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  1. mynameismatt

    The Strokes?

    I mean I don't think standing at a London arena gig would be less than £50 so probably worth it if you love them - but I can wait until the autumn
  2. mynameismatt

    The Strokes?

    £70 a ticket ... I've got through but having some reservations here edit: yeah sack that actually
  3. decent recording of the title track off matt's new album here can't say my hopes are super high ("i've seen a vision, call an electrician, serpentine prison") but it sounds nice enough
  4. nah unfortunately not, they're billed as world exclusive at primavera barca and porto
  5. those first two days are very much up my street i'm definitely tempted but can't commit to it until april so hoping it won't sell out/ not too quickly
  6. finally, a proper live album with pretty much every song you'd want
  7. who's going to an arena show and requesting humiliation on paper seems a good setlist but throughout kinda felt something was lacking, still pretty good but didn't floor me like castlefield did maybe i've just seen them too much in the past two years now
  8. Twitter just says 'show starts at 8', but Jenny Lewis was on for 45 minutes last night so that can't be right?
  9. now sure how Wasp Nest would go down in an arena, but hope they try at least tomorrow night also hopefully i'll actually hear them do vanderlyle, the only times i've seen them try is ape (where two-thirds back nobody knew what was going on) and castlefield (where they were cut off)
  10. Would be v funny if this year, after bigging up their equal lineup, it's just pavement and the national attracting 50,000 of the same kind of sad white guy (I'll see you there)
  11. Playing a festival in Denmark at the end of May, so there's the idea that Homecoming is their last show out the window... Can't think where there is left to play in the UK in the summer but my hopes have been raised that they're not skipping London after all
  12. The National subreddit has had a couple of posts about it, might be nothing but there seems to be a few people with good info on there so I think it's probably being planned at least.
  13. Apparently the National are still bringing their festival back to Cincinnati next May, so there's at least that after their tour ends at the moment. That could mean there's a few more dates (I'm still sure they'll play a proper London gig, despite knowing there's no reason for them to), but at the same time playing their own festival would be a nice way to end the tour/go on a break for a while.
  14. Was that the side Matt came to during Graceless? Think you must have been near me, maybe that was the one good spot.
  15. Power got shut off at 10:30 on the dot, but powered through with Vanderlyle anyway even though all you could hear was the horns. I thought it was a nice moment, but would probably depend on how well people around knew the words
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