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  1. I guess that would depend on what his label would push for but I could see him personally being fine with it. You may well be right though.
  2. I think Harry Styles subbing Billie Eilish could be inspired...
  3. Banquet Records are my go to generally
  4. Joshuwarr


    Headlining Reading and Leeds
  5. Joshuwarr

    Campsite Poll

    Ha, I know! I've never been that deep into the campsite though as we're normally closer to the proper trackway by the actual Other Stage field
  6. Joshuwarr

    Campsite Poll

    You can get a sense from this video how long Oxlyers takes to fill up. I've arrived before late Wednesday afternoon and still been able to sneak a tent in when my friends had arrived earlier. You sometimes get very small groups trying to squeeze in Thursday too.
  7. You're probably right there. Possibly still a bit too soon to be demoted to anywhere below headliner. She could well do the kind of set the Libertines did a few years back in the surprise Pyramid slot then? I just can't see headliner working now.
  8. I really can't see Florence headlining. The last album didn't really sell that well compared to her previous records. She'd probably make a great sub-headliner or surprise act at some point during the weekend though.
  9. Decided to take a look at times and prices for National Express coaches from London. Not booked yet but trying to put in some reminders in my calendar for things like that...
  10. Joshuwarr

    Campsite Poll

    We've camped in Oxlyers every year since 2009 (I've also done Kidney Mead once as well as well as Tom's field as a volunteer). I have a real soft spot for it due to the memories. It's definitely much more of a 'party' atmosphere due to its location so definitely not advisable if you struggle to sleep.
  11. Surprised just how much I enjoyed this. I could've happily watched for much longer
  12. Although I have a ticket I am hoping for a big resale pot for the sake of friends who weren't lucky. I genuinely think we could see up to 20,000 at this point. I don't think the people on these forums are *that* representative of the wider Glasto goer but we'll see!
  13. Oh you'd be surprised. I feel those still pushing through in the late night areas as the sun comes tend to be more in the 25-35 age bracket (at least from my experience!). And a lot of older folks love their dance music too!
  14. I'd probably say its below 10%. I feel the biggest cohort is somewhere between 25-40? But it really does have a very good spread of age groups represented in attendance.
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