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  1. I'm afraid that they don't need a replacement and everything will be canceled again...
  2. They want extra money for an extra day with spanish headliners, what a bullshit, lol Roch For People Festival in Chech Republic also add extra day, with Biffy Clyro, for free to all 3day ticket holders
  3. Almost sure that they will add a second Warsaw date 6 or 7 July, so no time for Mad Cool
  4. Not the best lineup, but this year it's the best in continental Europe, there's not much choice here
  5. Do you think Mad Cool will add some 4-day tickets after the return window opens?
  6. Imagine Dragons, Sylvan Esso, FLOHIO, Inhaler and Iceage added today. Previously Twenty One Pilots, The Chemical Brothers, Badbadnotgood, Destroyer, Michael Kiwanuka, Seasick Steve.
  7. I used to not like pop music, soft rock bands like Foals, that music was boring as hell for me, but time is changed, my interest in the music industry also brings me to new artists, and like you, I also prefer festival line-ups that including different genres. I like modern pop music, like Rhye, Chvrches, London Grammar, Tender, Aurora, etc, like electronic like Christian Loffler, HVOB or Kiasmos, HEALTH, rap music like clipping or RTJ, Also half of my playlist is modern metal and hardcore 🙂 Unfortunately there no will be so many artists like this on Mad Cool, but i don't think that is a strategy, to put more rock bands on the line-up, and depends on artists availability also. Im never be into Metallica, at 31yo feel to young for that, but prefer Metallica over Taylor, just happy with that fact, and im not from UK, Im from Eastern Europe, even bands like Muse rarely played here, so it will be nice to see them again after many years. Edit: Listened to MC2022 playlist on Spotify, there so many pop artists and few rappers, unfortunately not interested for me.
  8. I'm did not start this comparison 🙂 On the first PS 2022 weekend 7 headliners from 90/00s and 3 from 10s. Personally, I'm happy, that there are will not be Dua Lipa, Taylor, Lorde, etc. on Mad Cool 2022. Already saw Dua Lipa at Mad Cool and Lorde at Opener, don't understand hype for this artist, for me it's just regular background music in the shopping malls 🙂
  9. 2022 edition. I think that Mad Cool also will add to headliners some newer artist, Billie Eilish etc, and it will be look the same.
  10. Hm, most PS headlinears also from 90/00s
  11. So what festival represents "actual music"? Most of the big European festivals have headliners from the 90s. There plenty of newer and younger bands on Mad Cool, but they need strong names to sell tickets.
  12. Love new line up. good that RHCP and Taylor are gone 🙂
  13. Here we go again 🙂 The festival will take place on July 6,7,8 & 9 of 2022. We will announce the 2022 line up before July 7th 2021, we are keeping as many Artists as we can from 2021 and also adding some new ones so we can have the best line up ever. https://madcoolfestival.es/en/news/mad-cool-2022
  14. These comments "no mad cool anymore", "worst festival" etc are based on Belgium guy "inside info". He comes to this thread only for hate comments. No one knows who this guy is, but starting to repeat his words. So, no Mad Cool in 2021, I think this obviously. If festivals back next year, i think Mad Cool will be back also.
  15. I think that all moved festivals will be canceled later, unfortunately
  16. moved festivals will be canceled in june 🙂
  17. Thrice, Higher Power, Reignwolf, The War On Drugs, Editors, very nice
  18. Please, don't hate me so much, but do You think there will be any festivals in 2021? I personally did not return tickets to any festival, but I'm afraid we will have to wait a few more years
  19. Billie not ready, Taylor canceled eu tour
  20. Ok, I checked In mailing that I received "Main headliners" only for the first 2 days, on Facebook now main headliners for 3 days From Facebook From mailing
  21. they changed this text a little bit, now main headliners only for first two day
  22. They said that we are waiting for 2 main headliners (7,8 July) and one headliner (9 July), as i understand, it means that there are will be 2 big artists and one smaller. I think that first main headliner is Billi Eilish
  23. We all know the history of Royal Blood. Deftones and Placebo will be moved to the second row with the next announcement I think. Ok, with Mad Cool you can never be sure, they can decide to put Gallagher to the first row, hope this isn't true
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