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  1. Didn’t have a ticket this year sadly but gutted for everyone, particularly in the 50th anniversary year 😞
  2. Yes I got it on my phone on safari. Long after the sale ended I still couldn’t load the Glastonbury/seetickets.com page and still got this error message. Couldn’t clear the history/cookies until i restarted my phone ?
  3. I have one of these and it is phenomenally comfortable to sleep on with my 10 cm Airgo sim. Also useful to store stuff inside when camping. Use it at home as spare guest bed for adult son - he love it too. Also makes satisfying noise when deflating
  4. Goan fish curry (WH) halloumi/potatoes (top of Astrolab), paella at Williams green, squid & chips (nr Pyramid), onion bahjis (Avalon), fish finger sandwich (Strummerville), Lebanese mezze at the park
  5. Not previously a fan but she smashed it. Loved the covers
  6. Miley Cyrus - not previously a fan but thought she blew Kylie away
  7. They were great on the Greenpeace stage ?
  8. She smashed it! Phenomenal woman
  9. 1. Lizzo (told ya!) 2. Miley Cyrus 3. Christine & the Queens
  10. Fantastic work guys! Mud really does tamp down really quickly under thousands of feet once it’s dry/hot
  11. Love this thread and yes I am gold! Can I canvass for a special weatherperson badge for those of you with geography a level (failed mine) so we can sort the “experts” from the John kettleys?
  12. Park home ground I think?
  13. I was in block 503 with friends in 509 and 205 - we weren’t aware there were any issues with the sound
  14. The empty seats were on the floor ? these were restricted view and covered up
  15. I was there last night and it was great, the sound, the voices, the guitars, the setlist... everything. I was right up the top and saw hardly any empty seats apart from a block on the floor (touts?) . Couldn’t be sure exactly what Mick said apart from muddy field
  16. Took my photos from stone circle field in 2017 between 10.50 and 11.05. If you’re staying in worthy view they look great from up there but they close access to Pennard gate for quite a while either side of this for safety reasons
  17. I went to Iceland last year and became rather obsessed with the weather. It became clear that they have opposite weather to the UK. They are about to go into a run of up to 23 degrees and in Reykjavik they have had to water gardens/lawns (compete opposite to last year). Fingers crossed their good weather passes...
  18. Mine did that until they actually dispatched
  19. Finally! An update on the order but still no email. My daughter is home from uni tomorrow night and will put her on postie lookout
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