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  1. Funnily enough this came up on my Facebook memories today from 2016 - some have been fulfilled, some have dropped off the radar but nothing really new to add to others' suggestions: Elton Diana Ross Cliff George Michael Barry Gibb Billy Joel Phil Collins Tina Turner Cher Kylie Chic
  2. You don't say! And there was me thinking he just wrote that jingle for the postcode lottery.
  3. Bruce Arctics Fleetwood Mac Isley Brothers (they were meant to be there in 2020) Goldie Lookin' Chain Human League ABC Imagine Dragons Zutons Smoove and Turrell Man and the Echo Billy Bragg (of course!) Barstewards Henge OK, some of those are a bit eclectic but it's my wish list! They're just people I have enjoyed over the years.
  4. Aren't they an environmental disaster?
  5. Was it just me or was anyone else surprised to find that Got to Get You Into My Life was a Lennon/McCartney song? Maybe I knew at one time but I definitely associate it with Earth Wind and Fire now!
  6. Many have their own reusable ones which last forever. And the disposable ones are no less green than all the paper cups they get through.
  7. Ha ha - if he didn't, he bloody should have done!
  8. I really regret the fact that I didn't do much non-music, the weekend just seemed to fly by! I saw the Black Eagles in Astrolabe and they were really entertaining. And a bit of mini tennis tournament but there didn't seem to be so much wandering stuff as usual. That said, I probably only spent an hour or so there. And I didn't realise the Circus finished early on Sunday.
  9. In all my Macca thoughts since last Saturday, it seems very strange to me that I had more or less forgotten that I have actually shared a radio studio with him! Back in the 80s, I worked for the BBC's Russian Service and Macca was (I think) the first guest to participate in a live phone in post-Iron Curtain with the Soviet Union. Thatcher was the second (I think, it may have been the other way round). It was very stressful, as it was extremely high profile and the technology was new to us and telephone links to the Soviet Union were shaky to say the least. Macca didn't stop to socialise afterwards, unlike Maggie who stopped afterwards to knock back whisky with the crew. And Macca's agent was a complete patronising arse.
  10. I think every bar I went in had real ale - the only one I can think of that didn't was Spike which only sold cocktails and the John Peel bar which ran out on Friday night! Maybe I just naturally went to ones that were likely to have beer though (I don't have my username for nothing!)
  11. So Decathlon won't send me a new set of poles in the post as "we don't sell them as a set". But they will arrange collection of my whole tent and give me a full refund. While this is fine by me, as I can then order a new one to be delivered to my home, it doesn't seem to be a particularly good business plan on their part! And if I decide not to reorder, I've had the use of the tent for 9 nights for free!
  12. Well I'm not getting far with Decathlon's CS over my broken pole. So far, their solution is for me to drive to my nearest store with the broken pole and they will replace it and restring the set. Er, I don't think so. Why should I use my time and petrol to rectify this on a tent that's only a month old? I don't mind putting it in the post at their expense but I'm blowed if I'm making an hour's round trip to replace a faulty part which they accept is covered by their warranty.
  13. They were OK - nothing more. I didn't find them claggy, they were very crisp. I only wanted a snack and the portion was huge! I find it difficult to leave food so I ate the lot and was in a food coma afterwards, which wasn't helped by the fact it was so hot (Wednesday).
  14. Exactly what I had - bloody lovely!
  15. Mine is the poled version and for some reason they thought it was a good idea to put the handle at the end so you carry it vertically - which doesn't work at all if you're short and it drags on the ground! And even someone who was considerably taller than me said it was really uncomfortable to carry like that.
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