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  1. MJP

    Block 9

    I’m pretty sure the pic is of Dismaland rather than at Glasto, it’s just that Block 9 produced the set.
  2. MJP

    BBC Glastonbury

    https://www.ibc.org/trends/behind-the-scenes-the-glastonbury-experience/6142.article The Executive Producer said they could only get so much archive footage because of the virus. People working remotely to improve footage, re-edit sets, bring up the quality. And iPlayer/live was done by different production companies. All very interesting, but explains why so much of it was recent footage.
  3. MJP


    Yeah was a bit strange, wasn't it. They could've filmed some links for iPlayer in one session, rather than the holding screen. I was also surprised at how little behind the scenes stuff they showed, they must have lots of footage to edit together a couple of geeky behind the scenes VTs.
  4. MJP

    BBC Glastonbury

    Do we think they’ll actually use the rabbit hole style tent for tonight’s broadcast?
  5. Hi @Neil Also getting this, but with https://eu.retailxirce.xyz/
  6. MJP


    Does anyone have a link to the page that you can hop around webcam days? I feel like it was called freemyfeed - but not having any luck and it's slipped out of my favourites. Edit - got it!: https://www.freeyourfeeds.com/glastocam.php
  7. The usual policy is that it's okay to visit if you respect the land and farms. Clearly this is not the time for the usual policy, but some people need to be told. If I were GFL, I'd be getting signs made up to ask people to please sod off.
  8. La Roux on the Other Stage would've been... interesting. She hates her first album which has most of her memorable bangers on, so would've been a weird vibe. Would love to see her in an intimate venue at Glasto. Fabric back in Feb was ace.
  9. I like all the optimism that we'll be anywhere near back to business as usual by the end of June. I hope to be proved wrong!
  10. Next year will still be its 50th festival, no? Edit: never mind, it was anniversary from 1970 - not the 50th festival. Silly me.
  11. I think they were waiting until the Gov't confirmed their action would allow people to claim on insurance.
  12. If I remember right, they need to clear specific registration numbers for that sale. So that could work. It couldn't work for 5 minutes though - would have to be an hour.
  13. Some of the suggestions would require a fair amount of systems work, BUT: A system exists for checking if someone is a ticket holder of a particular year (accommodation sale) A system exists for pre-sale (coach accommodation sale) A system exists for refunding balances
  14. Similarly, they have just said it is weeks, months or possibly longer. This, with the 12 weeks of self isolating, as well as the discouraging of gatherings, means that you would be left with less than two weeks to build a festival.
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