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  1. Wherethewildthingsare

    2017 - The Changes

    Sheepees were different, total fail and also ran out early so the sheepees were closed, even if you had your own. This led to a lot more pressure on the pyramid loos
  2. Wherethewildthingsare

    Disrespect in the Theatre & Circus fields.

    Omg! They could have seriously hurt him. Nothing like leaping on someone from behind. What an a-hole!
  3. Wherethewildthingsare

    Human peace symbol in the stone circle...

  4. Wherethewildthingsare

    The size of the crowds

    Irony bypass...
  5. Wherethewildthingsare

    The size of the crowds

    Thundercat was so heaving I couldn't have a brothers cider with my Goan fish curry! Impossible to cross the field and nowhere to sit
  6. Wherethewildthingsare

    Largest Crowd of the Weekend?

    Yes possibly JC! Rag and bone man was bigger than liam. There was virtually nowhere outside the glade bar to sit. foos/Biffy and Chic all felt big but wasn't there for Ed. We had kids with us and found perfect spot bang between two back speakers where the kids could sleep and we could dance safely. A complete oasis virtually in the centre of the field
  7. Wherethewildthingsare

    The size of the crowds

    Much busier than normal I thought especially in the day. Normally a place to chill but barely a blade of grass to sit on, with or without bands playing.
  8. Wherethewildthingsare

    The size of the crowds

    For me the main stages were intolerable at times this year and so spent lots of time at the park etc. West Holts was awful, couldn't sit and relax. The crushes at the Other were awful although the one around the kaisers was due to a woman seriously hurt by a tractor on the railway line. Crowds should have been diverted through Pennards more quickly as I got through and back to the long drops while she was still on the ground. It must have impeded her rescue. I also met a lot of "workers" with tall tales about getting in which make a mockery of the security.
  9. Wherethewildthingsare


    Toilets for women particularly bad. Don't know why men don't use urinals more? Sheepees which are normally excellent, were a disaster. They changed the design to something unusable so just used my own. From Wednesday they were saying they needed to get rid of all the disposable ones because of the fallow year (?) This succeeded because by Saturday/Sunday they were all shut even though Some could have use their own reusables.
  10. Wherethewildthingsare

    Dave Grohl & Famous People

    Jarvis Cocker at the Crows nest on Friday and Tilda Swinton at DJ Shadow yesterday
  11. You have been able to buy them on the gate (car park) previously (for more I think) but if you could do that/get that far you wouldn't have to buy one?
  12. Wherethewildthingsare

    Worthy FM

    Get a little solar/wind up radio?
  13. Wherethewildthingsare

    Worthy View Car Parking

    They are still available under "worthy view" not general "car parking"
  14. Wherethewildthingsare

    SEETickets and Royal Mail lost our tickets

    If you track the tickets on RM does it have a photo of the signature/name of whoever signed for it?
  15. Might be worth you spending £45 on an extra WV car pass for the peace of mind/hassle factor?