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  1. This payday I shall be on a purchasing spree!
  2. MJP

    Sam Fender?

    It'll be a banger of a set. He won't be my first choice in a clash, however, having seen him in an intimate venue.
  3. MJP

    Dissertation Survey

    Completed and same comments as morph. As a courtesy, please come back and post your conclusions about the questionnaire. People very rarely do, which is unfair to those who spend time filling them in.
  4. MJP

    1st ever Glasto tips?

    @Gnomicide I'm definitely going to be taking up EE on their power bar offer this year. Seems much more sensible than packing enough batteries to power a small stage.
  5. Picked up my walking boots today. Now just have to break them in at some point. Time to go explore the West Midlands!
  6. MJP

    1st ever Glasto tips?

    This usually happens at some point in July for me. I leave the festival an empty, hollow shell of a human that has had the best week ever.
  7. I camped on the other side of The Park's hedge in 2017 because of the shade. On the Sunday night I was very ill (but didn't know it, thought I was just being a miserable twat [at Glasto, I know!?]) and was fevering and sleeping through Arcadia. Fuck that for a laugh. This year I don't plan on being ill or being near my tent while Arcadia is on. --- But yeah, we camped on that thin slither of grass on the other side of The Park/silent disco and opposite Arcadia. Gave us shade and was off the main track just enough to not get churned up if it were to rain A good spot as you have breakfast around the corner, don't get the smell of the shitters and have a reasonable walk to the main stages and SE Corner. Oh, it's also on the main route to gate D. But tbh anything is easier than when we were cruelly forced into East car parks in 2016, though we were staying in the Tipi Village. That hill was a cruel mistress.
  8. It looks so quiet in this pic! Once a fence goes in on the other side (people were queuing there in 2016? Crew maybe?), you quickly forget that you're in a field. I have some pics but none appropriate - my eyes are like Puss in Boots's!
  9. Need the first lineup poster, a new map and then activity on Glastocam to get my excitement on the go. We're about to get our bank holiday day drinking warm-ups to prepare us for 5 days on it soon, too. I'm starting to buy bits and pieces which is exciting too, or me being too organised. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. MJP

    NYC Downlow

    I had fairy lights around my neck one year. I was in there getting freaky with some other festival goer and accidentally switched them on. I turned the lights on. In a dark room. FML.
  11. I've completed it, but I don't think that the questions were worded that well. In particular the question about 'improving waste produced at festivals' - surely this is 'reducing waste produced...' or 'increasing the recyclability of waste produced'. All the best and I'm in cahoots with OG - post back your findings and you could even send a summary to Emily Eavis with any recommendations from your findings.
  12. Damn it. We spend a decade teasing her out and she flirts only with the Cotswolds.
  13. Are we expecting Robyn will play? She's at Roskilde but isn't playing until the Friday/Saturday after Glasto. 🧐
  14. MJP

    2019 Headliners

    I'd love to see The Hunna live
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