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  1. So basically people are saying the Lib Dems should have stuck to their guns and not backed a Tory policy. That is not how coalitions work. If they were pig headed like that they wouldn't be in coalition, they would have no influence over policy and it would have led to a hung parliament and a re-election. They have tempered the Tories by being there and lets remember they are the junior member here.
  2. Irrelevant if you ask me. Standing for election with any party you 'sign' up for what they pledge, putting your name to paper like what you said is just a token gesture. Elect a Liberal Democrat government and then judge. I have voted for Liberal Democrat, Conservative and SNP in my time. I do this because I vote on individual issues as no one party will ever be in line with my views...that and the fact in my area my vote counts for sh*t as it's an SNP stronghold. As to the UKIP thing... http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/when-nigel-farages-dream-fades-it-will-be-dave-who-smiles-8604035.html
  3. Disagree. They made promises on the basis that they would be elected as the government, they are not the government so only an idiot would expect all their manifesto to go through. To me Labour were the biggest liars in regards to students. They had full control of parliament and actually created tuition fees at a flat rate when they had stated "the costs of student maintenance should be repaid by graduates on an income-related basis".
  4. I agree with most of that. I would fully agree if we had a Liberal Democrat government but we don't
  5. I agree the Tories will be happyish with these results, very easy for them to swing the protest vote back since UKIP are in their ball park. The next general election we will see a Torie government, most likely another coalition because Labour don't have a hope. The sad brutal truth is, a lot of people vote by personality and Milliband doesn't cut it.
  6. So some terrorists were planning bombing some other extremists... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-22344054 The rules the EDL say are restricting them ironically in this case are defending them. Would people have cared if they had been bombed? It would and still could have caused a proper sh*tstorm!
  7. Haha I'll be getting court marshaled for refusing then! oddly enough I'm joining as a marine engineer so will constantly be in the bowels looking a nuts, bolts, rivets, pipes etc
  8. I've done similar in the past with money, but just put it clingfilm and hid it under my tent haha
  9. Readying for war with Syria? All the talk of them using chemical weapons, surely the UN will do something or will it be it's usual useless self.
  10. Ace cake, even got long drops on there!
  11. Bump, anyone else got some photos for us to get excited over?
  12. So my local Millets has been closing down for a while now, so has some decent discounts. Anyway spotted a travel towel today, cheap cheap, has anybody used one? You know they come in a tiny, compact pack but claim to be super absorbent!
  13. Where does it say that in the Bible?
  14. ...on the topic of whacky Christians http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/04/23/17878924-second-child-of-faith-healing-couple-dies-after-no-medical-care?lite
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