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  1. Yeah I'm finding it really strange people are saying Travis Scott is too big to headline Wireless.
  2. Guessing Travis Scott is a dead cert now?
  3. Personally, he definitely deserves to play Glasto. Easily my favourite artidt live just because the crowds are amazing. I'm hopeful Wireless bring him back
  4. Well it looks like it is him https://www.instagram.com/p/CGsPJ0XHS9Y/?igshid=1l5ay40vb0o8g
  5. Unless it's nothing. But I think Travis is headlining the second event? https://www.rollingloudportugal.com/
  6. No I understand the logically issue it could cause. But I would like that option with something else to hopefully get the festivals moving next year. But I just cannot for the life of me see how the 600 stations built up the day before a festival to be financially viable. And if it is, every festival in the UK should copy.
  7. True I was just hoping for extra safety to make sure it goes on. I think Reading & Leeds owners idea of having 600 stations built up prior to the festival around the country just sounds too much.
  8. I pray Glasto are allowed to use the fast check that is being put into Heathrow Airport today. Results within 15mins. I think many would pay the £80 to be checked there and then to be allowed to a festival.
  9. So Travis & Kanye won't happen 🥺🥺
  10. Are they definitely announcing the headliners tonight??
  11. Can see a lot of festivals removing tents next year to help them open due to Covid.
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