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  1. MJP

    Tent theft - look out!

    Afraid these are brand new to the festival so no clue ๐Ÿ˜„
  2. MJP

    Parking Question

    So long as you come from the West of the festival youโ€™ll get west parking. Take the M4 and M5 then leave at Bridgwater through Street and Glastonbury.
  3. MJP


    God bless the ice tent โฌ†๏ธ
  4. MJP


    First lot of string lights turned on?
  5. If using clashfinder, don't forget to go into the menu and choose offline mode so it saves your data & add the bookmark to your home page. ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. As it's developed by an agency the EE team have to 'sign' it. This was only done recently, like late yesterday or this morning. So I assume it's currently getting pre-release checks from Apple. Probably just a bit of bad planning from the agency.
  7. MJP


    Looks like the skeleton of a marquee for backstage Arcadia.
  8. Just had an email back saying the iOS version is expected to go live very soon. ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. Looks like they exported a version of Clashfinder before I removed the Chemical Brothers speculation...
  10. Sent an email asking about the delay but I hope it'll be released before I get a reply.
  11. The app is outsourced to an agency instead of built in-house, so itโ€™s pretty plausible that itโ€™s not been uploaded in advance or is having a last min hiccup.
  12. MJP

    This time in 3 weeks...

    I'll be about to get my hair cut.
  13. MJP


    Not sure but Radio 1's Big Weekend had a tent that was identical in size, just different colours.
  14. MJP


    WaterAid kiosks have gotten an upgrade!
  15. MJP

    R1 Big Weekend

    Welcome @LivOctober ๐Ÿ‘‹ The slower pace of Lorde's new album definitely isn't what most people are looking for in the evening. I really rated her Glastonbury 2017 performance, was staged really well and high energy. The current set is very driving to the beach.
  16. Pretty sure they open the doors at 8pm but you can queue beforehand. Queues at 10pm might be hit and miss - depends on several factors. Sometimes you can get queues for a couple of hours and in that case it's usually just best to write it off for the night/go later on. Ultimately, don't try and go for a specific act and if you do, give it a couple of hours time ahead to guarantee entry.
  17. If you're using the moustache for yourself then great, slip in and out as you'd like. In 2019 people would use a moustache to get in, then pass it through the fence and get a whole group in. That's not the spirit and meant people who genuinely wanted to see a set, not just for a look, were held in a queue.
  18. Hopefully the re-entry system will be binned off. It's shite.
  19. I think we'll get some more updates. The current set times don't have all the acts on their area poster.
  20. MJP

    R1 Big Weekend

    The toilet situation was dire, right? Especially women choosing to queue through the urinal area to use the mens portaloos.
  21. I started to do them manually on Clashfinder (it's crowdsourced data). Someone's locked it from editing so I assume it's getting a proper update. I assumed the owner had a script too as it's fiddly to do manually, so stopped editing it before it was locked. Trouble is with the duplicated/scraped one is whether people will be updating it if anything changes.
  22. MJP


    They clashed with Harry Styles so as soon as it was approaching his set, half the tent left. Had a nice dance at the edge of the tent though.
  23. MJP

    R1 Big Weekend

    Was there last night and have tickets for Sunday, going to knock Lorde and Foals off my list in case I have clashes at Glasto. It was so good to be in a festival environment again. Hyped me up for one month's time!
  24. Ooooooh the design is lush.
  25. MJP

    Worthy warriors

    You ever get the feeling we're being watched? ๐Ÿ˜‰
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