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  1. CCester

    Resale club 2020

    It was my first time trying and also the first time not getting tickets to something I really wanted to attend. Failure really hit me in the gut and I took it kind of personal. Cannot imagine the feeling after years of attending and then being left out.
  2. CCester

    Resale club 2020

    Great, thanks. I'll get back to him in January.
  3. CCester

    Resale club 2020

    Oh, I see. The main question is: Is it possible for internationals to join? Our tickets can be only purchased by credit card so it might require too much additional effort to find a team with credit cards.
  4. CCester

    Resale club 2020

    Anyone knows if the spreadsheet is still open? I've sent some questions to the email address on page 17 a few weeks but no response so far.
  5. We have it in Hungary too, usually it's called 'hunter' and they make it from low quality wine to make it as cheap as possible. I'll definitely try it, probably will make me feel nostalgic.
  6. I was wondering the same thing, but I think the mini means 1 liter in this case. But it's just a wild guess. Kalimotxo's wikipedia refers mini as a one-liter drinking glass: 'A common way of serving kalimotxo is in one liter drinking glasses made of plastic, called minis, cachi, macetas, litros, cubalitros or jarras.'
  7. I don't know if we expected Pixies to perform at Sziget, but they've just been announced to Budapest Park at the beginning of September.
  8. We booked tickets yesterday, can't wait the festival. I've just realized last week that one of my friends' wedding will be on 11th July, so we stuck with the 3-day tickets. Still need to book the plane tickets, but I hope they will go down a bit.
  9. Swift will be in Europe in the beginning of the summer, so we can lure her out I guess. Also there is a strong rumor about Pearl Jam playing in Budapest in July, so we can rule them out as well. No tour dates in August for the others, so we'll have to wait.
  10. The current prices of the 3/4-days tickets are valid only for the first 15000 purchases, so the price increase will give us some info.
  11. What do you expect, how long until the four day tickets sell out?
  12. They are just some acts touring in Europe +- one week from these festivals. Not much announcement in August yet, that's why that list looks like this so nothing to worry about. You'll probably see one or two of them in the actual lineup though.
  13. CCester

    Resale club 2020

    My best friend's wedding will be on the only Saturday in August which is in the middle of the festival I've been at every year in the last twelve years and planning to go in the next few decades. They could've picked like 51 other Saturday throughout the year. Luckily it's a week-long festival so skipping a day won't make a big difference, but I'm still not entirely happy. Still hoping to make it through resale, no weddings on that weekend in June. ^^
  14. CCester

    Resale club 2020

    Same here. I already started to recruit friends to help me in April.
  15. This year they opened all of the stages on Wednesday. (It's Wednesday-Wednesday for a few years now.)The problem was that there were lots of non festival-goers on that day who were there only to see Ed Sheeran and as soon as he finished they wanted to go home.
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