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  1. I think you mean this as a criticism of Ferguson’s United.
  2. Agreed. Proper contact tracing with significant financial compen to self isolate will surely be needed. Hopefully we’ll be prepared for that for next winter.
  3. A decent watch I thought in these barren times. Some big performances. Nature boy strolling across the stage when Slash and Ronnie Wood were doing their thing a reminder of better times. Betty Wright never in a rush to finish a tune 👏
  4. It is. I sense your slightly moving the goalposts here. As I think.....we are agreeing on. Granny Pink shouldn’t be traveling which is a shame. My plans are also in the bin.
  5. It’s a mess mate but I think if we’re going by the rules then you don’t leave your council area. Highlands are low tier and traveling in to higher tiers was against the rules long before yesterday....for obvious reasons. I think the only real change in Scotland is the travel ban only applies on one day instead of 5. Obviously crap for your set of circumstances. As an aside, the Polis were apparently at my local train station speaking to folk who were looking to catch the train to Glasgow. I think....they were trying to chat it through with folk rather than getting the batons out 🤞
  6. Agreed. Hopefully the popo have got better things to be doing.
  7. Not sure on the specifics of your situation mate but why is today relevant ? I think....that if your mother in law lives in Scotland then she shouldn’t have been traveling outwith her council boundary unless for work or essential purpose which, unfortunately, wouldn’t include visiting folk. Apologies if I’ve got the wrong end of the stick and obviously the restrictions are horrendous on us all. The plan was to allow travel for 5 days and now that’s been restricted to one day only. Sturgeon was quite specific. Travel only on Christmas Day ( if you must ) and if you can’t make it
  8. Yeah agree with you on both counts. Scotland playing Israel yet again but decent apart from that. Will be keeping an eye on when the Denmark and Austria trips are 👍
  9. Radio 1 right now...Fat boy slim playing the set he would have played in the 🐇 🕳 this year. No doubt this is the wrong thread 🕺
  10. Blackford aside, let’s not be tricked into thinking this is the Tories vaccine/approval 🙂
  11. But these “others” you’re talking about are NHS staff. Fortunately, I think the public will have no issue with them not having their wages frozen.
  12. Are you proposing “dividing” up the NHS like the Tories are dividing the public sector with this public sector freeze containing the ....except the NHS caveat ? How long will the nurses and Hospitals last without the porters, delivery folk, cooks etc ? Would you freeze the pay of ambulance drivers for example ?
  13. Doubt it mate but Clarke has a system that the players understand. Huge pressure off just qualifying again at last. Other 2 games at Hampden so you never know. I see Wembley is Friday at 8pm so something for everyone to look forward to and being the 2nd game means both teams will need a result. Think Scotland get 10,000 so I’ll have a chance of a ticket if we get the Covid “sorted” to some extent. Got sent a few videos of the players karaoke on Thursday night. Looked like quite the party. Seeing Robertson and Christie crying in their after match interviews showed what football c
  14. Yeah.....I wondered about that at the time mate. Maybe something that will happen more with no fans in ? Thought a few games I’ve watched have seemed slower with less urgency to get the ball forward. Suppose that’s likely when you don’t have a stadium full of fans screaming at you to get it forward. Think I’m starting to struggle a bit with the lack of atmosphere. The last European week I didn’t watch a game over the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday which is unheard of.
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