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  2. Interesting reading these comments. This was my first Wilderness and we basically went as a back up to our usual. I actually had a good weekend but I think that was largely down to the great company. Some pros and cons... Pros: - The site is great. I really enjoyed the little walk each morning by the lake and to see lots of people enjoying a swim (bit annoyed I never got round to doing it myself!) - Some (I repeat some) memorable sets. After a year and a half of really missing these kinds of experiences it was great to be able to enjoy sets from bands or artists I'd enjoyed in lockdown. Highlights for me were Sports Team, Mahalia and Weird Milk on the main stage. Some great DJs too - Blessed Madonna was especially great. - Nice people. Whilst there were definitely one or two idiots around the campsite I genuinely met some really lovely people. - The House of Sublime. Spent two amazing nights there. Our crew are all gay so we really enjoyed a lot of the alternative and queer entertainment on offer. Cons: - Stewarding/General safety. Not to say those there didn't do a good job but I really felt a lack of stewarding and security on site. Sometimes that can be a good thing but some venues that really needed to be operating a one in, one out policy would just have a single steward down the front not really doing anything. I would not know what would have happened if there was an incident. - Facilities. Not enough toilets on site and an actual disgrace that there were just ten portaloos at the Valley. The mud was also impossible to deal with in parts of The Valley too where I believe someone even broke their leg one night. We were at the far end of the campsite and it was quite annoying to have no food vendors anywhere near us. I'm sure another breakfast bar (even just one) would have done well from punters where we were. - Main stage line up. Whilst I really enjoyed the sets I went to it did feel really noticeable to not have another name like Foals on the line up. Felt like a big step down on the 2020 line up. All in all I had a good time and have made some great memories too. I do think part of the enjoyment just came from being with good friends sat around talking nonsense in a campsite again though. I would probably consider returning next year if the line up was an improvement on this year but only as a back up if we decide to go to more than just Glastonbury.
  3. Quite a big upgrade. Happy with that tbh!
  4. Couldn't find him on the app either! If you look on the website they have the times for the live silent disco DJs and their late night sets if you wanted to add them too https://www.wildernessfestival.com/programme/massive-live-silent-light-rave-disco-show/?pillar_id=43431&location=43431
  5. Yeah the bars were a nightmare. Some weren't moving and one went to cash only and by the time I had gone and got cash they were back to card only. I think it was a case of slow pumps as often other festivals they have pints lined up ready but they just didn't manage it here.
  6. Bicep, Jamie XX, Mahalia, Weird Milk, CMAT and Blessed Madonna should all be excellent. Looking forward to checking out action at the House of Sublime too. Also booked a meal for the Friday so will be nice to do my first ever posh sit down dinner at a festival!
  7. Love Weird Milk! Definitely excited to see them. Should also say the app now seems to be properly updated too 🙂
  8. For those of you into this sort of thing, I took a stroll up to Ally Pally during my lunch break to see how the build was going. Fence is up and general build very much underway 🙂
  9. Bookings opening again today at midday for the dining experiences...
  10. Yeah I'm a bit confused. Through google I can find pages from previous years but the website really is lacking in terms of basic info like how best to travel there and other obvious FAQs...pretty poor tbh!
  11. Assume you've all seen this? https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/events-research-programme-phase-i-findings
  12. I know they're close to selling out so not sure it'll be possible to get cheap tickets this time. Final release is quite pricey at 60 quid 😶
  13. Me again - another update for those interested:
  14. There's just something so magical about the Wednesday for me. Especially when so much has become a ritual. The stupidly early state on a few hours sleep, followed by either the coach or train (depending on what tickets I'd nabbed) and then the slog to Oxlyers from ped gate A where the excitement really builds as I drag my stuff through Silver Hayes. Then that feeling once you're all set up and your friends have arrived and you set off for that first Brothers pint in the sunshine. You really cannot beat it.
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