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  1. 5m public sector workers 'face pay freeze' to plug Covid-19 budget black hole Necessary evil or false economy? Discuss.
  2. So we have a huge recession, unprecedented government borrowing, a Brexit shitshow heading our way in under 80 days, so this clearly makes sense? We can only hope that this is just the usual mixture of lies, bluster & recycling money that has already been announced. I understand why my kids will still be paying for Covid19 for many years after I have turned to compost. I don't understand why they should pay for a shiny new tank for Johnson to pose beside.
  3. You clearly think it is acceptable to deny treatment to some people on the grounds that they are either old or already ill. Can I ask how old or ill they would have to be to qualify for being left to die? And given that you will have set the precedent for Covid patients, is there any reason why we wouldn't apply it to people suffering from other conditions? You may be on to something here. Imagine how much money the NHS could save if it didn't have the inconvenience of having to deal with ill people. Genius.
  4. I love how you picked out 5 words from a post with loads & loads of words in it - but forgive me if I wasn't clear enough - clearly as we rely on lorries bringing essential supplies into the country, it would not be practical to quarantine all the lorry drivers, which might explain why i didn't say "quarantining ALL people entering the country." We certainly could have done something about all the millions of tourists arriving in or returning to this country during the early part of the pandemic and i don't really imagine you disagree with me on that. You are probably right, but it
  5. I didn't say it did & technically you are wrong anyway because it doesn't actually say what you say it does. My point was that the much vaunted Swedish model (which only looks good when you compare it with countries like the UK whose response to the pandemic has been woeful) isn't working. The WHO has done no such thing. https://www.sciencemediacentre.co.nz/2020/10/13/who-advice-on-lockdowns-in-the-news/ It has certainly cautioned against using lockdowns as the main tactic to control but has not "told countries to stop using lockdowns." two poin
  6. "Sweden introduces tighter restrictions to halt surging coronavirus cases" https://www.euronews.com/2020/11/13/sweden-introduces-tighter-restrictions-to-halt-surging-coronavirus-cases
  7. Yup, it would be really difficult and you will note that I have never advocated it. When it has been raised as a possibility (never directly by the SNP - but they always get asked about it) the main shrieks of outrage have been based on accusations of xenophobia or "driving a wedge between Scotland & England" Just for clarity, most of the aforementioned shrieks have come from Scots in Scotland not from English Basterts.
  8. care to point out where i mentioned "those outside Scotland"
  9. Call me narrow minded but, I'd be a tad suspicious of these guys based on their general standard of "guests." George Galloway, David Starkey, Laurence Fox, Darren Grimes, Neil Oliver. Etc etc. Thanks but no thanks
  10. Except Scotland didn't call it a firebreak. Yeah, I think Viberunner is wrong here. What would stop Scotland closing the border (if it wanted to, which is far from clear) is the hysterical reaction & accusations of xenophobia if it's even mentioned as a vague possibility.
  11. I agree. She doesn't. One of of two... Not too bad. She named England? Silly me. How did I miss that? True. She doesn't blame anyone. But not as we know them.
  12. 4 times you've posted the same clip. Still bullshit though. Or maybe it's bullwhistle shit.
  13. I take it that will be this lawsuit. "A Michigan judge on Thursday dismissed a challenge from the Trump campaign to ballot counting in Michigan, saying local officials have already finished counting ballots cast in the Nov. 3 election and there is no legal basis or evidence to grant what the campaign requested." https://eu.freep.com/story/news/politics/elections/2020/11/05/trump-michigan-lawsuit-ballot-counting-case-dismissed/6173871002/ Oh & Biden currently has a majority if 146,000 in Michigan. Does anyone with a brain cell really believe that a fraud on that scale was car
  14. There's a chap in Washington looking for folk who can build a case with such flimsy evidence.
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