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  1. MetaKate

    2020 Ticket Sale

    Honestly 2020 is bound to be a washout. Theres no chance of it being nice 4 years in a row! Let all the newbies know.
  2. Scrap it all. New area, new concept, new theme. Silver hayes is a dud with a bad vibe. Yanno though, maybe it's not meant for us. Maybe its a tactic to keep all the real intense vibes away from the rest of the festival. Every creature has its purpose.
  3. Im honestly in the best shape of my life from last weekend. My theighs are like chiseled rock and usually are like unmolded jello left in the sun. I'm going to try my darndest to keep them at their current level and next year will be a breeze. I went rock climbing a few times before the fest and I think I'll join the gym and keep at it!
  4. Heard about the festival when I was younger... maybe 2005ish and thought that wasnt even something I could ever go to. Around 2014 started travelling and realizing the world was accessible... tried for tickets in 2015 but failed...really had no idea how tricky it would be and my first glasto was 2016!
  5. In Canada soda water and tonic water are the same 😂😂
  6. I looked for mixers and all they had was coke, diet coke, fanta, Sprite, and then orange apple cranberry juices. They also had tiny tiny 50ml cans of soda and ginger ale for 90p each! It's possible they sold out or I missed them, but I didn't bring mixers as I was hoping to buy at coop and was super disappointed.
  7. Ive spoken to the tenancy board here and they have basically said Its up to the landlord to break the agreement and I can't do anything except keep paying rent (my lease isnt up until Oct 31). This is honestly so fucked up.
  8. I dont want to say I'm having the worst moment of my life, but yeah, I'm probably having the worst moment of my life. My best friend was a total dick to me Saturday night because of her come down, my other friend was a dick to me Sunday afternoon bc I was trying to bring him his drugs he forgot in his tent (I went out of my way to grab them for him) during Kiley and the fucker couldn't give me a single descriptor of where he was in the field, so I left. Took us 4hrs of queuing to get the train on Monday, packed up at 1230pm and didnt get home til 9pm. Got on a flight the next am back to Canada...8.5hr flight didnt sleep at all and felt on the verge of a mental breakdown. Got back to my apartment, and the whole thing has been flooded for at least 5 days. Much of my stuff ruined, very homeless, best friend mentioned above claiming to be sick and so im in a hotel. Landlord refusing to pay anything or break lease and I honestly dont know what to do or what my recourse is. Also went back to work at around 11am bc it was checkout time and I literally had no where else to go. This is a low low moment internet folks. I might have to lay off the drugs next year as I cannot cope right now.
  9. MetaKate

    Neighbours 2019

    Camped in Paines and had 3 groups around us, 1 of which I was very friendly with and had a couple of decent chats coming home after sunrise and heading out in the day. I got some info so hopefully I'll see them next year! The other group I didnt really notice, except when they took my water jug at some point on the Saturday, and I asked if it was theirs on the Sunday (no) and reclaimed it. The third group were rough, rowdy, insane and amusing to listen to. Lots of drugs, lots of partying, and then lots of very unexpected music choices. They were very keen on George Ezra.
  10. MetaKate

    Celeb spotting

    Saw ME for the first time on the Wednesday! Drove by in a truck and I was the only one of about 12 ppl who recognized him and let out a whoop! When I was in the rabbit hole theres this area that celebs and other random acts come out and see the DJ but are behind a gate... very weird. There was a couple that came out that some girls in sunglasses started filming but I have no clue who they were. Looked like regular people in a cage to me.
  11. It all leads to the same place, but I went in on the right!
  12. No joke! I did a fair bit of actual running also 😂
  13. I've finally added up my steps, and I just have my phone doing the record but l've tested it before and it's extremely accurate, and this DOES include dancing but to be fair I do dance pretty hard. 203,172 steps from Weds to Mon, which according to my phone is 149 km and 92.6 miles!
  14. I was at Billie Eilish for her whole set, literally ran from the other stage to pyramid in about 5 mins flat! I made my way into the crowd on the left just as A-punk started! Perfect timing, dancing into the crowd is so easy.
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