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  1. Kind of what were going with Dave ASAP last headliner but of a mystery
  2. Guessing he's Wireless bound as well then..
  3. Oh My revealing their line up next Monday, will be a good indication who'll be at Wireless. Either that Burna or Ty Dolla.
  4. Exactly that. Rocky is a dead cert Weeknd hasn't been announced for any Euro fest this summer so would be a strange booking. Meek as sub could sell that day. Yeah Dave seems to be the perfect UK headliner that could get, Kano a close second with Giggs somewhere on the bill.
  5. Exactly what I thought. ASAP is the dead cert, and I'd say Meek is as well as he's allowed in the UK. I just don't see Wireless being that strong this year and they'll rely on UK artists to headline. Truly be pissed off Kano doesn't headline
  6. It'll be a brand new album. He's definitely for Glasto and I'm very sure they'll announce him first. I just can't see Kenny headlining Wireless. Pyro's seem to be the new thing for Wireless now, they used them last year also.
  7. But I thought K dot was BST bound? Lil Nas so far down the Saturday list? Looks a little fake to me with Nav being billed higher than Bad Bunny. If real Meek Mill as headliner is maddening but believable as well Where did you get this from?
  8. it's always the last week in Jan heading into Feb for the line up
  9. True but at the same time they do. Rolling Loud will pull a lot of people this year
  10. They have to do something special this year. Learnt that last year Londoners are willing g to go abroad for hip hop festivals. And with the festivals theyll be competing with it has to be stellar and just can't see it with the artists touring that time
  11. Nooo would be such a bad booking He's a Lovebox all over
  12. Ahhhh if it's anything like that, then itll be a poor edition rather go to longitude or even Rolling Loud
  13. Posty & Kendrick are rumoured for BST But at the same time should be headlining Wireless
  14. ASAP Rocky is a cert Stormzy is a possibility.
  15. Well at least it doesn't battle with Wireless Must be super cheap to base it there, gutted
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