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  1. Joshuwarr

    2020 Ticket Sale

    I am already dreading it. I just can't imagine not being there.
  2. Hopefully tomorrow at Pride. Thousands of very happy people enjoying themselves together (whilst very drunk in the hot sun)
  3. Was my 10th Glastonbury on the trot since first attending as a very lucky teenager in 2008 but I have to say this one was the most magical yet. Non stop blues since coming home.
  4. Much preferred it this year. I don't usually enjoy Arcadia but I think the improved sound helped a lot. I was also quite a fan of the crane too.
  5. Friday and Saturday was just way too hot for me. On Saturday particularly I think I spent a good 5 or so hours during the day just sitting in the shade as I couldn't hack it. I was also sad not to once make it to NYC Downlow at all during the weekend. I'm usually fine to queue for a while but the two times I tried we were literally sent away after being told we wouldn't be let in due to the priority for re-entrants. Those are the negatives. The positives make up for that massively. I feel the line up was perfect and struck a wonderful balance of classic alternative music, up and coming stars as well as some really nice surprising pop sets.
  6. 1. Stormzy 2. Sigrid 3. Kylie I'm surprised too, tbh.
  7. Joshuwarr


    Never been a big fan of Arcadia, but I actually quite enjoyed Pangea. Much more than the spider too...
  8. Walking through The Woods when it was really busy (mid Saturday afternoon) and met a man who was off to collect his best friends ashes. He broke down talking how it was his friend's favourite place and in that moment I realised how special Glastonbury is for me and my friends too. Had a little cry as he went off on his way. I also cried when I started watching it all back on iplayer too. I'm a mess!
  9. Is the variation between queueing times at PGA explained by the fact that some people at that gate came by coach (quicker access) and some queueing did not?
  10. Accident in London or they're holding buses back from departure points because of an accident near the site?
  11. Only do it if you agree to share the story after the festival!
  12. Another little screwdriver test here!
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