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  1. The "near constant overhauling of the curriculum" refers, I assume to the introduction of curriculum for excellence, which was devised under a labour government. Change always creates confusion and anger. I was certainly confused when my younger 2 were going through secondary school. But I tended to blame myself for not having made enough effort to understand the new system. And I didn't sense that they got a worse education than their big brother who had completed school in 2005. There are certainly legitimate concerns about performance in some areas of education. I think to claim, as you do, that standards have "plummeted" is somewhat overstating the case.
  2. This makes logical sense. But its made sense before and it hasn't happened. in terms of ability to run a government, they really are the only show in town at the moment and for the foreseeable future. The tories appear to have no one who can come anywhere near replacing Ruth Davidson and Scottish Labour are between a rock and a hard place on the Independence question - they have already lost a huge number of voters to the SNP on this issue but polls still indicate that up to 25% of Labour voters are supportive of independence. If the Salmond trial doesn't reveal that the party hierarchy turned a blind eye to Salmonds (alleged) wrongdoings, the SNP look like a shoe-in for at least one further term in government. And your right. Its not because they are great. Its because they are not shite. Much is made of supposed failings of the SNP in education & health. Anecdotally, when I hear people talking about their personal experiences, i hear much more that is positive & not much that is negative at all. Incidentally, this is not me saying the SNp are above criticism in either area. No government is.
  3. I think increasing capacity and improving reliability are far more important than shaving 20 minutes (or whatever it is) off the journey time from London to Birmingham. it would also be good to take railways to places which are not currently served by them. Oh & you could electrify more of the network while you are at it. Not sure how much of all that you can do for the cost of HS2 but i'm sure there are better ways to improve the experience of rail travellers than splurging £100bn+ on HS2.
  4. Hmm, I think you over-estimate the ability of voters to remember & to give a shit of policies change. It certainly never harmed our current pm.
  5. I think starmer's policy positions may be pretty smart in terms of winning a leadership contest. He then has 5 years to "modify" them as required to win an election.
  6. Now it just recycles anti SNP shite from the 3 main unionist parties.
  7. Shame it didn't arrive before the brexit referendum.
  8. Story copied from the Daily Express. I remember when the herald used to be a decent newspaper.
  9. He's been suspended pending investigation. Is that not pretty standard?
  10. 1: the quote above from was not from me, it was a line lifted from an article i linked to from the National criticising the "index of wellbeing" report. 2: it also criticised the omission of other OECD countries form the report. Bizarrely, I'm pretty sure the inclusion of Ireland would have moved Scotland further down the league table. However the other countries omitted would probably have had the opposite effect. My overall point was that the way to avoid the problem is not to omit Ireland. It is to realise that GDP is a shite measure of wellbeing. Of course you have ignored the actual point i made in favour of one you have made up yourself. 3: Neither the article which you have wrongly attributed to me , nor anything I have actually said offer any support for Scotland being a tax haven. Its a bit like your claim that sturgeon said a vote for the SNP isn't a vote for Independence: its made up to suit your argument which is unsupported by anything vaguely resembling a fact.
  11. Scotland votes more left wing and less Tory. That's all I've claimed which is true and hasn't changed. That was naff all to do with being pro tax haven and my solution was not to use GDP as a measure of well-being. I have never said anything which comes within a million miles of this. I would vehemently oppose any plans to make Scotland a tax haven.
  12. I am happy to debate the general principles. I don't see the point of getting too much into detail when we don't know if or when we will get a referendum and what the UK's relationship with the EU will look like at that time. I have always been clear that my first preference was Scotland independent & in the EU - with rUK also in the EU. I have also acknowledged that Brexit poses a challenge to Scotland's trade with rUk if we join the EU after indy. I believe you guys have said every year is a bad year to have a referendum. I don't expect that to change any time soon. If we were to have an Indyref this year ( which ain't going to happen) I would be comfortable with an aspiration to join the EU if it can be done whilst not unduly harming cross border trade with the rest of the former UK. Could you point out where I have done this?
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