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  1. Comfy Bean


    I only remember one dry and mud free year. Plenty of individual dry days but a days heavy rain during the festival and the ground can’t handle it. Ive witnessed the festival staff doing a brilliant job with wood chipping etc and opening up access to different bits of the site to help people move around. Dont know if the weather in the last few years has just been wetter or if the increasing capacity has made things worse. Possibly a combination of them both 🤷‍♂️
  2. Comfy Bean


    I try to go with this attitude but the rain on Saturday last year made it a real slog getting around Saturday night and Sunday. I ended up missing lots on Saturday and sheltering in the bar. They can’t control the weather but unfortunately it’s nearly always really muddy.
  3. Fair point this. It’s not the worst ever KC lineup but they had other options instead of repeating previous, relativity recent headliners. That setting is crying out for something like the Chemical Brothers.
  4. No problem going back and forward to the car as often as you like and also no issues with driving off site and back in if you need to top up on supplies.
  5. Weekend then you can add on the Thursday. No day tickets in the past.
  6. I’d guess the info here is right enough. If there’s also someone like the 1975 been added in the last day or so then folks will be happy enough. If we’re not missing anyone on here then it’s not great imo.
  7. Every chance. My belle and Sebastian guess was only a guess.
  8. Belle and Sebastian would be an anti climax for many.
  9. Will be interesting to see how Klopp manages the squad in the run in. League in the bag so does he rotate in games either side of champs league games. Tactically resting folk even if it means dropping points. Imagine he fancies the league/champs league double.
  10. Comfy Bean


    To be fair, the Thatcher thing would probably happen 😞
  11. Killers, Capaldi & Kyle Falconer to all be on the bill ?
  12. I’d guess that if Primal Scream are playing they’re headlining so would need to be Thursday. Maybe they got Gerry Cinnamon signed up early last year. They like a repeat act so maybe Elbow ? Blossoms wouldn’t surprise me, Similar rise through the stages as catfish. Ocean colour scene to play and do an acoustic set in the Diner. Belinda Carlisle just for @bottonrob Are the pet shop boys expensive ?
  13. Falkirk seemed a strange one when it was announced. Makes more sense now if it was always the plan to tie in with the Radio 1 thing.
  14. Comfy Bean

    Sleeping At Glasto

    Totally agree with this. Been taking the pillow to festivals for a while now.
  15. Fair points well made. Worth throwing in to your specific set of circumstances any end to the blanket bbc tv coverage the festival enjoys and benefits from. Remember reading some negative press this year about the costs and number of folk the bbc commit every year. Hope it doesn’t happen but things could change with the bbc going forward especially with them having a few of their own festivals to promote.
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