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  1. “ Some random Board “ Do you think there are any qualified teachers involved with the Board or this process ? Are you comfortable with a school who’s posted a 60% pass rate for decades recording a 90% pass rate this year ? If it helps, think UK wide here in case your allowing your views on Sturgeon to blind you to what’s going on in Scotland, England, Wales etc.
  2. This seems like a decent summary. We also need to factor in that in some of the “poorer” areas a higher % of pupils are floating around the pass mark (unfortunately) so have been downgraded C>D (fail) which contributes to the tweets people like to link to. Nobody wants to criticise teachers, especially in the current circumstances but if....their predictions had stood then that was some increase in performance by the teaching profession 🙂 or.....under such difficult circumstances where pupils couldn’t even get in to their school, Scotland produced a particularly bright generation of pupils right across the board. Hopefully the appeal system will sort out those genuinely wronged. We also don’t want this year’s results to be viewed with suspicion by future employers etc.
  3. Just checked back and I was at the Bolton Watford game the year after that. Think it was the last play off game at the old Wembley. Went with a mate who was studying in Bolton at the time. Incredibly tense atmosphere. I was a Bolton fan for the day and they lost. Keeping up my 100% record in finals 🙈
  4. Quick Silva yarn that I don’t remember posting at the time. About 5 years ago we were flying home from Barcelona. Coming through security my youngest 2, around 10 at the time, started going all crazy that Silva was in front of us in the queue. I didn’t recognise him but they were 100% sure and very hyper. I asked him if he would mind getting a quick pick with the lads as we stood waiting. He said no bother but suggested we hold off till we’re through the security checks. Boys through the roof hyper and away Silva went. Most unfortunately I then had a nightmare at the X-ray machine thing. Shoes off etc and failed a few times before getting the nod. Assumed we’d blew it but when we eventually made it through, Silva was standing patiently waiting....and laughing. Absolute class act he was. Boys still got the pictures on their wall. We didn’t tell him they were Liverpool fans 😂
  5. Nice stato 👍 Good night ahead in the Championship. 11 teams with something to play for. Followed by 2nd half of Liverpool Chelsea.
  6. A mate’s just sent me the tweet and video of how Harry Kane told his daughters and the world earlier that they were having a baby boy. The guy equalised in the last minute at Hampden right in front of me but I hate him more now than I did then 😂 The game’s gone 😔 Apols, I don’t know how to post up his tweet.
  7. Our youngest 2 now confirmed as going back to school full time a week early- 11/8. Teachers to get a week of in lieu and if had holidays abroad booked then local arrangements will be made to accommodate. Fingers crossed for a knock on effect for the economy. All subject to continued suppression of the virus of course but good to get some clarity as the weans are going into exam years.
  8. Good point well made. See Scotland. Celtic going for 10 titles in a row. Any change to the rules involving finances in the top league can be vetoed by just one “no” vote - so Celtics. This covers the share of tv and prize money. It’s a joke and has stifled competition. The old firm now also wanting to put Colt teams in the championship to further increase their advantage 🤷‍♂️ Im almost glad my team don’t play in the top league and are involved in some sort of competition.
  9. Yip, fair point. Sturgeon is widely regarded ( not on here but up here - there are polls you can check ) as having made a better fist of this pandemic than Boris. Attended all but 2 I think of the daily briefings since March and appears to have got the tone and messaging about right while still making mistakes. The more cautious approach will be reviewed no doubt when ( hopefully ) this is all over. Perhaps more folk up here would want her to lead fully on the drugs ? She wants to move away from the failed Westminster " war on drugs " and make it a public health issue that the Scottish Govt could tackle. People will still die of course, no one is suggesting otherwise. More folk might be persuaded now that Sturgeon might be better placed to try and deal with it than Boris. That would be my view having read some of their plans ( killed off by the Tories ). Interested to hear your thoughts on who you think should be in charge of what is a massive problem as you have pointed out. Health is devolved as you know and it feels to me like a public health issue ?
  10. Leaving aside the bold part...……. I was only replying to try and save you making an arse of yourself. Drug policy isn`t a great example of "SNP bad stuff". Neil has helped you out with a far better example that Sturgeon has commented on even more than Neil ! I`ve attached an article on the drug stuff that will hopefully be of interest. I`ve selected what I`m assuming is a neutral source but apologise if the Guardian fella is a raving nationalist https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jul/19/scotland-drugs-problem-westminster-policy
  11. Would probably work better if you used an example of something fully devolved.... For example, the Scottish Govt had some interesting, pro active ideas around drug use but their plans were blocked by Westminster. Please note I’m responding to your point assuming you were being constructive and not fishing 🙂
  12. Very small sample size but was in Morrison’s today and it was packed out and 100% masks. They had a sign on the door saying that they were following the Scottish Government advice that masks were mandatory. If you had forgotten your mask they were happy to get you one.
  13. My 2015 bottle is still in regular use. I reckon another year or two and the water will lose that metal taste 👍
  14. Fair play to them, that’s an excellent idea. Have seen a few teachers raise concerns that lockdown will increase the educational gap between the haves and the have nots.
  15. 11 confirmed cases in Dumfries & Galloway. Mostly in Annan. Restrictions on travel introduced by the Scottish Government for that Region. All cases cooperating with the track and tracers.
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