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  1. Either SHM at the very end of the weekend Or Eric Prydz.
  2. TGCarr


    Saturday's the latest day running till about 4am. Normally start's around 3-4pm
  3. Thought so https://www.mylondon.news/news/north-london-news/man-stabbed-near-finsbury-park-16545663
  4. The minute I left sat and got to my hotel just before 11. Some Finsbury Park account tweeted their was a stabbing outside the venue.. Havent seen anything on the news
  5. Not trying to. He is free this weekend, AJ Tracey's snapchat has his logo on the wall must've been an event for him. Could be here still
  6. Looks like it could very well be Carti
  7. Wouldnt suprise me, he's just dropped a small EP. Really wanted it to be Dave but Longitude
  8. Either Giggs. Take that one back he's playing Germany. Possibility as he'd finish @ 14:55 Kano. Rick Ross is a possibility. Lil Nas X seems to the biggest possibility now, he may join Cardi tomorrow as well.
  9. Longitude just swapped Uzi Vert for Pusha T... Absolutely gutted would've been the perfect replacement, seem's to be jetting off that night
  10. Fucking bare annoying though, looks like we've got to wait till the actual day to find out who's performing
  11. They better not make people wait, but knowing Wireless they will until the actual day. People are fuming. Yeah UK most def, Giggs would be the dream but I don't rate the guy afrter he wnated free beats from me.... hahahaha Dave for the love of God
  12. Everyone keep's saying Carti, but he's in the US during the entire weekend, be a hell of a quick back and forth... Dave doesnt seem to be exclusive for Reading by looking about. Hus would be the next one in line
  13. ALSO VERY VERY SMALL ALLOCTION OF SINGLE DAY TICKETS ON FESTICKET!! https://www.festicket.com/festivals/wireless-festival/2019/shop/?referrer=facebook-event&campaign=fb event&shared_from=partner_linkgen&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social&utm_content=Wireless Festival 2019
  14. 10000% either Dave with Glasto Alex as he's been invited by Wireless yesterday.... Or J Hus.
  15. Ummmmm Thursday is around 12am'ish with it being mostly headphones. Friday 11pm. Saturday - Mainstages finish around 11.30pm - Then into the tents till 4am Sunday - 11pm
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