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  1. It would be a lot easier with Hancock. Maybe you need to be in Scotland to understand. https://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/poll-majority-scots-back-nicola-sturgeon-during-pandemic-snp-voting-intention-2732064
  2. Just a wee reminder Neil, the only point I made was that Sturgeon's communication skills were better. At no time have I said that the Scottish government's policies have been better or that it is all someone else's fault. I challenge anyone to watch today's press conferences and come to a different conclusion.
  3. Sturgeon has studiously avoided blaming anyone...even the evil English! She had constantly talked up the benefits of cooperation and frequently referred to the virus not respecting borders. Which is why I started my post with "You can argue about policies & timing" I agree that she has many of the same questions to answer as the Westminster government. Snippers galore may be saying this (& indeed recent polling in Scotland showd we have massively more faith in Sturgeon\Holyrood than Johnson\Westminster) but Sturgeon isn't. I don't disagree. Has nothing to do with the point I was making.
  4. You can argue about policies & timings but there is no competition on communication skills. Compare with Johnson, Hancock etc.
  5. Fair enough, that Yvette Cooper is streets ahead of Ramsay MacDonald
  6. Jesus, Neil, its time to move on.
  7. Not looking great for Johnson & Cummings.
  8. He is also a top flight football referee. He has shown Boris a yellow card.
  9. We didn't have the capacity to test them which i presume Germany did have.They probably also had PPE for those looking after them. I'm not for a moment suggesting it was ideal to fling all these old folk into care homes. I'm saying at the time the decision was made, there was little alternative. The glaring errors are much earlier in the process.
  10. I'm not sure leaving old people in hospitals that are about to be flooded with hundreds of folk infected with Coronavirus would necessarily have been better especially if we don't have enough beds for them. I'd be interested to know what you think we should have done differently.
  11. He had a couple of days to come up with an excuse for driving to Barnard Castle. Testing his eyesight is the best he can come up with? Perhaps not as cunning as we thought.
  12. He doesn't appear to have added anything of significance to what we already knew. Total waste of everyone's time.
  13. Did he run over a cat on his way to Durham? Seriously its hard to know what he can say - i don't think distracting us is gong to work. Its hard to see any explanation that will get round the obvious fact that he broke the rules. His only hope is to apologise and beg for our forgiveness but I suspect its too late for that and its crystal clear that he isn't in the slightest bit sorry. Anyway, he is supposed to be extraordinarily clever and the supreme strategist so no doubt he has a cunning plan...
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