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  1. I haven't received mine yet either but I think they said it would be a few weeks if I recall?
  2. We've been to a couple of fantastic country pubs near us. One in particular is 15 minutes away, has wonderful views across the hills from a beer garden in which we were the only people sitting there, has two fantastic local real ales on. The pub itself is lovely too and apparently the food is great though we haven't tried it yet. I am more inclined to head into the country than into town and round here it doesn't seem to be a problem (but we are pretty much in the back of beyond!)
  3. I've visited a few pubs - all quiet, country pubs and mostly sat outside. Really nice and lucky to live in a beautiful county with lovely countryside pubs (and very decent local ales). Ate out tonight in the Eat Out deal - lovely meal and they had tried to follow the rules but tbh I saw a few breaches which I feel is inevitable. Just things like staff and customer standing close when paying. I don't feel hopeful, so many people either letting things slip or acting as though it's all over. But can understand people (including me!) doing things that are allowed, even though I wonder whether
  4. Really enjoyed this series. Thought Berwyn and Lianne Le Havas were fantastic and I'll be looking into their back catalogues. And of course Bowie and Radiohead were good to rewatch.
  5. I am existing in a strange reality. I am still going to work and that work is much more stressful than normal (NHS). But when I get home that world is rather nice. We live in the country, it's been nice weather and it all seems very pleasant. But no pubs. Or live music.
  6. Beerqueen

    Volunteering 2020

    Cheque!!! Wow! How 20th century.
  7. Last year it didn't sell out - this year it's down to the last 10% of tickets. I second that it is a fantastic little festival - full of eclectic bands you may never have heard of (or maybe that's just me!) but who are wonderful. Punches above its weight in its line up with lots of genres. And a decent choice of real ale at OK prices. Definitely a min Glasto vibe.
  8. Beerqueen

    Volunteering 2020

    Yes! I emailed them over the weekend and they emailed me back this morning so it does sound like it! So pleased for you!
  9. I've said this before but away from "big" songs etc there are two sets of memories for me. The first was at my first Glasto in 2014 when I discovered the wonder that is the T&C fields. Wandered into a tent where Jonathan Pie was appearing and before long was part of a group running round the field, singing the Flintstones theme while pretending to be ostriches. Then in 2016 I was feeling pissed off and aimless. The mud was getting me down, I was on my own, Gregory Porter on the Pyramid stage was leaving me cold, so I wandered off and found Lekkido Lord of the Lobsters appearin
  10. Didn't manage to get to the gym this week - I was out some nights and the others I was knackered from work which has continued to be stressful, unsurprisingly! But on the other hand, I have managed to lose just over 2 lb! Happy with that.
  11. I don't think there's much reason (yet) to avoid the gym. Most experts seem to think transmission is mainly via contaminated surfaces so you could wipe any equipment down before using it and wash your hand straight after your workout, and avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose. Should be ok. As long as no-one sneezes on you which is pretty unlikely.
  12. I don't think NE is nearly as much of a free for all as the See Tickets ones. I've only got it once but they called people for the coach that was leaving and you had to show your ticket. I think they only allowed others on (those who had tickets for a different timed bus) if they had space after that.
  13. Beerqueen

    Volunteering 2020

    No it's Wednesday as the festival is only open to campervans (I think) and workers on the Tuesday. Don't know if anyone has suggested it but that's a great idea!
  14. Beerqueen

    Volunteering 2020

    Exactly! Well put! Hope you get a place on Poo Crew - feel like we've been through everything here together and we'd make a great team!
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