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  1. Starting simply if you can start a group of six then this will increase the odds. Remember don’t be that person who’s in two groups and blows it for others
  2. danssol

    Pilton Party

    I went when it was fanboy slim. Lovely night, camped at ashCombe farm
  3. Wife was positive on Monday and I got a faint positive yesterday.
  4. I found with Glastonbury that they listen but changes tend to take place over a few festivals. Arcadia has caused them headaches for years. So that will be tweaked again next year. queuing at the gates took them 6-7 years to get the top bit right.
  5. I used vibes ear protectors for the first time because I now need hearing aids. There were very good and didn’t ruin the experience. Hearing loss is pretty due to exposure to extreme loud noise over the years. Look after your ears
  6. The Same for me, I was a mess
  7. Wife is positive and shivering in bed. I’m currently fine.
  8. The great man himself belting out some tunes. Lovely experience
  9. Pet shop boys paul McCartney confidence man
  10. Towards Williams Green from west holts
  11. danssol

    Queue watch

    Gate d being shuffled forward. Gate still shut
  12. danssol

    Queue watch

    Near the front at gate d and it is static. Some People are clearing up their rubbish which is good
  13. Bought some berocca for the breakfast hangover cure
  14. The only time I ever say this but queuing hopefully
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