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  1. Yeah Dave has sold out more or less every arena standing section within hours. He’s got to headline
  2. If Kelly Jones knows about the rumours there’s no way the band don’t. Bad on the fans to be aware of it and just not comment on them if they aren’t splitting up.
  3. I know people aren’t too into Tame Impala here but god they would be a fantastic headliner. The best live act I’ve ever seen (besides maybe Biffy) with a fantastic stage show and at least a handful of songs popular with a lot of the R&L demographic. Would be a great booking imo RATM // Courteeners Dave // Royal Blood Dua Lipa or The Weeknd // Tame Impala
  4. Going to guess at least one of of Sam Fender, Gerry Cinnamon, Yungblud, AJ or Aitch to headline judging from this year imo
  5. Double vaxxed here and tested negative on a PCR and loads of lateral flows but definitely caught something with similar symptoms
  6. Would be very surprised if Gerry Cinnamon wasn’t put on as an MSW headliner in 22 or 23 considering the crowd he pulled
  7. Whole place is riddled with Covid already. So many people coughing in the campsite, positive tests on the ground, whole thing is a mess
  8. There’s loads of space on the Introducing too isn’t there?
  9. Is Brown at Leeds similar does anyone know?
  10. Either the lineup is the same or there’s gonna be big changes if they’re withholding it this long
  11. The news out of Boardmasters festival is terrifying - more or less everyone that went seems to have tested positive for covid. Seems like a lot of unvaccinated people but still, definitely got to be people faking lateral flows etc too though. Too deep in to say no to Leeds now but is anyone taking any precautions for themselves or are we all just going to hope for the best? I’m double jabbed so hoping it’ll be fine but wondering what everyone else’s stances on it are
  12. I don’t understand how this is gonna work at all
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