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  1. Do you have a link (and timestamp) for those of us just emerging from our post-festival slumbers?
  2. Yeah, was told it was away this year just because they had budget cuts.
  3. There was a chutney toastie food stall just inside Silver Hayes this year. I wonder if they’ve moved?
  4. MJP

    Tent theft - look out!

    Afraid these are brand new to the festival so no clue 😄
  5. MJP

    Parking Question

    So long as you come from the West of the festival you’ll get west parking. Take the M4 and M5 then leave at Bridgwater through Street and Glastonbury.
  6. MJP


    God bless the ice tent ⬆️
  7. MJP


    First lot of string lights turned on?
  8. If using clashfinder, don't forget to go into the menu and choose offline mode so it saves your data & add the bookmark to your home page. 🙂
  9. As it's developed by an agency the EE team have to 'sign' it. This was only done recently, like late yesterday or this morning. So I assume it's currently getting pre-release checks from Apple. Probably just a bit of bad planning from the agency.
  10. MJP


    Looks like the skeleton of a marquee for backstage Arcadia.
  11. Just had an email back saying the iOS version is expected to go live very soon. 🙂
  12. Looks like they exported a version of Clashfinder before I removed the Chemical Brothers speculation...
  13. Sent an email asking about the delay but I hope it'll be released before I get a reply.
  14. The app is outsourced to an agency instead of built in-house, so it’s pretty plausible that it’s not been uploaded in advance or is having a last min hiccup.
  15. MJP

    This time in 3 weeks...

    I'll be about to get my hair cut.
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