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  1. Is there any talk of more this year?
  2. Is there any talk of more Newcastle Social Distant festivals they did last year
  3. Ohhh fucking most def most except Post Malone sadly. Incredible line up btw. Went Stockholm last year to see SHM and loved every fucking minute in that city. We planned to go again in Jan next year but sadly cases rose. Kenny looks a cert now
  4. UK have ordered 5mil? Either way hopefully authorised over here soon https://twitter.com/NBCNews/status/1338838730543652864?s=19
  5. PND Headlining is fucking huge tbh. Solid line up all over
  6. https://www.facebook.com/22995651352/posts/10157310655406353/?substory_index=0&sfnsn=scwspmo
  7. Would it really hurt Glasto to move to later down the year to stand a good chance of going ahead?
  8. But it's then putting trust into people testing. I think one outside the grounds during the week and one at the actual festival. I'll happily take the hit on waiting longer to ensure it actually goes ahead. But again this seems to be down to insurance and that'll be a bitch to get sorted
  9. My lord. I work in care and and I spoke with our in house psychiatrist regarding why I always feel ill/cold like symptoms such as a sore throat prior to when I go to a festival. Regardless if I feel excited, he said it's normally due to anxiety good or bad and my body taken a toll leading up to an event. I'd be absolutely devastated if mine came back with a false positive and told to leave the site after travelling so long ffs 😂😂😂
  10. Not a bad headline act. Kind of deserves it tbh. He was always speculated to headline Wireless but Parklife seems a good fit.
  11. It's actually annoying me most festivals ain't taking this approach and reducing capacity to have a small hope of going ahead. Said it before. I really want festivals to come out and talk how they're going to be "covid secure" Sacha has been a major advocate of getting festivals to go ahead, moved Parklife to September. But not really spoke of what they'll be doing to hopefully get it to go ahead.
  12. Eric Prydz is an absolute cert
  13. Very good of them to move it to late September.
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