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  1. Absolute highlight for me! Crush on Leezy also, the woman is phenomenal. Texas sun with Leon Bridges was a highlight. Got a good spot near the front thank goodness
  2. Define “bigger”. If you’re a headliner you know that crowd is yours. If you’re sub, a large proportion are waiting for the headliner. I’ve seen some awkward subs, most notably The Black Keys in 2014 where the crowd just wanted Kasabian. They would have been an ideal Other headliner at that time
  3. Bothering with Wet Leg or Fleetmac Wood in the park, however learnt from this and had an awesome spot for Kraungbin Receiving a text from a newbie friend saying Paolo was on in the rabbit hole. Said, no point you’ll never get near. She was virtually on the rail…
  4. No searches at all on either gate. No queues either. Could do with slightly better signposting on the main road but fewer country lanes than WV
  5. Ha! I doubt you were alone. They did have a damn good flush on them to be fair. I preferred the open air composts myself!
  6. I must have been really unlucky who I went in after then! I thought they really smelled awful in a tiny confined space. Happy with the composts and the breeze!
  7. I don’t know if relevant to you but I wouldn’t choose sticklinch if you coming by coach or being dropped off. There was no shuttle bus and I bet the walk was super tedious from gate A.
  8. Khruangbin had Leon Bridges on for two songs
  9. Have stayed in WV many times and Sticklinch this year. I see the infamous steps have gone from WV this year but it’s still a big ass hill! On balance for me I Would go with sticklinch again. Both are a long walk and WV leads you nicely through the greenfields rather than a boring walk through tents but the lack of hill wins it for me. The other/railway line was only 15 min away walk. Real shame there’s no bottom entrance to the Park. Sticklinch is smaller and the queue for the showers seemed much much less. Not impressed with the new loos and the scarce squirty taps but they were probably the same in both. Compost loos made up for it (a bit). Very lucky having both car and bell tent near the entrances.
  10. Agree that he was superb but the crowd seemed disinterested which is a shame
  11. I thought so at first but it was confirmed that the owner of Sticklinch farm had lost a cow to a foil packet
  12. It’s only folded cardboard, no worse than a paper cup (also coated?) and there are plenty of them! You can also get reusable ones but they’re cumbersome at a festival
  13. I agree! They were well used as well. Perhaps because of all the disposable cardboard but it’s not the worst thing to throw away. Squatting frankly involves more undressing/balancing.
  14. Agree mine is 10cm - self inflates in about 15 mins (zero blowing up) and is a dream to sleep on! We use it as a spare bed at home a lot (with the decathlon base)
  15. The Moth cocktails! Amazing. Also berocca boost (with caffeine/guarana not the cheap stuff) is a lifesaver! Stick one in your first bottle of water #newwoman
  16. It’s worth every penny! Treat yourself to a decent SIM as well
  17. It did! Discussed this with the hook a duck attendant. We still have a fishfinger in a bag that my son won in Dismaland
  18. The ammonia makes my eyes water! They did seem better than usual for a dry year. Sheepee all the way
  19. Bring back the wateraid female urinals! The new squats in the stone circle had a longer queue than the composts
  20. Second time using a decathlon air bed, absolute game changer. 10 cm SIM on top.
  21. Agreed. Definitely don’t hover! This contributes to them being so disgusting.
  22. The “women” bit relates to the second sentence! Third good for everyone. A peg would also work
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