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  1. Just wondering how much (apart from popularity) previous performances influence selecting a band? For example SOAD was amazing last time they played before Linkin Park and were announced first, Kings of Leon are probably popular enough but (and that might be just me, apologies to their fans) they play the same quite dull show every time and even though they are around they have not been booked. Same for Alt-J (they were amazing in all appearances but they got quite lost in the main stage), Editors and even RHCP maybe? It might just be a combination of pure coincidence and my humble judgement of the last performances of these bands at RW though.
  2. Can it be that Friday will remain totally empty until January?? Actually do you think there is any chance that we can avoid Kings of Leon? It might just be me, but I think they're giving the same predictable show every time and they've been there 3 times the previous 9 years. I don't see how they won't be there. Also, with Pearl Jam in the lineup, would Foo Fighters be realistic? If they were to be announced the same day with SOAD the day will sellout quite quickly.
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