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  1. Beerqueen

    Resale Club 2019

    I'm now trying for someone on the Sunday sale but if anyone wants me to help for the coach sale, I'm happy to.
  2. So is anyone going to pull all this information together in a handy spreadsheet or other format? I feel a twitching coming on so may do it myself if no-one else does. Especially now I've got a new laptop. But I also need to start making a note of must-sees, maybe-sees, camping possibilities etc.
  3. They've posted the selection of beers up on Facebook but I can't seem to copy it over to here. Suffice to say, it looks good! £4 a pint mainly (except for the festival beer which is £3.90) and they're using reusable mugs which cost £2 each and will be cleaned at each refill (I can see that slowing down service a bit if people bring their own - might just buy one so I can swap it for a clean one each time)
  4. The ship is in a different place as well isn't it? (I am right in thinking that was the place on the right as you went down to woodland last year, with random parties going on, I seem to remember some cheesy 70s dancing?)
  5. Wow! 6 o'clock would be amazing! I've been by coach before so know that it's a great set up to get in at Gate A but have only been from Birmingham - once Thursday, once Wednesday but both leaving mid-morning. Which wasn't the worst thing in the world as it meant a decent night's sleep the night before without having to get up incredibly early. And although I didn't really want the Thursday coach, as it turned out it was probably for the best as it was 2016 with all the chaos that brought getting in on the Wednesday. Are you going by coach from Taunton again this year?
  6. No worries - I know that elsewhere you get allocated times but I also know that London you can pick your time but as I say I'm not sure if that's also true of the resale? I'm travelling from Taunton this time - what time coaches have you got in the past? Are there many going there and coming back? Can't wait to find out our coach times!
  7. Beerqueen

    Avalon lineup 2019

    I think I might join you!
  8. Looking forward to Left Field announcement. Seen some gems in there. Hmm wonder who will be headlining there on the Friday.... But hope there's enough time to get over to Avalon and get a spot for Frank.
  9. I thought.London and Bristol you did book times? But maybe only in the first sale? But yeah agree thatbit it is worth considering being prepared to travel from other departure points.
  10. I love setify and think it was a poster on here who created it a few years back? Ooh the tempo is really racking up in here now isn't it?
  11. Beerqueen

    Avalon lineup 2019

    Probably my age/memory but I can't place Ade's version. And if you had told me in the 70s that I would be considering going to see Steeleye Span not once but twice I would have laughed in your face.
  12. Are The Park, JP and Acoustic part of the full line up rather than announced separately?
  13. Beerqueen

    Avalon lineup 2019

    They did and very good live it was too so worth it if it fits in. Sort of folky but with a rocky vibe to it. I can see me bouncing and jumping along to it with a beer aloft.
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