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  1. Fearless_Fish

    Green Man Festival 2018

    Was loving Tamikrest
  2. Fearless_Fish

    Green Man Festival 2018

    Cheers for the advice. Now following the above advice the question is do I take a big tent AND booze..... BTW - does anyone have a map from previous years so I can get an idea of the layout? There's not one on the official website.
  3. Fearless_Fish

    Green Man Festival 2018

    So, thinking of making this my Glasto Replacement Festival this year. I notice information is a little thinner on the ground for this fest. Regarding camping; this is one of the biggest talking points / decisions at Glastonbury - is there anything approaching the same level of planning required at Green Man? Which camping ground? Which car park? How far from car park to camping spot? How far from camping spot to arena? Does anywhere flood? How large a tent to take? Etc. I debuted my Fresh 'n' Black tent at Glastonbury this year, but was thinking of taking a large 4 men tent to share with my girlfriend to Green Man. I figured if we were close to the car, and there's lot of space for camping (as opposed to Glasto) then me might be able to travel in a little more style and comfort this year, with warming tent carpets, a living area, porch etc. Especially as we wouldn't need to take as much booze (due to it being forbidden in the arena). What are your experiences with camping at Green Man?
  4. Fearless_Fish

    Nick Cave

    It was canny good that last night like
  5. Fearless_Fish

    Nick Cave

    So having not been to an arena for nearly a decade, and never having been to Nottingham before, what time shall I turn up? Want to get a good spot but also don't want to be stood around for 90 minutes decimating my legs. Additionally, I booked via Dice app so will need to collect my tickets at the venue.
  6. Fearless_Fish

    quechua Fresh and black tents

    Yep it was awesome, cool and dark, I've never slept so well at Glastonbury (but i did have some new Thermarest beds which probably contributed to 50% of that). Agree with the warnings about shielding your eyes when opening the tent, severely painful after a heavy one. I had the 3 man popup and it was perfect in this year's conditions. Would be concerned in a muddy year with lack of porch, would have to be really careful removing boots into a bin liner or something. It's now gone from white to brown due to dust + rain!
  7. Fearless_Fish

    2017 - The Changes

    They blocked off the cut-through between Avalon and West Holts! Seemingly to accommodate about 6 crew camping tents.
  8. Fearless_Fish

    John Peel crowds

    I find it to be loud, but in a good way! Too often at Glastonbury I'm in a field where I can barely hear the band, it's great when there's some proper noise going on and you can lose yourself in it
  9. Fearless_Fish

    Weather 2017

    Well I am from the North
  10. Fearless_Fish

    John Peel crowds

    Haha, all 5 of the acts I saw in there! Stalker Edit: Forgot I saw King Gizz there too! 6! That's like the last 9 Glastos combined for my John Peel attendance!
  11. Fearless_Fish

    Weather 2017

    Any idea what the temperature peaked at on Wednesday? That was the most insane heat I think I've ever experienced in this country.
  12. Fearless_Fish

    The Good People

    The girl who gave me a pint of ale! Heading into Avalon to be met by a girl shouting "do you like ale? do you like ale? I just bought it but don't like it" - not sure why she bought something she didn't like, but I wasn't complaining
  13. Fearless_Fish

    Food offer 2017

    There is that, I got a dosa from the stall nearby, with rice, coconut and the biggest bhaji I'd ever seen and it knocked me sideways for a couple of hours. Still think the flatbreads were too small like Also new to me was the African place next to the Goan Fish Curry stall. What was a bit odd though is the veggie option was the same as the chicken one, just with the chicken drumstick removed. You'd have thought they'd have replaced it with something else since it was the same price! Delicious though. Never made the breakfast menu in time at No Bones Jones, but did partake in their Puerto Rican stew with fritters for breakfast a couple of times, that was great. But NBJ has always been a favourite (as is the paella place in WG and pizza place next to the Tiny Tea Tent). The thai curry place next to NBJ was also nice, however the portion of chicken was laughable. Tonnes or rice, enough sauce to cover (and very tasty) but only 3 mouthfuls of chicken for around £8.
  14. Fearless_Fish

    Food offer 2017

    Surprised by the comments about the flatbread place. It was lovely, but so small for the price, it only lasted us around an hour and a half before we needed to eat again. We couldn't understand why they wouldn't at least make the bread a bit bigger (and keep the fillings the same) to make it a bit more filling. It wouldn't have cost them any extra to make, and we'd have eaten there more than once.
  15. Fearless_Fish

    Fluffy Rock Cafe

    Yes it was. Not sure what that offered that Fluffy Rock didn't?