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Found 91 results

  1. We got 99 problems but the spreadsheet ain't one... 99 days to the general resale so it seems as good as time as any! Please see the attached link for the resale spreadsheet, it is only open to be viewed currently - we can open it for editing closer to the date to add more specific details such as contact numbers etc. It has been discussed in the resale thread that it will close a few weeks before resale, so that people on new groups can familiarise themselves and sort payment methods etc. If any needs changing, please let me know via email - glastonburyresale@gmail.com - or if you can be added tomorrow any groups too. Placements on there aren't in any particular order, they were initially done in order of contact but as people have dropped out of it I've filled gaps etc. Perhaps, any helpers can start at different positions and work through? Thanks to everyone for their help in advance, and good luck to all! Looking at last year there were about 26 stories of success via the resale group (some were volunteering etc.) so let's try to surpass that! This thread is purely for the spreadsheet, let's keep the support of the resale thread going... it's appreciated. Currently on there are: @crazyfool1, @vintagelaureate, @Charm, @flyleen, @SecretFish, @semmtexx, @Superscally, @BlueDaze, @JacobCMarshall, @gigpusher, @Puttycat1, @clucking, @Stalk1963, @bloom92, @Levitz, @Strummer74, @Johnkhutch, @Little Andy, @wweerr208, @BackpackFullOfWarmBeer, @ionicmoose, @Flysheet, @blutarsky, @plot2pot, @AAlex, @Gilb, @nusha, @rockandnoll, @Barnabybear, @spg, @Fearless_Fish, @CCester, @Monie802, @TheGoodWillOut, @Sweet Pea@Zoo Music Girl, @Sweet_pea, @Damon, @Bovla, @karlpowell, @Friendly Banter, @Smash1984, @marigold83 Please get in touch if you need to be added, or need anything changing! I have hidden Column C (surname) until ticket day. THE SPREADSHEET
  2. Hi, I am currently in my final year at University studying - International Event Management. I am writing my dissertation looking at women's experience at rock festivals - discussing gender inequalities with line ups & certain activities. Furthermore, I am looking to get several participants just to answer several questions abut their experience or inexperience to do with activities such as, mosh pits etc. If anyone is interested please contact me - Elisehill.1@hotmail.com Thank you for your help! Elise
  3. What's the best concert you have ever been to? For me it was Tame Impala at Glastonbury 2019, headlining the other stage. The show was just incredible. I love Tame Impala anyway; but i just remember stopping for a second looking round and being frozen in time for a split second. I felt so much comfort and relaxed in this moment. Also they played really well.
  4. Isaac LK

    Unpaid work

    Except for the obvious what are other ways you can get unpaid work at Glastonbury festival or does anyone here have any links. Its due to be the week after i finish my Alevels and couldnt get tickets in the og sale but absolutely need to be there somehow. Any advice would be great! Thanks :))
  5. I've been to the last two festivals, but this year is the first time by coach (took a chance to get tickets via coach sale and glad we did in the end!). As I'm an old duffer, we've also booked Sticklinch, just wanted to check if the coach drops you anywhere near the pre-erected camping, has multiple stops or just drops you somewhere central and you make your own way across site? Although from memory this new area isn't that far from one of the main gates, any help would be fab
  6. Hello, We are driving from Southampton to Glastonbury on the 24th of June - 28th of June. We have two spaces in the car, with the aim of saving money and emissions. £20 per person to contribute to parking and petrol.
  7. https://mmu.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/dissertation-questionnaire-glastonbury-festival
  8. I did not pound the streets of marginals in the rain all day for you to not Vote Labour. Bring it home lads
  9. Hi everyone! I am creating a unique business concept for my Business Management degree and would love feedback on my idea. The Eco Tent is a biodegradable, eco friendly alternative to ‘one use’ festival tents. Hundreds of thousands are ditched yearly and end up in landfill. The frame would be bamboo and the sheeting made from a bio plastic. The sheeting would also include grass seed to facilitate the recovery of the land following the festival. There is currently a cardboard tent however this isn’t completely waterproof which the EcoTent would be. Any feedback would be so helpful. (Maybe a better name?) Thank you.
  10. Anyone think Prodigy might headline or sub on either the Pyramid or Other Stage? They Tweeted they were back in the studio a few back
  11. Hello Does anyone know when the campervan tickets might be on sale? Thanks, Heather
  12. Sassa


    OK. First time applying for tickets. Will try to get tickets plus coach for ease. OK want to camp at worthy view but am curious about prices. Can't find any info. What am I looking at???
  13. Hey everyone! I have a question about buying multiple coach packages. So I know that I am able to buy up to 6 tickets, and because we are a large group, I am buying 6 tickets with the coach package. The only thing I am unsure of, however, is that since my friends and I live in different cities, we will need the coach to pick us up from different locations (I from Portsmouth and them from Stortford/London area). When booking these packages and tickets, am I able to select different locations for each of the registered people that I'm purchasing for? I know that we won't end up on the same coach, that's not an issue as long as we get there, but as for booking for 6 people, im hoping there's a time that I can specify where each of us will be travelling from. This is my first Glastonbury and I have no idea how this process works, but fingers crossed I am able to select multiple coach pick up points. Thank you for the help! <3
  14. louise126x

    EPO bands

    Hi, I've had an EPO band for several years but don't actually work the festival. I was wondering if it is possible to get on site early with these wristbands and what the deal with staff bars is if someone could help? Have been for 6 years and would love to see the site empty and behind the scenes!!
  15. New here. Big mixed group of us heading to Glastonbury this year and we've been trying to find out online about what to expect from Worthy View. Can anyone confirm/link me to where we can find out if: There's a charging tent/cost? I plan on taking portable chargers but others dont. Bus to/from Worthy - worth getting it? Electrical outlets for hairdryers/straighteners and cost? Tents. Is it just a sea of identical looking tents grouped together? Dunno if i can be arsed making mine identifiable but then don't fancy sleeping alone in a ditch cos I can't find it.
  16. Looking for a lift to Glastonbury festival Friday after work from London - can meet anywhere and will pay of course Thanks!!
  17. Hi there, Me and my boyfriend are looking for a lift to Glastonbury on the morning of the 28th or the evening of the 27th. We are happy to pay £20 a head and also happy to give over our parking permit (which I think is worth £45). Please let me know if you know of anyone or you're driving down at those times. Thanks, Liv
  18. Hi I have a campervan ticket for sale - Blue East - face value I can post next day delivery
  19. I have a spare car parking pass for Glastonbury. Anyone want to buy it off me?
  20. This is not my work; nor do I take any credit. It's a blog post I must have read at least ten times over the fallow year, which I think sums up a lot of people's thoughts and I thought it would appropriate to share as we get closer to the festival! Enjoy. Treasuring Glastonbury I love the Glastonbury Festival Of Contemporary Performing Arts. Glastonbury holds a status now that makes it a target, and saying to someone that I love it will often precede them telling me why I shouldn't, even when it's often the case that they have never been themselves. And if I hadn't attended before, I may have even conceded their points, as the fact it is covered by mainstream media, and also the way it is covered, makes it seem as beige and tedious as the latest football gossip. "Oh, it's all so commercial now isn't it? Just a place for celebs to get seen, with boring pop acts playing. Costs too much n' all, used to be able to get in for a quid and get a free bottle of milk, I know someone who jumped the fence anyway, lost its soul when you couldn't sneak in for free anymore." I was going to title this 'Defending Glastonbury Festival.' After some thought, I'd rather use more energy extolling the virtues of the place than having to counter every point people make against it. It doesn't need to be defended, it should be treasured. But this negativity seeps through to people who I know would otherwise feel the same way I do if they went. So a few quick points: Glastonbury is incredibly anti-commercial for its size. Nearly all profit goes to charity, and from arrival, everything is geared more to having a good time than rinsing you of cash. Hey, you can spend a load! I'm not naive about it, there are people who give money to outside companies to stay off site in some palatial so-called "tent"! But are they having a better time than us lot inside the walls for the week? Nahh, I'm not having it! Celebs exist, and, yes, go to the high profile music festival. I've seen none in my time mind, other than Marc Radcliffe pondering how he can mask his distaste for who he's gonna be introducing next. Plus the backstage compound is downright boring and doesn't hold a candle to some of the bars in the rest of the festival where the real people are. Boring pop acts play, but at the same time as a hundred more interesting acts. Would it be better if they weren't there? Maaaaaybe. Then again, they do have this reputation as one of the biggest festivals in the world to uphold. But this is a matter I could do a whole post about. Maybe I will! And there'll never be X Factor types there, thank god. (I say, looking around nervously) The quality, depth and diversity of the lineup is virtually unparalleled. Compared to other festivals, Glastonbury is incredible value for money. What they manage to put on inside those walls is utterly astounding. And there's no restrictions on bringing anything you need with you, and taking it wherever you want. It's not as good as it used to be? That's an interesting one. If it honestly was, well I wish I had been there, because what they have now is out of this world! There's definitely more to do now. One person who has been making the pilgrimage for many years said on a message board that as much fun as they had in the past, the Park Stage only arrived in 2007, and that's their favourite part. They couldn't imagine their favourite version of the festival not containing the Park. An honest option for something to do after the bands finished in the past was dancing to the tunes that a wine bar played. Nowadays, the options in the dark hours are more numerous and varied. In 2000, the fence-jumping finally got to be too much. Estimates are that 300,000 people were at that festival, the vast majority without a ticket. It felt really dangerous at times, both with the amount of people, and very dodgy types patrolling the bridges. But that sense of danger is missed by some, saying the superfence, introduced in order to get a license for the festival, has precluded the more interesting types of person going to the festival. As far as I see it, it is still a fascinating gathering of the tribes, truly coming from all over the world, from vastly different walks of life. Yeah, you've got the normals attending now, and less crusty hippies than there used to be, but the people are still what I come back to as making the festival what it is. Just about everyone is kind, with estate agents mixing with drag artists, full families having a good time with modern hippies who want to tell people about alternative ways of living in the Green Fields. I come out of Glastonbury with a renewed enthusiasm, and hope for humanity. You can't buy that shit off the shelf. It's wonderful. So, that's some of the criticisms dealt with. I may have failed to keep that part brief, sorry! What do I admire about this piece of Somerset? It's powered by love. Sorry if that makes me seem like I believe in fairies and magic. But when it comes to Glastonbury, I kinda... do? Although Reading/Leeds boss Melvin Benn was the one with his name on the license post-superfence, farmowner Michael Eavis took control back a good few years ago. And from people I've spoken to, the crew is largely back to being populated by festival types of folk. The kind of person who has been to every festival in the land and knows what makes a good "fezzy" (hate that word tbh.) While of course there is money involved, this temporary city of staggering scale, with surprises and excitement round every corner, simply could not happen without the huge amount of love people hold for Glastonbury Festival. With crew bars and parties occuring long before the gates open to the public, there is a special community formed among the men and women that make the magic happen, some arriving several weeks before mid-June and staying the same amount of time afterwards for the pack-down. And you feel that love everywhere you go. From a guy who runs a small stage on top of a hill who called me over last year and made me feel like part of their family, to the volunteers literally cleaning feces off toilets because they want to be there and say they've done their bit. For a week or longer, it's more home than home. Some of that crew family were old school travellers from back in the day, who were taken in to the festival by Michael Eavis when they were hounded by Thatcher's government. The wild creativity they brought in the eighties, with unlicensed soundsystems and mutated vehicles, formed the basis of today's festival's so-called 'naughty corner.' A feeling, like no other feeling I'd ever felt, shot through me like a lightning bolt the first time I walked down into Shangri La. Had I turned a corner through some trees into a farmer's field, or had I walked through a teleporter to another dimension? Walls of shock red formed avenues to all sorts of weird and wonderful micro-venues. Everywhere I looked, provoking images looked back at me. Windows on the walls, as in Amsterdam's red light district, contained scenes of strange debauchery. I walked through a hexagon into a room with everything from floor to ceiling painted in black and white swirls, as someone dressed as a mock-rocker played wild guitar on his own on a stage, and fancy cocktails were served at a bar. There is so much more to say about this area that defies description. Much like the matrix, you cannot be told what it is, you have to see it for yourself. Each part of this field holds it's own themed after-hours area, all of which are the best nights you've ever had rolled into one. A little tip? Stay out as late as you dare. After a while, all the tourists go to bed, and the crazies continue to go wild. Shangers, as well as being a hub of hedonism, is politically motivated. Anti-establishment runs through it's ongoing storyline, as part of the festival's steadfast position in promoting left-wing ideologies. A large part of the Green Fields message, especially Greenpeace's own field, promotes a way of life utterly opposed to the Tories' manifesto. Billy Bragg runs the Leftfield, a stage which hosts political discussions, as well as left-wing, politically motivated bands and comedians. I'm a big fan of the organisers using their public profile to stand up for the rights and needs of the most vulnerable in our society, and in the world. And this political motivation traces all the way back to when it was the CND Glastonbury Festival. In that sense it's part of the festival's DNA, its soul, a soul which is still spirited. The spirit of freedom pervades the festival on Worthy Farm, at least in my opinion. Of course there's that great wall, bag checks on your way in, uniformed police patrols. Without these, the festival would not be given its license. The police are mainly concerned with safety and preventing theft, and once you're inside, restrictions of other festivals are nowhere to be seen. It feels like you have the personal freedom to do whatever you want to do, go wherever you want to go, be whoever you want to be. As long as you don't cause those around you, or the farm itself, any harm, a sense of real liberation is yours. Part of Glastonbury's soul, and part of why the whole shebang works so well, is how it is fragmented. Each different field is like it's very own festival, with its own booking team, its own look, its own vibe. West Holts, one of the biggest stages, has possibly the best soundsystem, which is quite a feat, as the sound quality of the fest is superb. And it's always a party down there. Theatre & Circus is low-key the best field of the entire thing, with sheer joy permeating every nook and cranny. Avalon is like an old country fayre, it even has a country pub! The Green Fields are incredibly tranquil and peaceful, ideal when the intensity of it all gets a bit much and you need your little moment of zen. The already-mentioned South East "naughty" corner gives the festival its own counter-culture, what other festival can claim that? All these mini-festivals, some of which... aren't necessarily too keen on each other's antics! Julien Temple's magnificent films about the festival show that some members of the Gaia-loving Green Fields thought the party animals of the naughty corner were pushing their luck too much and were just too darn crazy and loud in the middle of the night. Again, the community aspect of Glastonbury Festival may end up as its own post here. And the list of these areas goes on, some not mentioned here, with sections of the festival-goers spending their whole week in these other festivals-within-a-festival, never even going near the Pyramid. Although the Pyramid is pretty cool, being among a hundred thousand people in front of this iconic stage. And it all comes right back to the people of Glastonbury. To get there in the first place you need the will and resolve to get through the process to get a ticket, and so everyone is just so happy to be there. They make incredible effort to weave lights into their outfits and the lines between performer and attendee become blurred. As the days pass by, each person becomes less defined by any differences we have in the outside world, and feel as one, as part of the fabric of the festival. The happiness is truly infectious. At one point last year I walked through many areas, the drizzle was being ignored, and euphoric scenes could be seen everywhere. As has happened quite a few times, I teared up in response to how beautiful it all was (and possibly how drained I was from the weekend's exploits.) Willgoose of Public Service Broadcasting notes in his blog post that there is no crowd quite like a Glastonbury crowd. The love they show to the performers takes them aback, and so those musicians end up adoring the place as much as the crowds. They take a lower fee because they want to be there. There's more, there's always more to Glastonbury. More than I could simply write about in a blog. (Off the top of my head: Amazing food, beautiful sunsets, secret bars, the bars that aren't secret, all the bins being painted in a lovely way, the on-site radio station, the on-site newspaper, the bands are alright too.) That's why it's inspired books, films, why it's a cultural touchstone, why it's special. It all culminates in an inner peace I didn't think was possible. A sense that I'm amongst like minded people and everything is gonna be just great. I walk around the grounds when I'm there, and I'm so, naturally, happy. This year, a few of my closest friends will be among those people of Glastonbury, some of which are coming for the first time. I cannot wait to share the magical experience of Glastonbury with them. Some of those tears I mentioned above were shed on my first Glastonbury Sunday, talking with one of them on the phone, partly out of sheer longing for them to be there. And, honestly, one of the reasons I wrote this was to convince another friend who I hold a lot of love for to come along for the ride as well. Because the magic is meant to be shared with those closest to your soul. Because I know you'll feel the same way about it I do. https://treasuringglastonbury.blogspot.com/2017/04/tresuaring-glastonbury-festival-i-love.html?m=1
  21. Hi, can I just check something. We want to pitch a small 2 man tent by our camper van. Originally, we were going to pitch it behind the van but we've ended up with a bigger model (6.99m long) due to a cock up at the hire place so we would only be able to pitch it to the side - is that going to be a problem? Seems like it's ok from forums but are things getting more strict? It's difficult to know how hardline stewards are going to be about enforcing the rules. Any info v welcome!
  22. So, with the festival looming I thought it was time to start the CD Swap thread. I spoke to @SwedgeAntilles who ran it last time and I'm going to give it a go this year. To quote last years thread: The idea is that you reply to this thread if you want to take part. Then make a CD mix of confirmed 2017 Glastonbury artists, I'll separate everyone groups of 4, you swap addresses in PM with the rest of your group, then post em out. You then receive 3 analogue, old school, compact disc playlists to listen to in the last couple of weeks running up to the festival! I did it last year and a great group, and it gave me some great mixes to listen to on the drive down. If you want to take part comment on the thread, I'll split the group next weekend to give people time to register their interest. Once we were split last year, my group used WhatsApp or DMs to sort out postage etc. This was last year's thread for this interested:
  23. Lesliehowell


    Can anyone help me? Really dont want to miss out on this year and would love to join a work force anything at all.
  24. I have a Bath and West Campervan pass to sell ? Face price £120. Please share the love ?
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