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  1. Been to so many festivals in my life but Glasto is the only fest I've never been lucky to get tickets. I know October is slim, but I'm so determined to buy 3 tickets in October. Slim chances I know, but I'm so bloody determined 😩😩
  2. Find it awful it asks who you'd like to headline. And then have a list that bad the slide after. It's the constant same with them. Give Jay Z a headline slot, Kano, Dave get Kendrick. Get some old legends. How many would love T Pain, Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes or even 50 Cent? Get a special N Dubz, Roll Deep performance. They really need to branch out this recycled same line up every year. Course young lot are still going to go and it'll always sell out
  3. Someone really said Kano wouldn't sell out Wireless and it's bothered me..
  4. Gutted if Kendrick hasn't.
  5. Yeah it's in the email mate at the FAQ section. Shows they have a possible line up for next year locked. Oh definitely if you can afford to hold on your ticket fucking do so. It's the only UK event fart from Glasto that sells out instantly. And if Drake does headline which I expect him to. Then you'll easily triple your money in Jan/Feb! Will Wireless 2021 have the same line up as Wireless 2020?No. The line-up for 2021 is TBC and will be released at a later date.
  6. - Just booked my hotel for next year's edition right across the road for 4 nights - £280. - They ain't carrying the line up over. Drake season is upon us. - If people carry their ticket over it'll be ridiculously hard to cop. People should hold onto their ticket tbh
  7. Really struggling to peace together who could open for Kendrick. Think it'll be a complete random bunch of artists. Schoolboy Q would be the dream..but he barely likes to tour
  8. True but surely if Sziget is happening, I can't see him missing out on a few nights at Wembley
  9. Wait so em is touring?
  10. Are summer garden tickets worth it? Or just get Golden?
  11. Is it a bad thing to be intrigued? No new album (yet) Same weekend as Wireless Just wondering as they're still selling ticket as launch prices
  12. Love to know how Kendrick days selling
  13. How the fuck did Wireless miss out on Posty & Kenny. Absolute awful booking from that lot.
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