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  1. It was mad up at Arcadia tonight.... I'm genuinely wondering what's going on with the whole site? It's rammed every single place I try to go. I never remember it being like this. It feels like there's and extra 30k people on site at least.
  2. If there's any genuine info on arcade fire please let me know!! I would be gutted if I missed them, they're my favorite band. Also if there's genuine info about florence 🙏🙏 I won't tell a soul!
  3. Fellow Canadian here... I've got loads of extra pharmacy type things, and pretty much everything else you can get on site, but lemme know if you need anything! Massive bummer to lose luggage for Glastonbury ❤💔
  4. There wasn't any options for international tickets to be mailed, he's definitely got to wait in the box office queue!
  5. There are all so amazing and terrifying 🤣
  6. Canadians generally know whatsup! ...we suck at predicting weather though
  7. If they can allow campervans to collect on Tuesday I don't understand why they can't do that for the rest of us. Put all the tickets there on the Tuesday and anyone who wants to go can collect!
  8. I love Bloc party, would be thrilled to see them!
  9. MetaKate


    Typically I bring a bag of oranges or grapefruits so I have a fruit to start the day. Reeces peanut butter cups for emergency sugars, some nuts/granola bars also. Last time I brought some bread and cheese. This year I'm going to keep it super minimal cause last time my chocolate all melted and my fruit was so warm. I went to the coop the first time on the Sunday and they had lovely cold fruit for a good price and honestly everything I would need. I'll bring some emergency snacks for the queue but other than that I'll grab it all on site. Pretty thrilled to not carry more than I need.
  10. Why would they leave it this late? It's just madness. They must have decided to hold them all back and at the last minute changed their mind and thought... let's send them one day before and see what happens.
  11. Don't play games like this
  12. I usually bring 300 and have a bit left, but last year as it was hot I spent a load of coin on frozen margaritas 😅 I usually do about 25 a day for food and 25 a day for drink, works out to 250 plus a sweater and I'm usually hitting 300. I bring a bottle of vodka or tequila on top of that also, but I'm not a massive drinker at the festival.
  13. There's gotta be a fair amount for Glastonbury also. 10k is going to be a nightmare if that's the international queue
  14. I had the gas tower one saved after the app was released
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