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  1. As a footballing aside mate, City have signed a young lad Liam Smith from the SFA performance school round my way that Billy Gilmour was at. He was signed locally for Kilmarnock who he never kicked a ball for. Good reports locally that City were happy to pay a significant fee and not go down the tribunal route thing where they end up paying buttons. He plays at the back and apparently bags of potential. In other news Chelsea trying to sign Billy Gilmours younger brother from the same sfa school. Another kid went to Bayern Munich last year. FA were way ahead of SFA on these schools but maybe just maybe some good development happening with young Scottish players.
  2. Reckon with footballers, the 90minutes is only part of their “job”. If they are training ( obviously not in a large group ) under the direction of their club then they are working so would they qualify under the spirit of the government scheme....? Football club ticket office staff now sitting in the house is obviously a different situation that would qualify I reckon.
  3. I’m guessing mate but I reckon football teams will be back in training before the end of June and the clubs will be very short of money and not getting govt help if players are back “working “. I do realise that this is all very trivial. Same as other threads around here about when we can all go back to camping in fields listening to tunes. Suppose we all need something to look forward to. See ITV are going to show Euro 96 in May 🙂 Clubs showing old games as live on Saturdays over YouTube also let me catch up with my football mates over WhatsApp at 3pm on Saturday there. We won 5-0 😂
  4. You’re probably right. A football should not be kicked in anger again until every NHS waiting list queue up and down the country has been wiped clean 😉 In all seriousness, with each week that passes your scenario becomes more likely but I’m still guessing that one way or another we finish this season with half an eye on what to do about next season when some social distancing prevention measures might get brought in during the winter if this is still around.
  5. Of course. Obviously I’m not talking about starting this tomorrow 🙂 It could be September/October before we see crowds at football. I’m guessing that closed doors games are in the mix during the summer months now the Euros are postponed. As I said, I hate the thought of closed door games but we need to still have clubs come October. Hopefully we don’t need to caveat every post speculating on how football can and will resume by mentioning the Nhs being priority etc 🙂
  6. Yeah they had some small club chairman on Scottish football radio show on Saturday. Clubs will go out the game if they don’t complete season asap and release the tv and sponsors money. I hate the idea of closed door games but by June I’d take anything. As an example, they were talking about how the Scottish cup could be played out live on tv Tuesday Wednesday Sunday and that’s it done. Liverpool could have the league done in a couple of weeks. Ideally before the issues with players contracts kick in. Tv money would be paid, relegation sorted and champs league places allocated. If the season plays out behind closed doors season ticket holders could get to watch free via a link etc. Supporters wouldn’t ask for money back anyway in a lot of cases. I’ve got 3 season books and wouldn’t be expecting any refund. My club apparently safe ish with 80% salary payments . Also all SPL clubs have little known clause that if SPL stop the games ( As has happened) clubs can release players from their contracts. The cap on 80% obviously not so effective with the big earners although you’d imagine they’ll can struggle on 🙂
  7. Neon Waltz gigs into April been pushed to September.
  8. I don’t have Sky sports but see they have paused subscription payments until footy starts again.
  9. Hearts have asked everyone at the club to take a 50% pay cut from April. Only exemption is where any member of staff would then fall below the living wage. Anyone not accepting will be offered the option of terminating their contract. The season will play out to a finish I reckon. Clubs just need to survive the next few months without an income. No doubt good players will take advantage but the clubs are against the wall. Supporters want their club to still be there after this. Players come and go.
  10. That’s an excellent shout 👍 Would be relying on some goodwill as you point out but hopefully not to late for them to rent it out to someone else.
  11. Apols PT, meant to quote you in the last post. Looks like the original plan will stand whenever we get round to the tournament.
  12. Scotland euros playoff with Israel earmarked for June. Seems unlikely but would indicate we are still having the playoffs.
  13. UEFA meeting the big clubs reps before the Countries. Trying to get their compen sorted early ?
  14. Yes of course, couldn’t agree more. There’s probably even another thread around here where that could get discussed 😉 In the grand scheme of things and as PT pointed out, football chat is the least of everyone’s worries but there has been discussion here on this thread about what happens next with football and I thought the legal action threats were relevant.
  15. Yip but those competitions haven’t started yet. It’s all shit but a promotion or avoiding relegation will be worth more than the off chance of a cup run. Some would argue the domestic cups died a while ago. My team are in the mix for promotion play offs. I’d take finishing the season and having no Scottish Cup as a one off next season.
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