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  1. Some great names here!
  2. Thursday is extremely strong. The other days... not so much.
  3. Yay! Had a blast last year. I'd gladly come back, but it obviously depends on the names.
  4. I have personally enjoyed last year's Open'er a lot. This was our third time there over the years and the organisation went smoothly as it usually does (we didn't camp though). I think it was the only festival in the EU to have all three of The Strokes, Vampire Weekend and Interpol last year. Yes, we do like them NYC bands The line-up was quite diverse too. And the crowd at Open'er is really top notch. And yeah, the trip wasn't too expensive, Poland's still quite cheap. I don't think we're gonna come back this year, but you never know. It's looking quite promising at the moment, though they're a bit slow at announcing bands.
  5. This was my third outdoor festival this year and the third one wet and/or cold Whether it's south or north of Europe doesn't seem to matter haha.
  6. A very good year for Open'er, despite the shitty weather. Many highlights: Vampire Weekend, Rosalia, The Strokes (the rain tho!), Jungle, Kamasi Washington, Robyn, Kylie, Flatbush Zombies. I wish I caught more of Stormzy. Not convinced by J Balvin and Lana Del Rey, despite the huge turnout. A well organized event, many good gigs, friendly people. Getting more sun and less rain/wind wouldn't hurt though, but I guess I'm just unlucky (or cursed?) this year.
  7. Had a great first time at this festival! Well-planned, well-organised, pretty location, nice festival vibe. We were caught sort of unprepared for the weather though. Highlights: Solange, Jarvis Cocker, Aldous Harding, Sons of Kemet, Rosalia. No big disappointments for me, though I didn't get the supposed magic of James Blake's gig. Maybe it was just too late, with me being tired and so on. Speaking of late, is Erykah Badu always late? That was the third time I've seen her, I think, and she's always half an hour late or so.
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