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  1. George Ezras tune about green grass always put me in mind of King Charles and his Mississippi Isabel. I always liked King Charles.
  2. 👍🍺 Hard season to predict this year. Anyone could make the playoffs at either end.
  3. Kendal has always been the strictest on no booze in my experience. 10 years ago they were doing the full body pat down and searching bags etc. often causing huge queues getting in to the arena. Years ago they also tried to limit booze to your first entry to the campsite. For balance, they always have some decent local ales and did things like 3 pints for a tenner. Usual overpriced piss lager roundabout the main stage.
  4. Of course there will be some, I’ve genuinely never met them. The world is full of idiots. I’ve also never met anyone who is pro unionist just because they love England. I think you overthink Englands importance in all this. I don’t think it’s got much to do with love or hatred Wales or Ireland either.
  5. Are you talking about regional differences or localised “slang” ? You get that everywhere in my experience, same with different accents.
  6. I’ve had a read at the article and your comments and an struggling to find even the smallest hint of “othering”. I can only assume that Neil struggles with the concept of quotation marks ? I don’t see any mention of “no true Scotsman” but maybe I missed it ? I think it’s more a case of haters gonna hate. Round my way we’ve got plenty of the hate but it’s more around folks wishing they were back in 1690 and religion. Folk hate the idea of independence due to their love for the Union Jack. I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s thoughts on indy are motivated by hating English folk. I accepted long ago that in Neil’s dark world, it’s all about hate 😞 Was away at the weekend so missed the big game. Gotta love a last minute winner 😉
  7. Stumbled across Yard Act in a field last weekend. Went down a storm.
  8. Yes. You can do that as often as you like. Your bags will be searched every time……for glass.
  9. They’d made it up to Doune the Rabbit Hole on Saturday. Excellent 🕺👌
  10. The WH gig was a cracker. From memory there was a newness about seeing them at the time (obviously the tunes weren’t new) they seemed to play everywhere and anywhere after that night so by the time they got to the pyramid, everyone and their dug had seen them. The month after seeing them on WH I saw them sub Wickerman. How the bookers got that deal done remains a mystery.
  11. Comfy Bean

    The Strokes?

    No sign of them on the BBC Trnsmt coverage?
  12. Comfy Bean


    Pretty sure I spotted you during Hey Jude on the 📺 mate 🤔 👋
  13. Kylie to join PSB ?
  14. My plan now also 👍 Do we know if the Jack White set is live ?
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