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  1. Ah that map is very helpful. I did look for one but couldn't find one. The fact it's that close is quite a big factor for me. Good find, thankyou.
  2. This is what is putting me off Ultra. Staying (possibly) a taxi ride away and knowing once I'm there that's it until 4-5am. The reason why I'm thinking glamping, apart from the girlfriend, is that I can go back for a little chill out if needed. DOes anyone know how far the walk is from the glamping site? And I don't know if this sounds stupid, but if I pay for the glamping do I still need to purchase the ticket with the campsite? Thanks for the timetable, helps out alot. Finishing at 1am is a decent time for me.
  3. That would be great, thankyou. From the UK so I've looked at flights to Eindhoven which are around £40 return (Ryanair) and possibly looked at the train which is around £60. I haven't even thought about the ferry! If you say staying in Eindhoven is too far to travel each day, it's probably best to stay on site and do the 'glamping'. I'm happy to rough it but the girlfriend wouldn't! At least then we know what we are getting? We are debating here or Ultra. As good as the line up is for Ultra, I already know what the crowd will be like which is pretty off putting.
  4. Evening all, I have been looking into an EDM festival and this one has caught my eye. I'm struggling to find much information regarding it. Has anyone been? How well organised is it? Is it easy to get to from the airport? Is it easier/better to do the camping/glamping or stay in a hotel? Any information would be great.
  5. 2 cars so that wasn't an option unfortunately!
  6. We are heading down on the Wednesday evening and staying in a Travelodge next to the site to avoid too much hassle. On the way back the ferry times that were left were pretty awful though!
  7. Just wondering what time is best to start queuing? I know the campsite opens at 12 but how does the queuing work? Is it as bad as Glastonbury?
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