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  1. According to Zegut, Pearl Jam postpones tour to 2021.
  2. Good to know, I don't know much about them! (my GF is a fan, so I hope she won't be disappointed :p )
  3. Genesis who could announce reunion tomorrow... Without Peter. Phil, Tony and Mike; Likely announcement on BBC2 tomorrow
  4. With RATM touring at the end of the summer, it comforts me in the idea that Rock Werchter still has one super huge (rock) act to be announced, closing the fest. + Foo Fighters announced new dates in Europe today, in June...
  5. Are you kidding ? SOAD were splendid but Linkin Park's crowd was mental Maybe Thom Yorke isn't the Barn headliner and they're waiting for another big name like Massive Attack
  6. Any chance for Catfish and The Bottlemen ?
  7. They were coheadlining with Linkin Park 3 years ago
  8. With all those big names, I doubt that System of a Down is the headliner on Sunday.... Foo Fighters 25 ?
  9. From BKS announcement this morning, I'm hoping for Catfish and The Bottlemen, Amyl and the Sniffers, Tropical Fuck Storm and The Milk Carton Kids !
  10. I'd love Pearl Jam - The National - Massive Attack Foo Fighters - Tame Impala - Volbeat Kendrick Lamar - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Faith No More Guns'n'Roses - System of a Down
  11. I love it, my friends love it, love love love, can't wait for that amazing week
  12. Kasabian, Catfish & The Bottlemen, Foals and Foo Fighters would be perfect for me and my friends ?
  13. We are Francis Tourneur et les Âmes Endormies, the French cousins of a well-known British band
  14. Let's create the Glasto playmobil band!! Grammy for sure
  15. I've never succeeded at getting Glastonbury tickets, then I want to play at Glastonbury. I have the best rock band from France. How can I write to Michael Eavis ?
  16. Same here. A great time for sure for the Portuguese ! But it's time for my friends and me to move to other festivals now. I regret parties in the camp til 7am which were canceled this year, and DJs in the pool. After the awful communication last year, they needed to strike huge names for the beginning of announcements. I think that Taylor and Billie are more Rock and Rio stuff. The Pearl Jam-The National-Jack White-QOTSA era seems to be already far away... I would have prefered well-established festival headliners (Billie has never headlined and Taylor doesn't play festivals usually), it will
  17. My first Beni, and absolutely loved it... Great human experience, I hope that neighbours will be back next year. We were among the only French here and made a lot of new friends, mostly 19-25 years old. After several disappointments, I was shocked by how good we're Kings Of Leon this time. I felt that their passion was back, they played a bit like Smashing Pumpkins at NOS Alive the week before. Loved Gerry Cinnamon, La MODA, Franz Ferdinand, George Ezra... Vetusta Morla were insane at NOS Alive, but this time the first half of the show was more quiet probably because of the full album. Gr
  18. Damn I hope it doesn't take too long to recover! Take care! (and beer isn't important, you can try the other drink...)
  19. Find the "Spreaders" t-shirt and you'll find me or my friends!
  20. Have a lot of fun at the festival this week! Have fun with the Portuguese people who are awesome, join us for sangria songs around the bars if you spot us! Have a blast!
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