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  1. Please, don't hate me so much, but do You think there will be any festivals in 2021? I personally did not return tickets to any festival, but I'm afraid we will have to wait a few more years
  2. Billie not ready, Taylor canceled eu tour
  3. Ok, I checked In mailing that I received "Main headliners" only for the first 2 days, on Facebook now main headliners for 3 days From Facebook From mailing
  4. Do You think Tame Impala is impossible?
  5. they changed this text a little bit, now main headliners only for first two day
  6. They said that we are waiting for 2 main headliners (7,8 July) and one headliner (9 July), as i understand, it means that there are will be 2 big artists and one smaller. I think that first main headliner is Billi Eilish
  7. We all know the history of Royal Blood. Deftones and Placebo will be moved to the second row with the next announcement I think. Ok, with Mad Cool you can never be sure, they can decide to put Gallagher to the first row, hope this isn't true
  8. The Weekend, Dua Lipa, The 1975? What do you think?
  9. Billy 100%, but another 2... Tame Impala, Dua Lipa, Asap Rocky, Chemical Brothers, The 1975?
  10. Mad Cool already lost The Strokes in 2020, so small chances
  11. The Strokes and MCR speculations are back I thought we had already turned this page 😀
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