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  1. You're all crazy (sexy cool) if you think they won't be on West Holts.
  2. Their second album was great also 😁
  3. Half moon run released an album earlier this week. Canadian indie band, this new album is giving me a few Radiohead vibes.
  4. MetaKate


    Ok but the thing that makes Lizzo different, is Lizzo, to an extent. It's also that shes unapologetically Lizzo which sets her stuff apart from most other pop in a big way. Besides that, her shit is bouncy and catchy and the energy is huge. Lizzo will be headlining off next album, guaranteed. Im with @H.M.V on this one.
  5. You be the sky, wife is dressed with diamonds all over her. Or just take some LSD beforehand and say you're Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and let them figure out why. You could dress as a sun, she could some how be a little darling. Blackbirds. Egg man and walrus?
  6. I've seen a few people that looked like people at Glastonbury but I've never bothered to find out if it was really them. Theres a band that's somewhat known here in Canada called Wintersleep... I'm a huge fan and have seen them about 6 times through my life. I was at a gig of theirs about a year ago and as I'm leaving I almost walked into the guitar player. Told him great gig, and then, as I was on my way to smoke a joint, asked if he wanted to join. Didnt expect him to say yes, but he did. It surprised me how nervous I was but hopefully I kept it together 😂. We actually had to move because people were coming out of the show and everyone was coming up to him. Really annoying. 😁😉 A few puffs of the joint and my nerves were much worse and I was having a hard time chatting. Hopefully he didnt think I was too crazy as I was really trying my best to treat him like a normal human, but I'm pretty awkward at the best of times 😂
  7. MetaKate

    Fleetwood Mac 2020

    Most of the better seats are around 260 CAD but they started selling off single seats for 70 yesterday. Luckily I noticed 2 singles that were on adjacent rows and grabbed one for me and my friend! Saved quite a bit of money by doing it that way.
  8. MetaKate

    Fleetwood Mac 2020

    They're finally playing Calgary tonight after rescheduling the original date twice! I nabbed a decent ticket for $70 CAD and am pretty excited.
  9. Yeah I dont think pre erecting tents for 135k odd people is really a sustainable option. Itll never happen at Glastonbury. Plus last year 99.3% of tents were taken home. People are becoming more aware of their own bad behaviors and more conscious of the environment and I genuinely think leaving tents (at this festival at least) is a thing of the past. Yeah, theres always a few dickheads but they're the same people who would trash your pre erected tents anyways.
  10. Or as someone said above, if I can deliver it to the store or an ASDA? Im thinking about skipping London altogether this year so I could deliver to an ASDA somewhere like Bath and then just pick it up and be on my way!
  11. Possibly, but my friends from London arent going this year and I wasnt planning to stay with them. Definitely some logistics for me to figure out. I checked it out on the Canada site a few weeks ago and its $300! It's only £45 in the UK which is the equivalence of about $80 CAD. And it will stop me from having to travel with it beforhand in Europe.
  12. That's the one im planning to get as well. Its light enough that I can travel home with it and use it in the future. My only logistics problem is I cant order it beforehand... so Im going to have to try to buy it in store somewhere when I land in London!
  13. All the clues line up with him... I just looked through Universal artists....theres a bazillion and I dont know them all but theres alot Of pop and I cant see any of them being on the bill as "brave" My other guess is something K-pop
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