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  1. I’m thinking of volunteering for the festival, not too bothered about most of the lineup on first sight, more just going for the experience. I recognise a few names, but Biffy are my favourite band and they play on my birthday so that’s the main draw for me (feel free to laugh). I’m generally into grunge/“softer” rock bands like Nirvana, QOTSA, Sabbath, or Shikari. Also familiar with names like Iron Maiden because I played a lot of Guitar Hero as a kid. Does anyone have any recommendations of other bands from across the weekend?
  2. I can see it filling up very very early because I think there will be a lot of people that do that or similar, which is a shame as it would be nice to experience the rest of the festival without worrying about getting a shit spot. But obviously a large portion of the people going’s main pull is AM, so it makes sense…
  3. How early do you reckon the front pit fills up on AM day? I imagine with the Fontaines-Wolf Alice-AM run it’ll be really early but would like to catch Shikari too
  4. Wet Leg are so conflicting because they’re very obviously an industry plant and appeared out of nowhere but also the songs are really good and they do deserve recognition
  5. It worries me they’ve announced it for 3 hours time without much buildup like they normally do, and the fact they’re the last major festival really to do second announcement 😕
  6. Could they do early afternoon then travel? I don’t really know where any places are in relation to Reading though as I’m on the opposite end of the country
  7. Psychedelic Porn Crumpets have just rescheduled their UK tour to August and are doing Birmingham Friday, Bristol Saturday and have the Sunday off. Not sure where they’d fit but they’re fantastic and would love to see them on the lineup in a mid afternoon slot
  8. R&L is in August, both years of Covid so far have been at their best in June-August. No way international acts cancel for Covid reasons this year imo
  9. There aren’t many acts I would be satisfied with replacing Rage and I’ll be gutted if they go but Kanye would absolutely be one of them, would never happen though
  10. Yeah to be honest I would’ve seen them just to say I have (+ the supports are good) but no way I can justify £90 after Foos are charging £70 to play for twice as long
  11. At £160 for Golden Circle tickets at their own gig I’d be happy to see RHCP on the lineup just for the value for money ngl
  12. Yeah Dave has sold out more or less every arena standing section within hours. He’s got to headline
  13. If Kelly Jones knows about the rumours there’s no way the band don’t. Bad on the fans to be aware of it and just not comment on them if they aren’t splitting up.
  14. I know people aren’t too into Tame Impala here but god they would be a fantastic headliner. The best live act I’ve ever seen (besides maybe Biffy) with a fantastic stage show and at least a handful of songs popular with a lot of the R&L demographic. Would be a great booking imo RATM // Courteeners Dave // Royal Blood Dua Lipa or The Weeknd // Tame Impala
  15. Going to guess at least one of of Sam Fender, Gerry Cinnamon, Yungblud, AJ or Aitch to headline judging from this year imo
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