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  1. Heard some staff at a few hospitals have been told to expect a vaccine for Mach/April 😬
  2. What a waste of money. The guy has more than enough money to fund any legal defence - why not donate to a local food bank instead?
  3. They're putting in place a number of processes to make sure its as safe and have had some good success with other things like the big outdoor beer garden which was really well run. (I'm a local cllr in the area and know they're pulling out all the stops for this)
  4. This is interesting: https://www.leeds-live.co.uk/best-in-leeds/gigs-clubs/leeds-festival-2021-happening-benn-18711640 Looks like Glastonbury are keen to team up to deliver this too.
  5. In fairness its their job to report on important music news like this - will get it in front of the right audience too as I doubt many are tuned into ITV West Country 😉
  6. I have my tickets sorted so didn't really pay attention to the fact there is a resale in October. Does that mean there will be a kind of main resale in October than, I assume, another much smaller one around the same time as the usual resale?
  7. Goodness me he more than made up for it on the Other Stage a few years later. Made the mistake of going to my tent when he was on and omg the field was rammed and people were watching from in between tents in Oxylers. Not a fan but must have been such a moment for him
  8. Joshuwarr

    BBC Glastonbury

    Its popular to knock the beeb but they've played a blinder this weekend. Exactly what I needed and now I feel super emotional and cannot wait for us to move past this horrible chapter in our lives and get back to normality (hopefully) in 2021
  9. Joshuwarr

    BBC Glastonbury

    Watching her will on the crowd to just go louder and louder gave me goosebumps all over again. Its so lovely to see someone get that passionate
  10. Joshuwarr

    BBC Glastonbury

    Ah man, this Sigrid set was so good. Song after song was just perfect.
  11. This is honestly heartbreaking. June can't wait for June to pass now (especially as JP would've been popping this year)
  12. Assuming it goes ahead I'm looking to get the train up. I think I read that you have to pay for the shuttle bus from the nearest station. Does this cost much?
  13. I think maybe we all need a bit of perspective and to remember what is at stake here. I would love to be on the farm in June but life is about to dramatically change for almost all of us for an unspecified amount of time. Lives will be lost and livelihoods altered massively. Look out for each other and be kind x
  14. Bless them. As much as I want this for me and everyone here, I really want it to go ahead for them.
  15. I mean, the reality is they don't know if it will happen. A lot is out of their control. The government could quite easily ban outdoor events come June if things have yet to improve.
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