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  1. I've travelled by National Express and the shuttle to Castle Carey. The National Express wasn't too bad as they make you stick to your ticket time (after all, you've chosen this yourself so it should be convenient). See Tickets is a free for all though as far as I could make out. And the queue to get the shuttle offsite to CC this year was about two hours from the end of the queue to getting on the coach.
  2. I don't think I can as my online server (if that's what it's called) deletes them. I think. But as you say, the chances are pretty small. So have they notified the winners from the book buyers yet?
  3. Just checked my junk folder. It was empty. But supposing it has automatically emptied itself since 7 o'clock and IT was there? I will probably have a sleepless night pondering this.
  4. 😪 I almost wish we didn't have all these false hopes and that when it was over it was over. April is a long way off to keep wondering....
  5. Sorry, sometimes I find it difficult to know what's a joke and what's not! Is this real - are they really looking to replace him? I find the new series really isn't doing it for me, it seems to have lost it's intimacy and whole ethos.
  6. I have just received my book. So, remind me, when does that mean I get my tickets?
  7. Happy with that announcement! Hell, I'm happy with any announcement as I can now go and create a playlist to listen to! I was in the pub with some friends when the announcement came through and they say they may be interested to go too. Festival season is starting!
  8. Yes and to us at Glasto - we had a pair of skid marked boxers launched at our tent!
  9. Hmm that makes me think KC is not for me then. I too love BT and would love to find another festival of its ilk in late June/July to fill in my Glasto gap (if I don't get resale/volunteering. Or maybe something a bit bigger (hence why I was thinking KC).
  10. That looks a good lineup for this year (well, those I've heard of, I like!). But won't suit me as I already go to a festival every August bank holiday.
  11. My kids are all grown up! But tell me more!
  12. Thanks - the lineup for the last couple of years has always had something that I can appreciate and I quite like discovering new stuff. Just had a look and there's no campervan tickets left which might put my friend off completely. Back to the drawing board 2000trees - can't make that weekend (well possibly could, but will need to think about it) Kendall Calling - unless camper van tickets go back on sale ??
  13. What's the view on Kendall Calling? I've heard conflicting things - it's full of drunk teenagers a la Reading/Leeds, it's always wet or it's like Glastonbury but smaller?
  14. Most of the alternative I fancy seem to be in August when I already go to two festivals so am really looking for something June/July. 2000trees is the favourite so far - IF i don't get resale/volunteering at Glasto.
  15. Ha ha! Hence my username! As I said, we didn't really have time to explore and find anything off the main drag - and they had an ok keg and at least we were fed so it could easily have been worse!
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