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    2022 Headliners

    Oasis were synonymous with Brit pop and once Be here now came out that was the end of Brit pop. Shame really, Listening to Noel's remaster of "Do you know what I mean?" released that the album had potential but the brothers needed a break before their 3rd.
  2. aj6658

    2022 Headliners

    Oasis was a cultural phenomenon. They were the biggest band in the world and we havent seen anything like that since in the Rock world. Liams great and hes big but hes no where near Oasis levels.
  3. In short no. I don't think she's a bad artist but I find her stuff boring AF. Im someone who just turned 29 so not very old and I think her lyrics speak to alot of teens hence why she is so popular. Talking to friends, they said her Glastonbury set in 2019 was very very good.
  4. aj6658

    2021 New Music

    Think Pressure machine is a decent album. Some great tunes. Some killers songs and some distinctly not Killers. Glad they made it but really looking forward to TK8 as they said its more of a continuation of Imploding the Mirage which I adore.
  5. Last Years Oct sale was cancelled due to a lack of returns per Emily. I highly doubt that people have cancelled in the year since as people will probably hold it to the wire.
  6. I should note I dont think the festival will go bankrupt but I do fear that 2022 celebration maybe held back due to financial constraints
  7. Thats the thing. Dont think it would have cost alot to set up but I dont see it being a big money maker. The online event was a bust and wonder if they will lose money due to refunds.
  8. really dont think that's gonna make a dent. The only number I can find for resale tickets is around 10,000 in 2014 but no idea if that number is legit or not. Per Emily, Oct 2020 resale was cancelled due to lack of returns. Even if next year has more than usual returns you cant expect more than 13,000 (around 10%) and if that was the case demand is gonna be huge. Those who get it are the luckiest people- should also buy a lotto ticket on the same day
  9. Think its gonna be so difficult to get tickets. One I think supply maybe a bit bigger than in previous years as people may of cancelled thinking they couldn't go in 2021 so cancelled early. Doubt there's gonna be a big population who cancel between now and April. I feel like everyone wants a big party and I reckon that the line up maybe stellar given that every band wants to tour/ released new material and there's no better place to market than Glastonbury. The other side is demand is gonna be huge. People want to go back to normal and given the above statement on the potential line up will mean more people are ready to give it a try
  10. Think that's a good option. Im happy to put up more money if it helps fund a stellar "50th anniversary" and help all the good causes. Really hope they pull out some extra special surprises
  11. Kinda want to circle back to this - are there any concerns that money maybe an issue for next year? The reason why is I feel like Glastonbury is pulling all the tops to bring in cash. Either from selling the online show, the worthy pastures camping and trying to get an Autumn event going. Currently we dont know the pricing of tickets for next year but im willing to be its gonna be a pricey increase. It was quoted around £265 for 2020 but I suspect we could breach £300. That would bring just shy of £5m extra which would go a long way to help. Personally fine with that as it goes to good causes and I want them to pull out all the stops but know others are struggling.
  12. I know of a few friends who went to the pub and they have all been infected and feel pretty bad. The ones who were double jabbed feel just as bad for the ones who just had their vaccine (albeit not having the immune response kick in yet). They all feel like they have been hit with a really bad flu. Really don't see how we return to pre-covid life in the short term. If you live with someone who is older/ more vulnerable you couldn't come home and would have to self isolate. You would need to do a test every time you went on holiday since because of how transmissible it is, you would all get it and get sick. Don't see how night clubs can open. This is all so depressing
  13. Don't think the western world would change behaviour to wearing masks on a regular basis. Social distancing has to end. Think of all the life events which would be ruined if it wasn't. I very much am looking forward to the spontaneity of life but fear that I got another year of this. One thing I hope doesn't stay is the anti-bacterial hand washing and over the top cleanliness. Its unhealthy. Not saying don't wash your hands but I know some people who are constantly cleaning their hands. Need your body to develop immune responses
  14. Think point 1 is where alot of issues are gonna arise - We've gone from 21st June -> 2 week delay -> We'll be still doing this in autumn -> Need boosters first -> Spring 22 Never understand the AZ ban - The article I read said 168 cases of blood clots after 21.2 million doses = 0.00079% https://medicalxpress.com/news/2021-04-uk-deaths-clots-az-jabs.html I got my vaccine next week and I will happily take AZ and I guarantee you most young people would.
  15. 99% of deaths are in groups 1 -9 which are double dosed - if you are young you are not at risk ( Number of people below 30 who have died from COVID is tiny- less than 0.02%)
  16. How has the equation changed? Please point to evidence that we should be concerned other than saying cases are rising. Very simple question which alot people won't answer
  17. I mean I literally say im not expecting it to go back to normal straight on the 21st but good attempt reading Its data not dates and delaying 21st - the 4 criteria are The vaccine deployment programme continues successfully. - Has been met Evidence shows vaccines are sufficiently effective in reducing hospitalisations and deaths in those vaccinated. - less than 1000 people in hospital, those who are being hospitalised are seeing not as severely ill. Cases are rising but we're not seeing a huge increase in hospitalisations. in fact the 7 days average is falling Infection rates do not risk a surge in hospitalisations which would put unsustainable pressure on the NHS. - see above Our assessment of the risks is not fundamentally changed by new Variants of Concern. - where's the evidence that VOC have been more dangerous ? Vaccines still working. Multiple times been told its broken the link Why does waiting one for everyone to be invited be the criteria ? They could literally open it up to everyone tomorrow and they would of met your criteria even it it meant they would get it in August
  18. Its not normality though. Where is the spontaneity in life gone? I want to go to the pub with friends I have to book a table, wear a mask everywhere. What if want to go on holiday somewhere in the UK with friends? Can only go with 5 other peoples. Not saying that once 21st rolls round that Its completely back to normal but its that first step after a pretty horrible 1.5 years. The issue is when do you say we are protected enough? You saying now that you need to give it to as many young people as possible, next it will be till everyones double jabbed (so August/September) next it will be boosters (So December/Jan next year). You cant keeping moving the goal posts. The aim was protect the NHS and lives. There are less than 1000 people in hospitals now vs 40000 at the peak with COVID. Deaths are hitting 0 frequently. Young people aren't at risk.
  19. but I don't think it has to be that way. If the vaccines didn't work then we would know by now. Theres enough COVID going about to test that. People won't stand to wait till Autumn let alone next year.
  20. Key question we need answering is who is getting hospitalised/ dying currently- If it people who have been invited to get the vaccine but haven't, then I really don't care about them. They were given a choice (note- if it some who is pregnant or similar reason im not so callus but also we cant have that tiny portion of society dictate us all) The more scary side is if it people who have had 1 or 2 doses of the vaccine. If that is the case then its not a 2 week delay. We cant keeping living like this. We cant go 2 week delay, then everyone has 2 jabs, then boosters.
  21. Low hospitalisations 1 death a day people who aren't vaccinated make up less than 1% of deaths 99% of deaths have been double jabbed No evidence. Literally no one has made any arguments other than "look at the cases". We've been cautious. The country was looking forward to 21st June. Its now delayed for no reason. Whats next? Wait till we're double jabbed? Wait till boosters?
  22. 1- Who's willing to bet that this increases are those who are unvaccinated and older? Just read this https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-57367849 - if you have your vaccine you are very well protected 2- Its still very effective. Then lets just wait till everyones double jabbed and had their boosters then eh? 3- But reimposing restrictions suggests that hospitalisations and deaths increase. The unvaccinated population are an age group who make less than 0.02% deaths. Lets be sensible here and not look at one metric but actually make a sensible assessment. Deaths and hospitalisations have plateaued .
  23. Yeah ill survive but what's the point and why 18? The unvaccinated population by 21st June comes around will be ages 1-25 as over 25 can now book from tomorrow. This population has had so little deaths we don't get exact figures. This population makes less 0.02% of deaths. The whole point of restrictions is the protect the NHS and reduce deaths, both of which are not increasing even with the rapid rise in cases. Strange why you don't argue that everyone be double jabbed before restrictions are lifted or everyone over 15/12/10/8 get jabbed first? Do a proper risk assessment instead of looking at one metric. You're being blinded by the cases but completely ignoring context Can you actually come with some data or reasoning to counter my points ?
  24. Thank you! this guy gets it
  25. Yeah then we need boosters and then we need local winter lockdowns. Better not return to normal till next year Really don't know how many times I have to say this but The vaccines work against all variants - there is no evidence out there that disputes this 99% of deaths are in groups 1-9 which will be double jabbed by 21st June with time to have immune response kick in. Hospitalisations and deaths have not increased. If we are seeing a 3rd wave we would see some sort of major uptick. Deaths - hovering around 1-2 a day Hospitalisations are actually down over the 7 day average https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-57367849 - says that bolton who was the worst hit haven't seen sig increases and if you're double jabbed - "very very few " - if you had your vaccine then there's nothing else we can do. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jun/05/vaccines-have-broken-the-chain-between-covid-and-serious-illness if you are under the age of 30 you are not at risk. Data to Jan 21 shows that people under 40 who have died <250 of which 185 is between the 30-39 age If your argument is we need everyone over 18 needs a jab first then why not go one step further and go everyone over 5 gets the vaccine?? Can you point to any evidence that suggests that we should delay 21st June other than infections. There is no evidence to support delaying because the NHS isn't gonna be overwhelmed and people aren't dying. Very happy to admit im wrong but if you're gonna make a comment, do come with some data to support your argument other than hysteria
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