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  1. Okay guys. My partner has a spot volunteering, she can have Thursday through Monday off but everything else is a flat no. I'm just checking there's no way for this to work we haven't thought of right? I.e. can you make up shifts working Monday, or anything else. Please let me know, it would be a massive help.
  2. Girls Don't Sync are fun if you like garage.
  3. Yeah I've heard they have new stuff on the way, Connor left which is a bit worrying because he added so much to their sound, but they were pretty great when I saw them in Brum in December.
  4. You into Loathe mate? By the sounds of things they'd be right up your street.
  5. Trying not to get too excited about the SR for Aphex, Chemical Bros and Orbital but fucking hell.
  6. Architects are touring early may, then have a random date in Finland at the end of June, so maybe they'll be announcing a few festival dates? I'd love to see Electric Wizard, Loathe and Code Orange who are all around in June. Deftones is never gonna happen but just imagine it.
  7. Hi mate, thank you so much for this. My partner has missed out and I'm gutted for her.
  8. I can imagine Sam Fender getting a fairly big slot. Seventeen Going Under and Spit of You are bloody massive, his tour has sold incredibly well, his debut only came out three years ago and he's huge.
  9. Why did I think it was a good idea to check that?
  10. Good point. I realised this too and felt like such a dickhead afterwards. What strikes me - is how easy it is to laugh off nasty comments if they're made by a mate. You may think you know somebody, but it's very rare someone will outright tell you that they hate women or that they abuse women. A lot of dangerous men hide their violence in plain sight, 'oh my friend laughed off when I said I'd give my girlfriend a slap for calling me at work', 'my brother shook his head jokingly when I slapped a girls arse in a nightclub'. They use these little events to test the waters, to re-enforce to themselves that their behaviour is acceptable.
  11. Yeah I empathise with this a lot. I said some stupid shite as a little bastard thinking I was being a 'lad', or that what I was saying was 'ironic'. I've always considered myself a pretty strong feminist and for some reason thought that gave me free-reign to say twattish things.
  12. My controversial music opinion is you can tell the age of this forum from the fact we have bloody punk vs. disco albums in the 2020s.
  13. Kings of Leon are around at the time. Could they do a 'special guests' kind of slot? Or has interest gone completely?
  14. Paul McCartney's solo work is the best of the post-Beatles stuff. People love to dump on Wings, but Ram, which was panned at the time was ahead of it's time in terms of lo-fi singer-songwriter stuff.
  15. Even among the people I know that dress like they work at CeX, I've heard nothing about this Biffy album.
  16. The Wombats get big crowds because the TikTok teenagers love them. Check out those streaming numbers. Doesn't mean they're a good band, like.
  17. Alex DeLarge


    Anyone want to trade my spare translucent blue vinyl edition for their strawberry pink 'consent' edition?
  18. Alex DeLarge

    Kendrick Lamar

    Got a week off to blast new Kung Fu Kenny? Sweet.
  19. I was going to make a pun based on menswear but the trouble is I don't have a subscription to Q Magazine so I don't know any of their music.
  20. It's been out for a while, it's on spotify now. I wasn't really a fan to be far, Black Metal is one of my favourite albums of the 2010's but Black Metal 2 felt too abstract and dreamy even for Dean. The genre switches felt less fresh this time round as well. I hope you enjoy it though.
  21. Pulp were the exception to my Britpop thesis, but they came out of the Sheffield industrial/ electronic scene originally.
  22. Caught Bo Ningen in Sheffield on the 7th of October. I'd seen then once before at Reading, but the relentless, pulsating noise they create works much better in a smaller venue. It was during this set where I realised how rhythmic and danceable their music actually is. The entire crowd was dancing throughout the set and despite the fact it was mostly the same level of intensity, there was only the odd moment where the energy dipped. I'd highly reccomend them if you like the more extreme ends of noise rock and shoegaze. Saw Fontaines D.C. on Saturday night as well. I was worried that their first album's subtle eclecticism would be lost when they played live, but the venue's sound meant that everything they performed had a distinct character. Their frontman tried to be intense and brooding, but even he seemed to enjoy himself after a while. The crowd were full of students and 6music dads, so I wouldn't be surprised if a few of you lot were there. I did notice a slight energy dip in a few tracks from A Hero's Death, but I think that their sound is so irresistible everything they played worked well.
  23. Britpop and it's consequences have had dire implications for the human race.
  24. Don't think you can win over someone who starts a sentence with 'well if it's fake news or not...' tbf
  25. Alex DeLarge


    Anyone else wanna join me in the EF gang? We can share stories about how Neil saved our lives.
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