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  1. What success is that, Neil? I thought we were doomed to be living in caves? Do you now acknowledge that an indy Scotland might be a success?
  2. As with my previous answer, I'd imagine the best place for windfarms is where the wind is. I don't think the wind respects international borders.
  3. Well spotted, Neil. You are of course right. Sadly we are not independent at present and certain areas of government are under Westminster's control. One of these areas is Electricity generation. I am sure you agree that we should invest in tidal power & the best places to invest are where the tides are strongest which, in the UK, includes the stretch of water between the mainland and Orkney. I think we probably agree on this.
  4. Just wondering, out of passing curiosity, if anyone is buying Mr. Johnson's opposition to low wages?
  5. So according to you an independent Scotland would have a deficit of £15bn and that hasn't destroyed support for Indy. and according to you the SNP has destroyed Scottish education and that hasn't destroyed support for Indy. and according to you the SNP killed thousands of care home residents and that hasn't destroyed support for Indy. and according to you Salmondgate would destroy Sturgeon and that hasn't destroyed support for Indy. Bur having to show a bit of paper (or an app) before you can go dancing will destroy support for Indy. Well, its an interesting theory...
  6. I give up, Neil. Not for the first time, I have no idea what you are on about. Can you help me?
  7. Yeah, these gender dependent partsits are a nightmare.
  8. ...says a man who lives in a country that votes for Boris Johnson.
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