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  1. Joshuwarr


    It looks absolutely glorious there right now!
  2. Joshuwarr

    Resale Club 2019

    A week to go until coach resale. Safe to say I'm bricking it!
  3. Joshuwarr

    2019 Map

    To do this 9 days before resale day is so cruel
  4. Joshuwarr

    Resale Club 2019

    Out of interest, what auto refreshers have you found best?
  5. Joshuwarr

    Avalon lineup 2019

    Oh my gosh, Bananarama!
  6. Joshuwarr

    Resale Club 2019

    One thing I've wondered - if you're frantically pressing F5 and you get through to the page, what happens if you press F5 again? Does it take you to back to the queue or just reload the page as you're already through? This fear has always made me a bit cautious of refreshing too quickly... (as if this is what I'm worried about on a Tuesday morning!)
  7. Joshuwarr

    Resale Club 2019

    So its NEXT WEEK and I am already panicking a bit...
  8. Joshuwarr

    AOC at Glastonbury?

    Would be good to see AOC. The organisers would be mad to book Corbyn again though. The man is a disgrace.
  9. Joshuwarr


    I think part of it must be cost and the fact that parts of the infrastructure will be in use elsewhere (I guess?). Structures going up earlier would also mean more security needed earlier.
  10. Joshuwarr

    Resale Club 2019

    I believe that's right!
  11. There's a rather comical irony in seeing people on a forum who labour the "its not just about the music or headliners, maaaan" point more than most bemoaning a headliner like this. Just accept that Glastonbury like to rip up the rule book and are putting their weight behind a man who deserves not to be written off before he has even stepped on stage.
  12. Joshuwarr

    Resale Club 2019

    Just me in the coach resale too. From the spreadsheet I can see our only shared coach location is London. Happy to buddy up on ticket day for that if you like (obviously we'd need to stay in contact on the day in case one of us is successful from other locations so not to cancel out any transactions if the other gets through!).
  13. Joshuwarr

    "Moments" of 2019

    The moment Stormzy walks out onstage for the first time as headliner. It will be a big big moment.
  14. I think both resales were done within 10-15 minutes in 2017!
  15. A few people have mentioned in the balance payment thread about how many tickets have gone back into the pot for the resale. In previous years we collated these in one thread so it might be a good idea to do so again to gauge just how many will be going back in. So below comment: [How many tickets were paid off] [How many have gone back in] It feels like quite a few more have gone back in this year but let's see!
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