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  1. You guys all seemed perfectly fine with unified opinion when the subject was Scottish independence
  2. Yeah, a truly depressing hour.
  3. i didn't think one party is allowed to govern at Stormont. Power sharing is compulsory.
  4. Just to be picky, Scotland didn't "join" the UK: As the UK did not exist until 1801. Scotland and England (including Wales) united to form the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707.
  5. As rich as Norway sounds OK to me.
  6. Debatable Absolutely not. No.
  7. There were a number of reasons and most are disputed. You can have bankrupted by the failed Darien project or corrupt politicians "bought and sold for English gold" and probably a dozen more. Take your pick.
  8. I don't think Farage will ever have enough mp's to be PM. (crosses fingers)
  9. Sooner or later you will realise that Scottish opinion, like anywhere else is a mixture of different views. I certainly wouldn't suggest we are a nation of radical socialists. And much as I have some reservation about the Blair government, I'd far rather have that than Boris.
  10. I'm all for good government. However Scotland more often than not does not get the government we vote for. Which is exactly why I now favour independence.
  11. Roughly half of Scotland favours independence and close to two thirds oppose Brexit. Jeremy offers absolutely nothing to these folk. It's not really Jeremy that is unpopular, it's the labour party in general. They took their supporters for granted for too long. I'm not sure what the answer to their decline up here is.
  12. They all have massively negative approval ratings. There is very little approval for any of them. I would suggest that there are a number of reasons for JC's lack of approval. Being left wing is pretty low on the list of these reasons. Neither are my ideal choice. However the combination could certainly help the Indy cause.
  13. Go Boris! "Majority 'would back independence' if Boris Johnson became PM" https://stv.tv/news/politics/1438745-majority-would-back-independence-if-boris-johnson-became-pm/
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