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  1. Wow that looks freakin easy. I wonder what the weight of it is?
  2. Im so bored. I got laid off Feb 28th so I feel like I've been in isolation for 3 weeks already. This is extremely bad timing as all of the jobs I've applied to are now working from home and clearly not worried about hiring!
  3. A lockdown cant go on for ever. When we get sick, most illnesses we've dealt with have an average incubation of 2 days. That means you come into contact with someone, the next say they say "oh I've got the flu not" and the next day you have it. The rate of contagion is low. Once you're infected, naturally, most people self-isolate 1. Because they feel like shit 2. Because they dont want to get other people sick. The difference with Corona, is its massively contagious before anyone shows any symptoms, which can be up to a 2 week period. At the 2 week point all new cases should be theoretically self-identifyable. So if you put your country into a hard lockdown technically after 2 weeks all cases should be identifiable and all other potential new cases should be traceable. It's like hitting a reset button on it "running wild" as someone else mentioned. Again, theoretically if you shut your borders and stopped all movement for about 6 weeks the virus would be eliminated. The problem comes after, as you cant keep borders shut indefinitely. The other issue is there seem to be quite a few outlying cases which arent behaving as predicted. People talking about reinfection, etc. They have developed a test for antibodies so we should know that soon enough. I would predict most countries wont leave major restrictions in place for any longer than a couple of months. Life needs to resume, for the sake of the economy.
  4. Well the title of the thread isnt specific enough. Im 100% sure Glastonbury is going to go ahead. The 50th anniversary 2020 Glastonbury however I'm not as confident about.
  5. Macca is my #1 concern.... after expecting him last year and not getting him, and not expecting him this year and then getting him only for a pandemic to get in the way. I have a feeling the rollercoaster isnt done yet.
  6. I'm not emotionally ready for this.
  7. Glad I stayed up this late. At least we know now and all the speculation can come to a close.
  8. Teach him to gargle?
  9. But on the bright side you didnt have to clean it up!
  10. If somehow someway there is a 2020 festival I will never slag off Coldplay again!!
  11. They could be making sure all their ducks are in a row with insurance Or They could be trying to see if a new date is feasible. Im not saying it is feasible, but I think they're trying and that's why we havent heard yet. That Mitski song is stuck in my head....nobody, nobody, nobody,,,nobody knows nobody
  12. Yeah I think what the masses really arent getting is that you're the most contagious before you show symptoms, which could be up to 14 days. That's honestly like nothing we've dealt with is up until this point, so people are treating it like a normal flu where you're contagious during but dont feel like going out anyways.
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