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  1. They were discusses a few weeks back as a possibility. So why not?
  2. I'd hate to be the bearer of bad news, but have we considered Shawn Mendes? He is rumored ti tour this summer, ends with an S and is 14 characters long..
  3. There it is. Prices going to change on the 26th.
  4. Well, I'm a massive Placebo fan since I was 13, so I did not mind at all that they were such a frequent visitors to Hungary, but I did mind the decreasing quality of their performance. I hope they recharged their batteries in the last 2 years and they'll be back doing great shows like they did before.
  5. Yep, right between David Guetta's and Parov Stelar's houses.
  6. No, he is not a headliner.
  7. Thank God. Phew. I hope you're right
  8. Do you happen know when the Strokes will play? (Honestly I just want to know who will play on Saturday)
  9. KoL will play on Thursday.
  10. Please, tell me it's just a fake. He was there 2 years ago too, with a short and shitty performance.
  11. Seems like we get to watch Dua Lipa two times a day. Maybe we can add her on the Wednesday. Kings Of Leon will play on Thursday, Miles Kane on Sunday. (According to their website). I'm still afraid the Strokes or Eminem will play on Saturday.
  12. Miles Kane? His last show at Sziget was pretty amazing. For me that was the best one of the week.
  13. Right, I knew I should look closely.
  14. Yeah, if I look closely on their tour, there's a 3-day gap between Camden and New York during Sziget.
  15. Right after Eminem cancels his show in July.
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