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  1. Day split announced. This Wednesday is insane 😀
  2. Great additions so far! Just wonder who the last 4 names are. My dream scenario would be Deftones & Turnstile but perhaps it's too much to expect?
  3. I think quite contrary, 2nd weekend of Primavera means more acts in Europe, creating a room for a new event. Would be interesting to see if this is a one off or will stay for the future....
  4. Limited number of day tickets on sale now if anyone interested.
  5. Depends where do you stay and when do you book - you can get a hotel room for a normal Reading price (50-70 per night) if booking early, otherwise you pay festival premium. I stayed at Pink Moon Camping originally as I didn't want to bring my camping gear over on a plane but managed to get a hotel room for the same price so switched to hotel a few years back. Sometimes it gets more expensive when I am late with booking, etc. but on average it's not that much different from Pink Moon
  6. Staying in the hotel since 2014, works great for me while in Reading. The Guest gate is open for exit in the evening which makes the walk significantly shorter, it's under 2 km to the city center in the night so you can make it in 20 minutes if you are really fast. Used to camp in white which is pretty much a similar distance, can't complain at all 😉
  7. You mean lineup-wise or vibe in general? It was indeed different, esp. Friday people were buzzing, Sunday was much quieter. Lineup was not great for me, too much tiktok and indie balast, but Wolf Alice and Biffy were worth it. Stormzy class too, plus bunch of smaller stuff. Lock-up/Pit/FR tent was shambolic vs the past but still most interesting part of lineup. Will wait for lineup next year before booking again.
  8. Arena setup with 2 main stages is odd. On top of ridiculous bar queues, the side of arena with tents is super crowded while the other side where Dance tent used to be is half empty, at least in Reading. I hope the usual setup returns for next year
  9. With a standard Reading/Leeds budget you'll get a royal treatment 😉 Honestly, you'll be just fine, UK fests are on the expensive side, Reading is is always the largest budget item on my list
  10. Beer is much cheaper and I dare to say better 😉 Pint is under £2, plus there's a choice of 20+ different beers, from craft ones to big brands. Pretty much anything is 2-3x cheaper...
  11. Same happened after 5 songs at Sziget, got pretty boring after an exciting start. Having said that I take AM over KOL anytime 🙂
  12. Fixa got a pretty high billing on the 2020 poster with the special 'on request' setlist which makes them likely candidate imho. But I reckon we get less of the 'recurring' local names in 2022 overall 🤞
  13. Well done, great job! I guess Sum 41 are nailed on, as they play another festival in Germany around the same date. Re Catfish, they have no 2022 festivals announced so far, including the ones they planned for 21 (Hu/So). Will see on Thursday
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