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  1. Taxis are better/more convenient in the night afaik as I am not sure about the train schedule past midnight. But it's pretty easy to move around. FYI - there's a thread already for all RiP/RaR related:
  2. 2019 clashfinder https://clashfinder.com/s/rfp2019/?user=0oxgqv.dl
  3. Main stage headliners are usually on at 11pm, second stage headlines follows after that, finishing at 2pm (curfew).
  4. As @Newjem wrote, glamping will go on sale later, likely end of Feb/early March. It will be announced on their social channels well in advance. If you have a standard camping, it can be upgraded to glamping. Re tent size - due to limited camping area they want to ensure people are not taking too much space, e.g. having a large teepee for one person. If you have a normal tent you'll be fine. Btw, they are quite responsive on FB, you can always message them to be on a safe side. Enjoy the festival & feel free to ask any question here
  5. Hotel packages for MCR in Bonn are still available on ticketmaster.de. I got one as I will go there from Werchter and needed a hotel anyway. Not so pricey too
  6. Kiwanuka has a solo show in Prague, so he's out. FKA Twigs would be awesome, but she might be out of reach budget-wise. It seems she headlines Pohoda, she's above Stormzy, Libertines, etc. on the lineup page
  7. This year's lineup is insanely strong
  8. https://www.colours.cz/o-festivalu/novinky/hiromi-sleaford-mods-dona-onete-health-a-dalsi some were announced via social channels earlier
  9. 21P are playing Wed, was published somewhere but can't find it now. Judging based on last year (2 major heads, 2 minor) I think Lumineers + LP combo is there for Fri. I guess Sat indie undercard is possible (The Foals?).
  10. FNM is a great shout but I don't believe they will play. Would be an odd mix with Garrix, plus it seems their EU tour finishes in Madrid (as most bands do). Will see on Tue, just hoping it is not another left-field name such as Garrix 😉
  11. Just in case anyone considers this. - Friday tickets sold out (Green Day day) - not many 3 day tix left - Camping on sale since yesterday More bands to be announced in Feb but major ones are out already
  12. She's not playing. FYI - if she would play, it would be for the second time ever when she did 7days in a row. Very unlikely with her current production
  13. I remain optimistic and will go with The Killers as the last headliner. Come on Colours 😉
  14. Oh well. The first few announcements were promising but where it's heading now... I was considering staying the whole festival but it seems I will save the weekend, so not so bad after all 😉 Meanwhile Pohoda announced Glass Animals. These two festivals were very similar in the past, but they are like a night and day now. I am sure it will sell well, but longer term I am not so sure. They are entering Beats for Love territory, an electronic music festival which happens at the same site and has a higher attendance than Colours. B4L will always have an upper hand vs. Colours as they are specialists. Plus the Colours vibe will be quite different. Kygo was apparently a disaster what I've heard.
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