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    2023 Headliners

    The book says that at least one of Ezra, Capaldi, Fender follows Sheeran in to the top slot. I’m not saying this is a good thing but it’s a thing.
  2. Been at a few outdoor shows but just bought tickets for first indoor gig. Elvana in Edinburgh Thursday night as we’re in the area. Not one for the purists but stumbled across them at a festival a couple of summers back and was great fun. Seems like a decent enough gig for a return 🕺🥳
  3. I don’t disagree about us not needing another international tournament but…..while we have dates held for international games, I think it works better than pointless friendly games. Plus gives a qualifying lifeline to the likes of Scotland so there’s also that 🙂 Most of the big players seemed to be involved so maybe less call offs when playing for a pot, however meaningless.
  4. Good luck to Newcastle and their fans. Been down at a couple of their games. Great place to watch football.
  5. Scotland game was bonkers. On the way home and will need to watch it back. Had everything. Billy Gilmour is a joy to watch.
  6. Noticed that with the long vip “quick” queue 😂 First time I’ve been and it’s a cracking set up. Great toilets, you normally pay extra for those types at festivals. Bar queues were a disaster. Needed way more staff. Crazy that you could hand over cash at the bar that they then added to your wristband then took it back off again. Think that was adding to the wait time. Pity as the beer choice was better than usual. Thought James were great. Was fearing their set list but loved it. Will go again next year if I like the line up.
  7. Capaldi, Billie Eilish, Calvin Harris. Anyone know why chemical brothers not shown on bbc tonight 🤷‍♂️
  8. Didn’t disappoint, excellent scenes. For the record, the 2nd stage has moved and been scaled up. Sounded brilliant. Good crowd in for it up against Sam fender who the yooth seem to like.
  9. Looking like they will become the norm across these islands. Ive just done our LF tests for trnsmt tomorrow, received my NHS email and will show it with everyone else tomorrow alongside my electronic ticket on my phone . It was a mild inconvenience but preferable to not getting to concerts, football etc. In a few weeks I’ll be at a sold out Hampden for the football and everyone will be showing proof of vaccine as required alongside the qr code ticket on their phone. Indy won’t be destroyed off the back of this. Some folk in the 18-30 bracket may be encouraged to take up government advice and get vaccinated. People from other age brackets may also be nudged along but I think they have a target audience in mind. Perhaps the people they have in mind also frequent nightclubs with or without Michael Gove 😎 Hope your on the mend by the way 👍
  10. See she’s getting an hour headlining the Tuts stage at trnsmt on Friday 🕺 Assuming it’s the same set up as previous years on the green, that stage is tiny. Nowt like the old tuts at T. Should be a belter 👍
  11. Mixed ish but mostly kids. I’d guess Sunday will have the highest average age with the chems. Think it was the only day that originally sold out as was meant to be Capaldi. Full weekend tickets going really cheap on twickets.
  12. Hampden today with a bigger crowd than in a while. Hopefully we won’t try Robertson at right back again 🙈 Interested to see how Gilmour plays. I’m expecting he’ll see a lot of the ball.
  13. Time will tell but I’m imagining the Greens have other priorities although they also think they’d be better out with our political union with the Tories. If they didn’t, they could have just joined the SNP. Surely you see some good in having Green Party folks in Government ? They have already won concessions in the past from the SNP for supporting their budget.
  14. Excellent scenes in Scotland with the Greens entering Government 👏 Tories now the only party in Holyrood who have never been in power. Belated and baby steps but I’m liking the direction of travel. Patrick Harvie also has tenants rights as part of his ministerial responsibility.
  15. Seems about right. Apparently he was in the boozer downstairs and was talked in to going up for a dance and another drink. We’ve all been there 😂🥳
  16. Excellent scenes in Scotland with the Greens entering Government 👏 Tories now the only party in Holyrood who have never been in power. Belated and baby steps but I’m liking the direction of travel. Patrick Harvie also has tenants rights as part of his ministerial responsibility.
  17. Hi Yog, yeah I had a read of the full story after I saw your post. Excellent stuff, I like how he blamed “the lousy drink”. An old fella in my local always likes to advise everyone that “ the drink is a long apprenticeship “ especially if they are hungover. Very wise words I always think.
  18. Was on a big boat to Ireland through the week and they were selling 24 330ml cans of Orchard Thief cider for £8. With our minimum pricing up here that was for sure a bargain….and I thought it went down very well ice cold in the sun 😎
  19. I’ve been thinking for a while now that this might be my favourite “ topic “ round here so glad to see it still going strong and top of the page 👍 For the near decade I’ve been on here I’ve always enjoyed your posts sir. Your memoirs would be well worth a read 😀 Anywayz, I’ve just realised that your posts might have a hint of Catcher in the Rye about them. Please take that as a compliment as it is an old favourite of mine. Take care and keep up the good work. Edit: I’ve yet to meet Jarvis Cocker of Pulp.
  20. It’s very much against my nature to defend Kilmarnock but thought it was worth pointing out earlier the job he did getting them to 3rd. I’m pretty certain the players were advised to get close to Modric, especially round about the box as you say but sometimes you’ve just got to hold your hand up. The guy was different class last night. Lots of good players coming through and the majority of the team at a good age. A keeper and a striker coming through would be nice. If not Clarke, who do you fancy to take us forward ?
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