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  1. Kinda wish I'd not booked Truck now. Standon looks so good!
  2. Its a great shame. I actually really enjoyed Bestival in 2018 - the set up was really lovely. It was the first time I'd been since around 2013 and it definitely felt like an entirely different festival.
  3. Can't tell if that comment about the security and booze is a joke or not 😬
  4. Agree! Had her record on repeat lately 🙂
  5. I'm hoping some of the line up announced for last year returns!
  6. Just checked and they're definitely still available!
  7. I bought a weekend general campsite ticket. Assume the same thing?
  8. I would love it if GFL pulled something together. If I was them I'd maybe take one popular element/area and just have something inspired around that. Imagine just The Park as its own little festival? Or even a lot of the South East Corner stuff as its own event? Each area already has its own vibe so I could see it working.
  9. We booked today on the basis that lots were selling out. Never been before but it looks like quite a pleasant little festival!
  10. That's interesting to hear. I guess I just want to make sure there's a decent party vibe!
  11. We bit the bullet and booked Wilderness today. We were planning to go to Lost Village but that sold out yesterday which kicked us into action as it seems there is a huge scramble for festival tickets. Bit worried it might be too posh but it does look like there is loads to do so I am excited. May book Green Man when tickets go onsale and considering Truck as well.
  12. We're now debating Truck assuming the line up is alright. I know we will enjoy the indie oriented stuff but what is the nightlife like?
  13. I would say it looks unlikely. Unless it is possible for them to just mobilise quickly the fact (as mentioned above) that they haven't put anything out suggests there isn't the staff working to pull something together or at least keep the moment going. But then again I guess these one day events may operate differently?
  14. Thanks. The website alone intrigued me 🙂
  15. What is the vibe of Blue Dot?
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