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  1. It's a third option (!); "Six piece Ska-blues band playing self-penned originals" https://isleofwightfestival.com/artists-a-z/the-bohemians edit: actually I am really surprised there is not a Queen cover band announced so far. Maybe in the Hipshaker Lounge, they bad Blur and Oasis tributes last year in there
  2. A bit underwhelming... https://isleofwightfestival.com/artists-a-z/ewan-mainwood https://isleofwightfestival.com/artists-a-z/overpass https://isleofwightfestival.com/artists-a-z/overpass
  3. I guess the Main/Big Top "stage filling" announcement might be today Lauran Hibberd could also be added somewhere.
  4. Hipshaker Lounge is TBA too, so I guess that and River Stage will be next 2 days, then they just need to fill out the Main and Big Top and the lineup will be complete.
  5. They have been announcing stuff at 10am every day this week, so guess River Stage will come Thur/Fri. Australian band Germein will be added too I think Today was this (don’t know a single act, but Don’t Problem sound good);
  6. Thank you @efcfanwirral for taking the time to upload those, appreciate it! this year there are 6 acts a day per stage though, so I wonder how that will change things…
  7. EvEv vs Spector vs Pyra for example, how might that work out?
  8. Yep, what was that ridiculous day again? Foals -> Killers -> The Cure -> Chemical Brothers?
  9. y'all are gonna have a good time regardless of the setlist I'm sure 🙂
  10. Is it just me, or does his voice sound... different?
  11. Anyone know where I can see the schedule for last year, to get an idea of the headliner clashes etc? Google isn't giving much away...
  12. Terrible pour though, look at the head on that!!
  13. I only know Sophie Duker (thanks to Taskmaster)
  14. People seem to care about this, so;
  15. It says in FR (not UK), like the night before. They could play 12 or 13, but you would think they'd have listed if it that were the case.
  16. Love me some EvEv ❤️
  17. Agree, they are Main Stage headlining 110,000 capacity Download in the UK, and some other Euro festivals too. Charli XCX played on the Main Stage when she had 1 hit...
  18. Biffy Clyro! In the Tent!
  19. Gunna is on Tent Stage, maybe they are building up to bigger things. You'll know in 15 mins...
  20. Jesus, they were taking the piss a bit to tease this for a week as "second wave lineup", think they only added Another Sky and the speakers. That could well be the full line up; I'm out.
  21. Not a great start, depending on what you are into of course
  22. Day splits / second wave coming today.
  23. New names coming on Friday (06 May)
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