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  1. Feel free to delete if not allowed, still a bit of a noob on here but just to put it out there, more than happy to start / join a group for next years tickets. Any increase in chances is better than none! It's just my sister and I so we can help for 4! some redemption in the R2 winner also being called Katie 🤣
  2. Nope, didn't get through, don't even want to see how many times the call button was pressed tbh
  3. Been to the shops in Faversham and Rochester x I'm kind of in between both
  4. So lovely to see the other opportunities being so open, getting involved must feel so lovely. However, after going around 7 Co-ops in Kent and London around the last month, officially given up on the tea. Hoping to see a few more winners in 2 days though 🤞
  5. Was coming to say, still can't find that bloody tea!! The cheese still seems to be glaring menancingly every time I step foot into a co-op though.
  6. Voted for you Lucy! 🤞🏻 It's also been over a week since the co-op draw closed... Thought we'd have at least 1! 🤧
  7. Congratulations on the win!! 🥰 More to come in this forum 🤞🏻
  8. There's been a second Tony's winner, 3 more to go! Stay delusional guys, keeping everything crossed for everyone. also as a side note, I'm originally from Sittingbourne, not quite Medway but it's funny how there's so many of us from round this way. Good music & festival taste around here!
  9. Was going to try to head to central for the Chilly's thing and had a delusion I'd win and give 2 of the tickets to someone else trying, but unfortunately can't make it work 💔
  10. Not Lucy but I won yesterday, they called me about 9 minutes after my call... Wishing everyone the best of luck 🤞🏻
  11. Really couldn't believe it LOL
  12. Just won tickets on Radio 1xtra 😭😭😭😭
  13. Can confirm the T&C's are now up! It's on Tuesday. Ps. If anyone here wins and needs a plus one, I'll pay with cider and a dream
  14. Radio 6 is going to be the day before gates again, isn't it? 😅
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