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  1. Is it off site then ? @LOCHLAND5 might know ?
  2. Watched him at Trnsmt last weekend. He went down a storm on the Thursday last year and has the perfect slot I reckon this year. Will be bonkers. If anything he’d too long at Trnsmt. Im sure your nephew and the rest of the young team will love him 👍
  3. Never heard of it mate 🤷‍♂️
  4. It’s been pretty rammed the last couple of years. The later at night stuff has hugely improved since I started going. Didn’t make it to the glow tent last year late on or riot jazz. Woodlands also much improved 🕺👍
  5. Chai Wallahs might be the place for you then at that time of night 👍
  6. Do you have emperors camping tickets ? Anytime I’ve had those the emperors parking is included. Not camping in emperors this year so might have changed but I’d be surprised. Hopefully someone can confirm but I think your ok 👍
  7. I’d expect there will be something similar on late in calling out on Saturday as well.
  8. 2019 pack was emailed out at 6pm 👍
  9. That’s not good ☹️ Have they stopped doing festivals? Have been at Kendal for years, Glastonbury and even T in the park a while back. Always excellent.
  10. Totally agree. Surely it’s not a real strip though 😲
  11. Yeah....got to be a marketing wind up........🤷‍♂️
  12. I remember that pizza place a few years back. Was excellent and was open for pizza and a sing song till all hours. I like the chai wallahs pizza and have a curry every year from Ghandis flip flop. Lots of good food places all around the site.
  13. 😂 very true so that will help. Im still bringing the wellies.
  14. Same here 😎 I looked on bbc today and it’s too good to be true. Perfect in fact👌 Im forgetting all about it until Countryfile on Sunday. It will rain.
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