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  1. It was 190 for nosebleeds here in Calgary for a venue that is shitty on a good day. I'll wait and see if I can catch them at a festival for that price.
  2. Equality is such a gimmick. Cant stand it personally.
  3. MetaKate

    The Poster

    Official rerelease
  4. MetaKate

    Taylor Swift

    Watched the doc... not bad but... she talks to being a calculated individual who considers all aspects of her career before making moves, and I found that reflected in the documentary. She obviously wants people to see a certain side of her and has produced moments that put her in that light. I dont think any of that is a bad thing, and it is why she is where she is. I guess I'm moreso sad that she feels she needs to justify her behaviour. If nothing else it did get me pumped to see her in June, and I think it's going to be the set of the weekend.
  5. This is confirmation enough for me. My friend who usually comes with me cant go this year and literally all her must sees are going to show up this year, with her #1 being Kendrick.
  6. I really hope we get Robyn but if we get her I see her headlining a stage which puts me in a right fucking predicament.
  7. MetaKate

    2020 headliners

    This can rule Justin Beiber out from being "solo male who has never played"
  8. Sofi broke her ankle jumping around on stage and they had to cancel their tour until it was heeled. I saw them at osheaga last year and it was a massive party. I hope they dont headline a stage so theres less of a clash chance.
  9. Osheaga lineup has been leaked .. very ok interesting because last year they didnt release their full lineup til the end of march and ticket sales must have been poor.
  10. I was wondering if I was going to get called out. I went back to edit after the fact but it was too late... That's what I get for googling "suspicious dog" and downloading and uploading the image without ever looking at it 🤦‍♀️
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