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  1. It's kinda a relief, but on the flip side, in the last year I've somehow managed to meet a giant group of like minded friends here in Canada and had convinced about 11 if them to try for tickets and go with me for 2022. It's going to be harder doing the year solo knowing what could have been, but I'm pretty happy to not be missing a year.
  2. I'm acting as though its unrealistic for me to go but I know theres maybe a 1% chance that I could..... I dont want to cancel my ticket before March 31 if the festival is still on because if the festival gets cancelled I want my ticket rolled over... hopefully things are clearer by then.
  3. I laughed out loud, thanks for that!
  4. I've gone down the road of despair. Even thought the festival will probably happen, I dont think I'll be there. Entry requirements to the UK, 10 days of isolation, 5 days less if you test negative, but I couldnt bank on that so I'd have to do the 10 days. What if I fly over and do all that and then test positive at the gate or something and I'm turned away? Then coming back to Canada I'd have to do 14 days likely. Theres just too many variables. Unless the world is open and running, I fear the worst. I'll wait until April to make any decisions, and then even if I pay my
  5. 🤣 I was hanging with my neighbors that morning til about 8am, I think that was the first day I was able to get a reasonable sleep because it wasnt boiling hot. I think I slept til 230ish 😅
  6. Definitely includes dancing though
  7. I'm feeling pretty anxious about it but 100% want to go. Calgary where I am is entering another lockdown. Vaccinations won't be available for me until July likely. It really depends on restrictions. If I'm allowed to go on a negative test, and allowed into the festival, then I'll be there. It is really going to depend what's in place. Then coming back to Canada I'll probably still have to do 2 weeks of quarentine, but probably worth it even if I do. Im trying to stay hopeful.
  8. I think it might, but Canadas vaccination schedule is behind the UK's.... it's unlikely I'll be able to get one before the festival. I am nervous about where international travel will be at, at that point. If it's a mandatory vaccine to travel I'm going to be out of luck.
  9. MetaKate

    How do you feel?

    Feeling like I'm cursed pretty badly. I got hit by a car while walking through a parking lot yesterday. Luckily I didnt break anything but I feel pretty jacked up. Concussion, whiplash, some road rash and some decent damage to my right leg. Man it's been a rough year.
  10. MetaKate

    No indoor stages?

    As someone who is going solo, the thought of encouraging "bubbles" would be truly horrendous.
  11. MetaKate

    No indoor stages?

    I was thinking just in the smaller indoor venues? I think I only spend about 5% of my festival indoors anywhere on a given year.
  12. MetaKate

    No indoor stages?

    I find it weird that no ones even mentioned masks. Here in Canada we've made masks mandatory in public spaces, it lowers the transmission rate down to 2% supposedly. It's not ideal, but there are bars at glasto that demand you have a mustache.
  13. Ah, the logic, it feels refreshing.
  14. I'm fine with any date at this point. I'm just hoping when it does go ahead I dont have to quarentine for 4 weeks in order to go!
  15. There was a year WORSE than 2016? That would definitely test me. 2016 was my first year so I basically know nothing 😂
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