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  1. If I ever find out someone I know is a hoverer I will disown them for all eternity.
  2. Aren't all dumps sit-down dumps? 💀
  3. I quite like the idea from @FuzzyDunlop about keeping a phone in the lockups and just checking it once on a morning. Sometimes my morning routine cuts to the wire time-wise though to be trudging over to a lockup! But this would also have the benefit of preventing my girlfriend's family from being able to find me
  4. Yeah, with taking an old crappy phone I also end up taking a small point-and-click digital camera to take photos with, but it just ends up at the bottom of the bag unused! With a smartphone I'll take tonnes more. But will the temptation to send photos to my work colleagues to make them jealous prove too strong? Or the temptation to start scrolling while I wait the inordinate amount of time it takes for my girlfriend to locate and use a satisfactory long drop? To be fair, I took a smartphone to Green Man last year and didn't use it a whole load. But firstly, Green Man felt different in some way - a lovely festival but not a complete different world like Glastonbury. Secondly, I didn't have a power pack so was forced to use aeroplane mode most of the time, and therefore had to limit my usage.
  5. Updated info request! I might be going to the Accessible Car Park instead - this I guess would involve heading South on the A37 and then turning off through Shepton Mallet towards the A361? Is this likely to still be quiet lunchtime-ish (1-2pm Weds)? Obviously I'm assuming normal traffic flow, not 2016 doom scenarios.
  6. So what does everyone do regarding mobile phones at Glastonbury? I personally like being cut off from the outside world, but have always taken a pre-smartphone so that I can be contacted in emergencies. I also get texts off a friend regarding secret sets and weather forecasts - and that's it. I'd prefer to not take one at all to be honest. This year though some of my girlfriend's family are coming and no doubt they'll want to meet up at some point and cramp my style. The pre-smartphone I used previously has now broken though. Yesterday I learned about the existence of power packs and for the same price as an old phone I can now buy a power pack that charges my smartphone 3 times meaning that I can take it to the festival, and the power pack could also be used for other camping, and weekends away. Question is though, do I cross that final frontier into taking a smartphone to Glastonbury, or do I spend the same amount I would on the power pack on a new old phone that'll only be used once a year, if that?
  7. Fearless_Fish


    We can offer suggestions! Might suggest they put some nice folk bands on an evening instead of all that loud bang bang music 👨‍🌾
  8. Thanks. You are a gentleman of the highest order. Looking forward to potentially getting down a whole hour earlier now!
  9. Whoops, Wednesday, it would never occur to me to arrive any other day 😉
  10. What's the traffic like heading South on the A37 around lunch time? I'm heading from the North East, aiming for the East car parks (Purple), and the directions given by the festival add an hour onto my journey (travel west along A303 then North up A37). That's a big addition to an already long drive. Direct route via Sat Nav has me coming down from Bristol. However the festival route I've previously followed has never had traffic at that time (barring 2016....) so would rather go that way if it meant avoiding a big queue.
  11. Love a bit of Croissant
  12. So what's the crack with Banco de Gaia? Like some the stuff, but I don't go to the Avalon Cafe to watch someone press play on a laptop!
  13. Goes on until about 3, but finishes earlier on a Sunday
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