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  1. MJP

    Lessons learned

    I need to learn how to keep my immune system on point. Every festival I've come away with lurgy that knocks me out for a week or so. Next festival my MA dissertation will be due, so pondering either staying offsite and only going onsite for a gin party (Thursday) and the stages, then going home on the Sunday night, alternatively sitting it out. Hmm...
  2. Do make sure it's uploaded to somewhere like Imgur so Neil can't get bollocked for hosting it, like glastomap did.
  3. MJP

    Post festival flu

    I had a grim throat that started 2 weeks before the festival. I don't have a great immune system, so Glasto usually brings out the worst of whatever's around me. Hence I book the week after off. From the moment I got home, I slept, vomited and shat for my life. Then it got to a point where the left side of my throat felt like a zombie had taken a chunk out of it. Went to out of hours GP last night and got some anti-nausea tablets, have started eating and drinking again today and starting to feel a bit more human. Should be ready for work on Monday.
  4. Do you have a planning app number?
  5. MJP

    Glastonbury Shaped Hole?

    Just generating ready for a couple of days at work next week, then out to Berlin. A few big holidays later in the year too. Not sure about attending next year as I really ought to finish my MA and dissertation submissions are around Glasto time.
  6. MJP


    I saw that someone on another thread said that the planning app had gone in for the foundations now. Can't see it though?
  7. MJP

    Shangri-La artwork

    As we start to see more packaging innovations and plastic-free aisles in the next few months, I think we’ll get to a place soon. Trouble is that you have to go into shops prepared to store food in your own containers and bags, which isn’t the general public’s way of thinking just yet.
  8. MJP

    Shangri-La artwork

    Sandwiches were, but ice, fruit weren’t. They even sold wet wipes.
  9. MJP

    Celebrity spotting 2020

    Lauren Laverne walked past me at Other Stage and appreciated my outfit and fan snapping. ❤️
  10. Did wonder this...
  11. We negotiated with the stewards and somebody was asleep in it most of the time anyway. Handed our a roll of green and black bags on Friday, then got the stewards to have a word with the nearby lads with an actual gazebo on Sunday, hope they cleared down when leaving.
  12. MJP


    I started being a total unapologetic dick to people who tried to push through the queue to get a moustache. Calling them out to security. I missed a headliner to get there, they just walked up and got in. No ma’am. Managed to catch the last hour of horse meat disco at the closing party, still paying for it 52 hours later. 😬😬😬
  13. If we're serious about reducing waste at the festival, we need to get rid of the tat sellers - people who make products for the sake of it.
  14. Yes, it's a collection of stages rather than places to have a wander and lose yourself in. Would love to see some kinda lanes thing reintroduced.
  15. MJP

    The Streets

    People just kept pushing and pushing that we decided to leave. Wouldn't be so bad if there was a screen in the compound behind the sound desk and some speakers outside - in case it's at capacity.
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