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  1. 100% agree! This year I couldn't be arsed to trek far across site and got a banging headache on Friday through dehydration. But I'd take it again next year (if I get a ticket!) I will just to learn from this year, woman up and go up to Strummerville and the Park despite my can't-be-arsedness.
  2. It depends I guess on whether you're choosing music you want to hear or things that you think other people will enjoy. There are a few small bands I love but in company I will choose something a bit more recognisable to put on. Not because I'm hiding who I am but just trying to be inclusive. So in those circumstances, yeah, I'd choose something I think more people than just me would enjoy.
  3. The problem for me is that if you decide to go every 2-3 years, what happens if you don't get tickets on the years you choose you want to go? So I will try every year and if I get them I will go!
  4. Thanks. I'm still in two minds. But we were looking as an alternative for Glasto if I don't get a ticket so I'm hoping it won't be needed! I still think 2000trees sounds more up my street though.
  5. My friend mentioned this to me as a possibility next year. I've had a quick look at their Facebook page and website and my first thought is that the lineup for this year didn't look great (though I admit I hadn't heard of most and I might love them all once I listen to them!), it seems expensive (£190 for Thursday-Sunday - wow puts the great value of Glasto in perspective!!!), a few posts on FB saying the organisation was chaotic, not enough camping, too many people for the site, not enough music. It isn't making me feel like it's top of my list. It doesn't help that I'm not into science either! Will be interested to hear what @dizzymoohas to say about it!
  6. Maybe they just don't know how to use apostrophes! 😀 And to prove it even if it's plural it should be legends' slot - belonging to more than one legend!
  7. No but it's often quoted on here and I was just trying to tease really! It whiles away the time til ticket day!
  8. I thought both Mels were ok? But can't really remember tbh!
  9. So, tell me what you want, what you really, really want.
  10. Ah but it has been argued that it wasn't ELO it was Jeff Lynne! And it is the Legend's slot not the Legends'. Though as it is never officially called that, so not written down, who knows? (but I actually agree with you)
  11. Though of course you do know that the Legend's slot is strictly solo artists only?
  12. I know to many they're naff but agree - they would be great fun!
  13. I feel like a bad parent now! I first went with my daughter when she was just 18 and was fairly relaxed and switched off. Never occurred to me to worry! Though she is very sensible and was with her brother or cousin when not with me. I love Glasto and am not going to give up on it til it gives up on me. But at the same time, if I don't get a ticket I hope to take the opportunity to discover a new festival instead. I know nothing is the same but I've found for instance that Bearded Theory is different but just as enjoyable. Part of the reason though for not giving up is that at the end of each festival I am gutted by what I didn't do - and want to have the opportunity to see it all!
  14. Oh shit of course he did. I remember someone I worked with at the time saw him and said he was surprisingly good. Blame the wine for me forgetting.
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