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  1. Hurray I got tickets! But 2 orders showing as pending on my bank account too - hopefully it'll get sorted. I've not looked at all at anything Green Man-based yet, what with having Bearded Theory in September. I moved for GM tickets when BT moved back to May 2022. Does anyone have any line-up info? Presumably if they've previously announced the line-up we can be expecting the UK based acts from that at least?
  2. Aye, going to Seville for 4 days, then Malaga for 4 days as part of a single trip. I'm going a week on Sunday. I'm guessing it's going to go down to the 11th hour before I know if I'm going or not...
  3. I don't. Where do you find that info? I'm aiming for Leeds so pretty certain that will be an option, but not sure where in Leeds it goes from. There could be other possibilities too.
  4. I'm considering going for coach resale as well as general. The only thing is, can I heck as like find any info on them. Do you just have to wait until you're at the booking page with mere seconds to spare before sellout to start browsing a list of locations/days/times or can this be planned out in advance? Like now? I've got a minimum 90 minute drive to my nearest coach pickup point I think, and will need to look into 5 days or parking, and getting a car park near the coach pickup point etc.
  5. @Ben_Monk Are you feeling lucky? Well are ya??
  6. Can someone explain to a dim fish precisely how this is going to work please? I seem to be in a group of my own at the moment - does that mean I'm just trying for myself and some kindly other people might also be trying on my behalf? If someone succeeds on my behalf I then provide them with my relevant payment details so they can buy. If I get put into a group with two others - how does this work at payment? I can't remember the payment screen on the website even though I've been a lot since 2005 as it's usually such a frantic time! Would one of us have to pay for all 4 tickets up front a
  7. That's tremendous info thanks. Thinking of working a half day on the Thursday then popping down after lunch arriving around 3:30ish so that sounds ideal for making the most of it yet missing the morning rush. Enjoying the bar list. Although "pub prices" to me is more like £3.20-50, I guess £4 is cheap for a festival 😉 But is it really £4 a pint for a 10% beer?? 😨
  8. So after reading reviews and seeing the lineup I've booked tickets to this to get over the disappointment of failing for Glastonbury tickets. If I get lucky in the Glasto resale I'll just have to make peace with the fact I'll kill myself by going to two festivals a month apart. That being said: Tell me about the festival! What goes down on the Thursday? Should I get their early? What weird and wonderful things can you get up to after dark? What cider do they sell??
  9. Great work. Good luck to everyone!
  10. So I phone Waterstone's and they said they still had a "small amount of stock" left of the signed version, and advised I immediately return the book to the store from which I collected it. I did that and they've cancelled the order (the book I returned went into stock at the local store), and they created a new order and said the correct book should be with me shortly. So I'd act quick if you have an unsigned book! They didn't mention whether my old order being cancelled would affect my entry into the ticket draw........
  11. So I opened it. Aaaaand it's not signed ? Contacting Waterstone's to find out if it can be replaced in time.... Could do with some compensation for this. Perhaps two Glastonbury tickets will appease me.
  12. Quandary: I've bought this for my girlfriend for her birthday mid-December. It's currently on my desk at work, still in it's packaging. I want to read it. What do I do?
  13. I kept hitting back and proceed for about 20 minutes after it sold out until I realised it had remove my registration numbers ?
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