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Found 21 results

  1. I've been to the last two festivals, but this year is the first time by coach (took a chance to get tickets via coach sale and glad we did in the end!). As I'm an old duffer, we've also booked Sticklinch, just wanted to check if the coach drops you anywhere near the pre-erected camping, has multiple stops or just drops you somewhere central and you make your own way across site? Although from memory this new area isn't that far from one of the main gates, any help would be fab
  2. As soon as I bought my tickets this year, I wanted to make sure I booked my travel arrangements in order to get there early and secure a good pitch, most likely Pennards or Park Home.As i'm coming from abroad, I didn't want the hassle of renting a car, especially with all that manual gear malarkey. the last thing I want is to rear end someone in the Glasto car park! I decided to book a coach with National Express leaving at 1AM, and arriving at 4:30AM. I imagine that I'll be one of the first through Ped gate A by that time, but my main concern is getting on the actual coach I booked, as I've heard rumors that it's basically just a free for all, and you queue up to get on the coach anyway. My coach is the very first one that leaves, and I plan on getting there an hour early just to be safe. Has anyone had experience with getting out of Victoria Coach Station in the very early morning? Will there be a bunch of people with later times trying to blag it onto the coach, or will it be a more civilized affair? I'd rather not get there extra early, but I will if it's necessary in order to guarantee I get on that coach. Thank you!
  3. Hi, can anyone tell where the usual pickup point for the coach in Bristol is please?
  4. i am now travelling by car to the festival so i have a coach ticket to sell. it’s a return from newcastle at 1pm on the 22nd and returns from leeds at 9am on the 26th.
  5. I have a coach ticket running from Leicester, however I have broken my foot, i'm on crutches and have a surgical boot fitted. Because you don't get your ticket until you get on the coach I am stuck with having to travel by coach which is an issue as I will not be able to carry my luggage, so will need to bring a trailer or something to help me, as well as a chair. Being on a coach you are limited to the amount of luggage you can carry, so I really need to travel by car instead with my friend who also has a coach ticket. I have contacted the access people but they stopped replying to me basically saying there's nothing they can do to help and that I have to travel by coach. Has anyone got any advice, it will be greatly appreciated?!
  6. Hi All! I have a spare return coach ticket that leaves from London Victoria at 4am Wednesday morning, and returns at 8am on the Monday morning. I paid £81 for it and am just looking for face value, if anyone is interested in it please let me know!
  7. We have a 6am departure on Thursday from Reading on a coach. Based on last year, what sort of journey time should we expect? Last year we drove early on Wednesday and didn’t hit any traffic at all! But then had to cue in the heat for about 4hrs!!
  8. I should have looked into this before I bought my National Express coach tickets but alas, I didn't. In people's experience, do the gates ever open earlier than 8am? I've booked a coach that is due to arrive at 4:30am and I'm just wondering how long I can expect to be queuing outside.
  9. Hi all, I am looking for people who may be interested in joining us, we will be going on a private coach to the Boomtown Ch11 on the Wednesday morning at 7 am, we will return at 12pm on the Monday. We plan to get a 25 seater so please let us know if you are interested for a seat on the coach then we can add you to our boomtown bus facebook page - prices are expected to be £30 if we are able to fill the coach! Thanks!
  10. Hi, Has anyone got a packing list more suitable for travelling by coach please, all the ones I can find are more relevant to driving in. We have got 65 litre rucksacks , many thanks xx
  11. Hi all - so I've ended up with a Thursday coach ticket (1 way) for this year (also my first Glasto!) Ive had a browse on National Express Glasto page but can only seem to find return tickets or singles on the way there Does anyone know the best way of getting back to ye old London on the Monday? Coach preferable I just cant work out how to book one just for the return journey, any help much appreciated.
  12. Morning All, Lucky enough to get through last night (mobile on 4G 3 Network in case anyone wonders/cares) and managed to bag 5 x Thursday Brighton Return Coach tickets. Not the end of the world as we are based in Kent, but as times/locations aren't released until a later date, I wondered if anyone can advise what the pick-up location & time has been in previous years? I realise it may well be completely different this time around, but just to get an idea if pick up time has been morning or afternoon would be fab. Thanks in advance for any responses :)
  13. Hi all, So managed to get coach packages for Glastonbury 2019 (wooooo!!) but I’ve never got one before, all the other times I’ve been I’ve got a general sale ticket and coach later. Can you pick what time you get the coach in a coach package? If not is there a way around it - it’s a Wednesday one but want to be at the site as early as possible in the morning!!
  14. Hello, I am attending Leeds Festival for the weekend, I'm a big fan of Kendrick Lamar and plan on seeing him live. However, I need to get the coach back to Manchester on Sunday night which leaves at midnight. Does anyone know when headliners normally finish? Will I have enough time to get my bag and go to the coach park? Or is there anyway I can leave my bag at the coach park? Thank you
  15. I will be travelling from London to Leeds on Wednesday 23rd August. i have just searched for travel tickets, and found that the coaches are not going from London! Trains are expensive. does anybody have any options or advice?
  16. Have your plans changed and you need to get back to London EARLY on Monday morning? I hope so, because my coach ticket (See tickets) is set to return at 7 AM in the morning, We would rather swap with someone, anyone, who has a coach leaving Monday PM, as late as possible. If so, we can meet up at Glastonbury and swap printouts. One male name and one female name, but in my experience they don't really mind, as long as the ticket tallies with their passenger list. Let me know if you can oblige! If so, we'll swap phone numbers and meet to swap our coach ticket for the return bit only. :-)
  17. Anyone needs 2 coach tickets from Bristol on Thursday 9.30am? They're single (no return). There's only 1 left on National Express website Selling them at same price I bought. xx
  18. Hi guys, Hoping someone can clear something up for me on here. This will be the fourth time I've been to Glasto, although it will be the first time I have camped at Worthy View. Me and three friends have got coach tickets which leave Bristol first thing on the Thursday morning. However, I want to get my car to the Worthy View car park (which we have also paid for a parking pass for). This is so that I can leave by car on Monday and drive on to a wedding that is taking place shortly after the festival. What I was wondering is, would I be able to drive my car to Worthy View on the Wednesday, my friend can then follow me in a separate car. Once I've parked up at Worthy View, I'd then go back to Bristol with my friend in his car, so that we can be there ready to get the coach first thing the following morning. Problem being is that I understand you need a festival ticket to enter Worthy View, which we won't have till the Thursday morning and we are actually on the coach. I only want to get into the Worthy View car park though, I know that I can't check in, which is fine because we can properly check in to the tent on the Thursday once we have our tickets on us. If I have my Worthy View Car Park sticker on my car, surely that's all I will need just to get into the car park? We can then check in to our tent properly on the Thursday after we have arrived by coach because we will then have our tickets. Hope that all makes sense, any help or advice would be much appreciated!
  19. A friend of mine has a coach ticket for the Thursday but has recently been told he can't miss the two weekdays off work by his boss. Has anyone ever heard of them being flexible on the ticket-on-coach policy? Ideally he could collect his ticket from the coach and then get off and attend on the Friday after work, but they might not give out the tickets that early. If anyone knows anything about this then it would be very helpful. Cheers.
  20. Hi! It's our first Glastonbury this year and looking for advice on the best way down there between car and coach from London? I read about some horror traffic jam stories last year for cars, but if travelling by coach are these less due to number of cars vs coaches or do you run the same risk regardless of travelling by coach or car? What about how near you can park/get dropped off for getting to the camping fields...is one better than the other? Any other pros or cons for each appreciated! Cheers!
  21. Was wondering if we could get a list of the pickup/dropoff points (or places near them) for the seetickets coaches, I only know London and Oxford so i've left the rest empty. Bath - Birmingham - Brighton - Bristol - Cambridge - Cardiff - Edinburgh - Glasgow - Leeds - Leicester - Lincoln - Liverpool - London - o2 Arena Manchester - Newcastle - Norwich - Nottingham - Oxford - Magdalen Road Plymouth - Reading - Sheffield - Southampton - Stoke - Swansea - Swindon - Taunton - Truro - York -
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