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  1. You'd better get off the train at Margit hid and walk across that bridge or take tram 6, which runs all night. I'm not sure if the ferry service's still available, but last year the last one departed from Buda around 8pm so it wouldn't be an option for you anyway. Edit: Google Maps is integrated with Budapest's public transport services, so I advice you to plan your journey according to it, it works real-time. And there's also the official app BudapestGo, but I haven't used that.
  2. Local regulations don't allow Sziget to have any acts on the Main Stage after 23:00, at least that was the case until recently. That was the reason they had one less acts last time, so Foo Fighters can play 2 and a half hours. There are many noise complaints from the residents every year. I think that start time is either wrong, or they won't play on the Main Stage. (Or you'll witness the quietest gig of your life.)
  3. According to Tamás Kádár, they'll surely manage to book the biggest name we expect. My bet is on Eminem or Billie Eilish.
  4. I googled Sziget, just in case and my heart stopped for a minute. Until I clicked on the source where it says 'estimated date'. Meh. I was really hoping we'd get something before Christmas.
  5. First timer here as well. We also booked a hotel near Plaza de Castilla, fingers crossed they will have those shuttle buses like in the previous years.
  6. Does this announcement effect the refund request period? Or will they close it after the full line-up is announced?
  7. Sounds nice in theory, but Hungary's healthcare system is struggling right now, they are testing at maximum capacity for weeks now, which is around 10k-12k tests per day and the official price of the test is 19500 Huf. On top of that, sometimes it takes weeks to receive your results. (I'm talking about PCR tests, which is considered the most reliable test in Hungary.)
  8. Wow. That's unexpected. Maybe this new saturday-saturday edition is the reason they are late with the official announcement.
  9. I didn't know about the deadline, thanks. The Minister of the Prime Minister's Office has just said that they won't build anything unless the mayor's office supports is, so there will be no dam or anything else (including the sports academy on the southern edge of the island, which is a shame. That part could use some renovation). We'll see.
  10. I hope not, Sziget attracts way too many tourists to shut it down. It would be a suicide from the government. The problem is that the situation is not clear. The mayor's office is dedicated to leave the northern part as it is now, with the trees, the flood basin, the green fields. But the government can expropriate the island and build the dam and anything they want. The main problem is, you can't let thousands of drunk people on a building site. I think they'll announce the new date after the online edition.
  11. The northern part of the island is owned by the Mayor's office, but the government wants to build a dam around the whole island, so they can protect the new sports academy they'll build on the southern part of it. If the construction will come true, it will surely influence all the upcoming editions of the festival. It's not official yet, they are just plans as far as I know, but maybe they are waiting for the outcome.
  12. Well it's strange to read this. They usually announce their dates on the same week the festival ended, but at least by then end of August. I can't recall we had to wait until December for next years dates. https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?cid=f8a8309cca071301&page=view&resid=F8A8309CCA071301!72908&parId=F8A8309CCA071301!72150&authkey=!AFtZiAt9-YItpdU&app=Word In this press release they mention that it will start on 5 Aug, so in the beginning of November we already knew the exact dates. But right, now I remember that last years long wait was pretty unusual. (Here's another one from 2016. On 17 Aug they released the following year's dates. https://cefestivals.wordpress.com/2016/08/17/sziget-2016-kozel-felmillioan-voltunk/?fbclid=IwAR15K5MhNIylKad12m1O5OnVQtKHTlsWQgd70t4sKgT21nPaeXimjEP-IXs) I don't think it will be too long until we know the dates for next year.
  13. Probably it's going to be 4 Aug - 11 Aug as it's usually starts on the second week of August, but I'm pretty sure there will be an official statement soon.
  14. I think officially the festival is still on, so you'll need to wait a bit more.
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