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Found 15 results

  1. Hi guys. This is our first time to Leeds festival and I have a couple questions. We're only going one day, Friday, and we'll be driving from Manchester (we're from Barcelona tho). 1- Where do we have to park? I checked last year's map and there's different places to park. I read parking is included with the ticket, right? 2- They sent me an email to collect my tickets at the box office. I think the box office is located at the same festival entrance, right? Do I need to collect the tickets before parking? Thank a lot, see you there! Carlos. X
  2. Hey I have 3 official Glastonbury car parking spaces I can no longer use. They originally cost £45 each but happy to sell on at £30 each. Call or message on 07549639233! Cheers
  3. Can someone please tell me the parking situation for Sunday only tickets?! Do I need a weekend parking ticket?! If soo.... has anyone got a spare! Thanks 🤣🤣
  4. I accidentally have a car parking ticket I don't need. I don't really want to lose money but at the same time I appreciate most people who need will just buy on the gates. I'm happy to offer it to someone for less than I paid. Anyone interested?
  5. A group of 4 of us managed to get tickets in the resale yesterday morning but were unable to get a car parking ticket. 3 of us are fine with public transport, but the 4th member of our group is a teacher and so can only travel up on Friday afternoon, and also has to leave Sunday night. This was already going to be a pain by car but makes it basically not worth coming if she had to do all the travelling by train (we're coming from Southeast London). Is there any chance she'd be able to pay on the door the official car park on the Friday when there's likely no queues? Or does anyone have any experience using any other roads/car parks in the surrounding area that are say a cab ride away from the Campsite drop off point? Thanks!
  6. Hi, it’s going to be our first time at Leeds, any info on the best field to camp would be great? How many car parks are there? We after safest place and somewhere that goes bit quieter at night and not to busy, Should we bring the little truck to help carry everything? Thanks
  7. I rather stupidly purchased a Worthy View parking ticket twice (once in October and then in April!) Consequently I have one for sale. £25 seems reasonable at this stage so if you need one you'll save yourself £20. Post on here and we can sort out the detail. If anyone can recommend any other forums/methods to post also please let me know! Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, We are from the Netherlands and will leave wednesday. We still have to buy a car parking pass... Will it be delivered in time? Or are they giving e-tickets...? If not: is it possible to buy them on the site? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi guys, Hoping someone can clear something up for me on here. This will be the fourth time I've been to Glasto, although it will be the first time I have camped at Worthy View. Me and three friends have got coach tickets which leave Bristol first thing on the Thursday morning. However, I want to get my car to the Worthy View car park (which we have also paid for a parking pass for). This is so that I can leave by car on Monday and drive on to a wedding that is taking place shortly after the festival. What I was wondering is, would I be able to drive my car to Worthy View on the Wednesday, my friend can then follow me in a separate car. Once I've parked up at Worthy View, I'd then go back to Bristol with my friend in his car, so that we can be there ready to get the coach first thing the following morning. Problem being is that I understand you need a festival ticket to enter Worthy View, which we won't have till the Thursday morning and we are actually on the coach. I only want to get into the Worthy View car park though, I know that I can't check in, which is fine because we can properly check in to the tent on the Thursday once we have our tickets on us. If I have my Worthy View Car Park sticker on my car, surely that's all I will need just to get into the car park? We can then check in to our tent properly on the Thursday after we have arrived by coach because we will then have our tickets. Hope that all makes sense, any help or advice would be much appreciated!
  10. Seany3000


    Hi again, is they anywhere I can buy a ticket before I get to the festival. I cant buy from see Tickets because its a winning ticket.
  11. mfox88

    Car parking

    In need of a worthy view car park ticket. Bought a normal car park ticket by mistake, help!?
  12. mazola

    Ashcombe Park

    Has anyone used this for car parking only? I'm driving from London and want to get in gate D, so seems like a good option. how far is the trek? Any problems getting in there about 5am wednesday morning? I normally just get the Glasto parking, but thinking of giving this a go.
  13. AbiC

    Car Parking Pass

    Another parking related question from me... So, if you buy a parking pass in advance, does it allocate a parking area for you? I wouldn't want to get one in advance if it allocates a space on the wrong side (west) when I need to park on the east. Thanks in Advance
  14. I usually get the coach - I love the coach and its lack of queuing... But, due to the fact I am working on the Wednesday (so want to drive straight down afterwards) and that I am staying with friends on the campervan fields, I will be driving for the first time (ugh!). I need to ideally park in Blue on the Wednesday night. What route shall I take to make sure I am that side of the festival? And will Blue be full? x
  15. Hi All, There are 5 of us going to the Festival. 4 of us are going down on Tuesday in the campervan, our friend can not come until Thursday evening so will be driving down. Are you allowed to park 1 car with the campervan? Will they be allowed to do this as they are arriving at a different time? or will they need to purchase a Car Park Ticket? Thanks
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