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  1. thanks for clarifying Neil. You are of course wrong, but that is only to be expected
  2. just though i'd pop this on here to help those of you who still think Alex Salmond has some relevance to politics in Scotland
  3. You got a better idea? For better or worse, Sturgeon has determined that she will follow a legal route. Personally, I think she's right.
  4. just out of interest, Neil, do you think Mr Johnsons is right to deny us a second referendum next year ( I don't mean is he within his rights - that is a different question)
  5. She has been quite clear that, in that case, the SNP will fight the next Westminster general election on the single issue of Independence making it "in effect" a second referendum.
  6. The issue of whether Scotland is viable/better off/ worse off is of little importance if we don't get a vote. The only issue that matters today is the fact that Westminster refuses to recognise the clear mandate that the Scottish government has to hold a second indyref.
  7. Anti indy folk are always comparing indy & Brexit. Guess that's ok when it suits their argument.
  8. Is that why the French & Spanish got to vote on Brexit?
  9. it often looks like the Tories will be out at the next election. They rarely are.
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