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  1. very good advice above, also ensure you report it as a theft to the police and get a crime number, make sure you let RM know you've done this.
  2. some but not all will be open till 12ish mainly the breakfast bap type ones. we normally leave 3-4pm, 10-15 mins to get out of the carparks dependant on weather could be longer.
  3. apparently it`s £60 and cash only.
  4. Coming from Glasgow in a minibus our stops are:- service stations, dependant on how much alcohol has been drunk by the passengers 🙂 Asda Bristol Patchway, to replace what alcohol has been drunk on the way The Knowle Inn at Bawdrip Carpark and queue.
  5. We drive down from Glasgow in a minibuses and have done since 2009, we`ve tried the early morning leave IE 6-7am but it means the drivers have to have a sober Sunday there`s also the problem that some of our crowd have only just got back to the camp and we`re trying to get them to pack up but they've struggling to stand up!!!! Now we never leave until about 4pm and stay in Glastonbury town and drive back on the Tuesday 🙂 as to the OP post, i`d go with the 7am leave traffic won`t be too bad getting off site and once you 20-30 mile from site you`ll lose the festival traffic. you can then take a steady drive stopping for a kip when you need to.
  6. Stop at the ASDA at Bristol Patchway, for last minute supply's and fuel.
  7. Bumped, only 1 space left.
  8. Space still avaliable, I`ll message you details
  9. space still available, I`ll message you
  10. I prefer higher temps but willing to take anything above 15 Deg C............BUT NO FUCKING R^*N
  11. Oi........ whats going with you lot! the time was when this page ran the "weatherthread" page for page and here it is on page 2. Remember nothing but sunshine will do.... no little cloud cover for shade, if you have no clouds you can`t have r*$n All hail the sun GODS. NFRNFC
  12. Where about in the North
  13. Bh89, happy to buy it at full price if you're happy to send it and then have the money transferred to you. message me.
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