoping to travel Wednesday evening/Thursday morning and return Sunday evening/Monday morning
  2. Heya! Attending wireless alone for the first day so was wondering if theres anyone else going alone so we can meet up and go together!!
  3. Hi everyone! So I’m getting married by the end of the year, and my wife and I are currently looking for a professional photographer to hire. Many told me that browsing portfolios could give me an idea of how a photographer works. We’re not really artistic people, so it’s hard for us to determine how one’s pictures are better than the other. Can you help us with this? For example, we found this [*** link removed*** ] based while searching online. What are the photo elements that we should focus on? How can we tell if their photos are good or bad? Thanks a lot!
  4. I'm going to wireless for the first time this friday in london, just wondering is anybody going? Can meetup x
  5. Have your plans changed and you need to get back to London EARLY on Monday morning? I hope so, because my coach ticket (See tickets) is set to return at 7 AM in the morning, We would rather swap with someone, anyone, who has a coach leaving Monday PM, as late as possible. If so, we can meet up at Glastonbury and swap printouts. One male name and one female name, but in my experience they don't really mind, as long as the ticket tallies with their passenger list. Let me know if you can oblige! If so, we'll swap phone numbers and meet to swap our coach ticket for the return bit only. :-)
  6. Hello! Will have one or two seats free, leaving early Thursday morning and coming back either after the headliners on Sunday night, or on Monday morning (happy to do either). Don't currently have a parking ticket, so if anyone happens to have one and still hasn't sorted a lift there, that would be ideal! Thanks.
  7. Hi, We have 2 spare seats in a minibus from London to/from Glastonbury. Leaving West London at 6:30am on Wednesday, returning at 2am-ish on Monday morning. £30 one way, £60 return. Let me know if you're interested. Ben
  8. Me and 3 friends hiring a 9-14 seater minibus (not sure yet depends on the numbers) for a return journey to Glasto, driver drops us off at Bath Showground pickup/dropoff point, and then shuttle from there into Glasto. Leaving Wednesday early morning (3-4am) from Hornchurch, Essex, RM12, to miss the traffic. Pick up from Bath showground Monday around 12 - 1pm. Not sure on the price yet, the more people the cheaper it'll be for everyone. Filled a 9 seater minibus last year with our friends, and it worked out about £70 each for both journeys. If you want to jump in just for one way that's cool too. Much better than sitting on those awful coaches.
  9. Joeimay

    Offering £50

    Hi there, I'm looking for a driver who already has a ticket for Glastonbury 2017 who would be happy to drive themselves and myself down to the festival either Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning from london. Sadly my friend who normally drives us down was only able to get a coach ticket this year and I can't drive which leaves me in a bit of a pickle! You wouldn't have to pay for the car hire or any costs and I am happy to pay you £50 for your troubles also. You can drive up and back to London on the return date with me. I am planning on hiring a minivan as I have a lot of luggage I want to bring. Of course you can bring what you need also although I am planning to take a lot with me. Any help would be greatly appreciated and you would have good company for the journey!
  10. Hey everyone! My friend and me are flying from Germany/Switzerland and are looking for a lift from London to Glastonbury. Will obviously contribute to petrol money, share Swiss chocolate and positive festival vibes! As we're flying we won't have any unnecessary things on us, just the usual festivals gear.
  11. Theres 5 of us, needing a lift to Glasto and back Thursday to Monday. Can anyone help? Advise? Mini Van?
  12. Hey there, I'm not exactly offering a lift-share in my car, but instead I got one seat to offer on a coach from London to the Festival. (I apologize if this isn't the right section for it) we (group of 5) recently booked the NE-Coach from London Victoria to Glastonbury on Wednesday leaving 08:30 in the morning. Unfortunately one of our group can't no longer come to the festival. Return would be Monday, 9am. Because we were able to use the group-discount the ticket was around 50 Pound instead of the 70 you pay when you book for yourself. Hence we got one (1) seat on the coach that'll be left empty, bc the ticket ist neither amendable nor can we cancel the one Ticket. So if anybody here hasn't already booked transportation for the festival and is looking for a relatively cheap bus-ticket: feel free to contact me and we will find a way to get it working.. Greets, Volker
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