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  1. Comfy Bean

    Electric Fields 2019

    Wouldn’t be surprised. Sleaford Mods would be good as this year’s Young Fathers. Don’t think they have a Scottish date.
  2. Comfy Bean

    Football 18/19

    There’s only one team in Ayrshire:-) Yeah, Steve Clarke’s done an incredible job at Killie. Looking down on Rogers Celtic and Gerard’s Rangers and the massive resources they have. Think they’re top on points gained across the calendar year as well as being top in the real world. My Killie supporting pals fear an English club coming in for him. Same goes for us with our top striker Shankland being watched by Swansea and Sunderland. I’m just enjoying it while it lasts :-) Think Shanklands scored 50 goals in 50 games. Good shooting at any level.
  3. Comfy Bean

    Pete Shelley RIP

    Thanks for clearing that up. Yeah I remember it was brilliant. Was a great surprise to me as I had no idea they were on.
  4. Comfy Bean

    Football 18/19

    Of all the games to pick in December, why make Inverness fans travel to Ayr on a Friday night. Didnt realise you had an Ayr connection :-) Been going since the 80’s and this might be as good as it has been although I will always have a soft spot for Ally MacLeods team. I grew up a 10 min walk from Somerset.
  5. Comfy Bean

    Football 18/19

    Ayr’s game tonight against Inverness cancelled at 7.10pm due to high winds. Had been moved to suit BT. Nothing new but it’s embarrassing how football treats the paying punter in favour of the armchair fans. Hats off and huge sympathy to the folk now heading back up the road in this weather.
  6. Comfy Bean

    Pete Shelley RIP

    Heard what do I get on the radio today. Some great tunes. Sad news. Think I might have stumbled into that in 2015.... late afternoon maybe after Belle and Sebastian on yon other ?
  7. Comfy Bean

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Tickets got for She Drew The Gun in Glasgow in Feb. Nice wee venue plus a Friday night in the weedge plus £10 :-)
  8. Comfy Bean

    General News Discussion

    It’s the hope that kills you Neil.
  9. Comfy Bean

    General News Discussion

    To be fair, last I saw they were ahead in the polls. Only polls of course but a marked improvement on not so long ago.
  10. Comfy Bean

    Electric Fields 2019

    Amy McDonald probably in the headliner mix plus maybe Belle and Sebastian . Hopefully not someone like Example. Colonel Mustard will probably be on the lineup maybe even Bombskare and Esperanza if their cutting costs. Dreadzone and Alabama 3 would work for me in the afternoons. I liked Ezra Furman last year. Could see him getting a better slot than Thursday late afternoon. Underworld as Dave said would fit perfectly to finish the Saturday night.
  11. Comfy Bean

    Electric Fields 2019

    Wickermans last year was all messed up as James would say. Reports of 18k the year the Scissor Sisters headlined. I reckon Electric in the July slot can shift 5k with a half decent line up.
  12. Comfy Bean

    General News Discussion

    Columnist in being controversial shocker ! Im surprised you go on about him so much. It’s almost like that’s exactly what HE wants. Friendly advice, stop reading and following him :-) Im not sure who on here you think is interested in your regular updates on his latest take on things. Unless you’re him of course, trying to drum up some interest :-)
  13. Comfy Bean

    Electric Fields 2019

    They had Young Fathers in a tent and Leftfield headlining. I’m keeping the faith. Great wee set up. I think the date change will help. Fair points about the reduced income and the likelihood that the line up might suffer but they’re coming off the back of 2 years with pretty decent weather and lineups so hopefully...they’re building something here to replace Wickerman which regularly pulled 10k plus.
  14. Comfy Bean

    Electric Fields 2019

    Just bought tickets. Got a pre sale code if anyone needs it.
  15. Comfy Bean

    Electric Fields 2019

    I see the 121 is for the 3 days so much the same as last year when they added in the Thursday charge months after I had my tickets. I’ll probably get mine tomorrow at noon. They won’t sell out but they might well do one of those tier 2 price increase at some point.