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  1. You can book pretty much anywhere in the city as Nurnberg has pretty good infrastructure including taxis to/from the festival. Places in the walking distance are likely sold out already but you can try your luck as options are plentiful - the site is next to the exhibition centre. Good luck!
  2. https://www.iq-mag.net/2019/08/530k-attend-most-headliner-focused-sziget-festival-yet/#.XZ-tO-czbOQ Don't get me wrong, Sziget is a nice festival, but I prefer the ones with more artists per day - e.g. Reading has 10-12 acts on R1 stage which is A38 equivalent, offering 6-8. More artists mean a higher chance to find something interesting. But perhaps it's just me not having as eclectic taste as festival bookers 🙂
  3. Sziget is the great festival, but my issue with them is that they are too headliner focused at expense of other names on the bill. At any other festival I enjoy afternoons, seeing many new up and coming artists, tons of interesting names. Sziget is very much hit and miss except headliners and I really struggled what to see during the day. I am skipping next year unless they change the approach - which is unlikely as it seems to be working for them (as confirmed by CEO in the interview). Given this context I am not surprised they try to book Taylor S, makes a lot of sense for them.
  4. Green Day are typically an arena size band in mainland Europe, but it changed for Hella Mega as they play Ernst Happel stadium in Vienna (50k capacity) + few big other venues. They headlined RaR/RiP in 2013 and smashed it, so they are a proven headliner repeating after 7 years, great booking for me. SOAD are not a stadium band either and coming back after 3 years is a bit too early but we had worse (e.g., Metallica & Hosen coming back after 2 years). Without a new material to play it might be quite predictable and similar to 2017 show. But hey, they are a marquee name. Volbeat are ridiculously popular in Germany and arguably the weakest headliner of the 3 for me. Some folks on the other website speculated that another head is possible on their day, like they had The Killers and The Prodigy on the same day in 2013. But they are apparently selling out their arena tour in Germany. Agree the line up is lacking any surprise or fresh names except Yungbud but they are at least 2 more announcements to come.
  5. Rock for People looks interesting next year. Strong first announcement and they usually do pretty good job in booking interesting new names. It's mid size festival, quite comfy and with cheaper prices than Portugal https://www.rockforpeople.cz/en/
  6. Not completely true re sell-outs - RaR sold out 2014-17, 2018 was a weaker year, 2019 was close to sell out on both sites. Park was sold out in 2012, 15 and 17. I believe 2017 was their strongest year ever, with both sites selling out despite an increased capacity at Park. Hard to guess for 2020, however RaR/RiP tend to sell out when having a German headliner which is not the case this year. Anyway, you are safe to buy next spring, it never sells out sooner than April.
  7. I've never taken food into arena but I reckon it's not an issue as long as you carry it in the plastic A4 bag. The festival has quite useful FAQ, I recommend checking that to be sure as they change the policy from time to time. Food onsite is quite OK, but I find Reading better as the food offering is more varied there.
  8. Becks beer is everywhere, few variants across the site, decent quality imho. I think there's a cider place at the Arena stage (2nd) at the end of the field, as well as honey wine, etc. Jack Daniels is the partner, they have few pos and the truck with the coctails, etc. I would say it's OK, better than Reading (except cider which is harder to get). And it's cheaper 😉
  9. Green camping is a good shout, pretty decent quality. The main camping is quite loud & dirty though, think Reading fest + loud music blasting from stereos in front of tents 😉 If you prefer music at the festival with flexibility offered by the town proximity over partying I would go for Park. If you come with a group to party, Ring is great. There are 2 key differences apart from location - Ring runs pretty late into night (3am?) so you get more sets in the dark. - Park has ice hockey stadium as the 3rd stage which has an interesting vibe. I can imagine it's not to everyone's taste though. For the record, I am going to Park, this will be my 11th, so I am likely biased 😉
  10. They play it pretty safe for the anniversary edition. Happy about GD and few undercards, Yungblud especially. Looking forward to the second announcement though, it may be more interesting
  11. Presale starts September 20th, weekend tickets from 71 EUR https://www.rockforpeople.cz/en/
  12. Bullet merch on sale at Reading
  13. As much as I like The 1975, they haven't reached the undisputed headliner status in Europe yet - similarly to e.g., Biffy. Sziget, Pohoda and Opener booked them because of their future potential, not the current status. Those festival will sell out/sell a ton of tickets regardless who's playing as they're local Glasto equivalents. Look at RaR/RiP - The 1975 are subbing Slayer (!) on 2nd stage. Still an improvement over the last time when they were 3rd from the top... I am not a massive fan but I think it's a great booking and I am looking forward to see them at Reading.
  14. Learn to Fly was song #6. Not sure where this setlist comes from, the correct one is here: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/foo-fighters/2012/little-johns-farm-reading-england-63dc76b3.html
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