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  1. So this is our first Sziget and we're totally unprepared (we've done many festivals in the UK like Glastonbury but never abroad). We'll be in Budapest from the 12th - 16th and have tickets for the 13th-15th. We want to enjoy the city a bit too as I've personally never been to Budapest so I was wondering if anyone had any key suggestions of how to 'do' Sizget? Obvious questions are things like when should we head to the festival each day, key recommendations of things not to miss and that sort of thing too. Any travel advice is welcome to - I have the festival address and think its about a 20 minute drive so will probably get a Bolt from our AirBnb each day. Thanks!
  2. I went with a friend who didn't know her music and she left saying it was one of her favourite sets ever. There was a real atmosphere in the tent that evening, was magical.
  3. I find it baffling that this plays on people's mind. If someone squeezes by I will have forgotten within a second or two, even if they accidentally stand on my foot or something. Unless someone is overly physical and incredibly rude in how they conduct themselves I really do not think anyone has any right to moan about this. You can have many reasons for needing to move through a crowd. You might need the toilet, you might feel unwell, you may have lost your friends, you may have disliked the behaviour of people around you where you were stood or you simply might just want a better atmosphere and can see there's space. It's a large event with over 200,000 attendees, it's to be expected. But as always - do be polite and do try and be reasonable!
  4. Joshuwarr

    The Strokes?

    Not sure if anyone has posted this before but this is interesting. The podcast itself is great too.
  5. I do think this is part of it. There were also some areas with noticeably less entertainment this year at night (think Silver Hayes) which meant certain stages were more crowded, like the Lonely Hearts Club. Even the Wednesday night at the Stone Circle was the least busy I've seen it for years. Admittedly we're down the hill a bit but its the quickest we've ever managed to get out of the field when the fireworks were over...
  6. This is a little controversial but I really did not notice a huge difference. There were times where I'd even say some areas were very quiet. Did I just get lucky? I saw a number of large acts and often had to travel before and after acts. I would say maybe the busiest areas I remember were Arcadia but even there we managed to get in and out ok. I did hear a lot of rumours of more people being there (ranging from 20-40k!) but I feel that would have been really noticeable.
  7. The best advice really is to be organised. You might think your big group has a good chance without realising you're the one who is doing it properly and everyone else is just sat there letting it refresh, or using too many devices on the same wifi etc. What I do is write out a really clear and detailed doc on the steps required, including tips and tricks and share that with everyone trying so that everyone knows what they are doing. With the exception of one year when I volunteered I haven't missed one since 2008. I really do think if you're organised you have a much greater chance. Obviously the forum can help you there too.
  8. I've never felt so sad that it was over and this was my eleventh. A lot of things I'd have done differently but it really proved itself again as the greatest show on earth.
  9. I suspect 2023 tickets will be the most difficult to get ever. Coverage was popular this year and it has spread like wildfire on tiktok. Endless comments from people saying they will try for next year. Best make sure you're incredibly prepared!
  10. I know the individual areas need their autonomy and probably like to book their own acts but at what point can the festival intervene? Its just silly having the likes of Sugababes and McFly on at the Avalon. If either had been on the Pyramid early afternoon they'd have had huge crowds but instead the select few with the time and ability to show up early get to see them. Its a real shame for fans and the acts who'd have loved to have played to the huge crowds.
  11. My controversial opinion is that Emily was right and this was the best yet. Even the bits I've watched back seem to confirm this. Maybe its the way its been filmed but the crowds genuinely just looked so much happier this time too.
  12. Joshuwarr

    Crowd Etiquette

    Hope the set up was ok this year? Saw something appalling on twitter about celebs trying to break onto the platform at the John Peel stage.
  13. Joshuwarr

    Crowd Etiquette

    Absolutely. If people have access needs then I get that, but the situation can get quite dangerous and its very awkward for those not sat down.
  14. Joshuwarr

    Crowd Etiquette

    People getting through crowds doesn't bother me as long as they say excuse me. I actually think a much bigger problem is having chairs, blankets and people sprawled out near the front. The fact is some people need to come and go for all manner of reasons so it seems strange for that to be seen as poor crowd etiquette.
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