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  1. First went in 1981 missed a couple in the 2000`s but honestly can`t remember which ones 🙂
  3. yes and yes, they're in touch with Sally
  4. There in touch with BT to see if there anything they can do, if there isn`t they`ll hang on to them and see if anybody needs them. If nearer the time BT sells out (it normally does) the one thing I do know is they'd still only be looking for face value.
  5. I`ve put this on here as although it`s Bearded Theory this is the most visited page. 2 friends out of a group of 6 both purchased tickets for all of them this morning SO they now have 6 extra tickets and a campervan tic. So if your`e thinking of going message me and i`ll put you in touch 🙂 UPDATE, 3 of the tickets and the Campervan tic have now gone so just 3 tickets left.
  6. So 2 friends in a group of 6 made a rookie error this morning and both purchased 6tics and a campervan tic !!!!!!!!!!! so if you are thinking of going and don`t yet have your tics message me and i`ll put you in touch.
  7. just too far for a one day event, I`ve also got tickets for Something Else by the Sea for the following weekend (Thur to Mon) which is a great little festival 🙂
  8. Gold membership renewed 🙂 Go on you know it makes sense 🙂
  9. Guy, I`m with you on this 100%. I suspect most people with tickets would be especially as we are only talking about the £50 deposit. There will always be people who were going because it was the 50th but they should be able to get a refund. There will also be an issue with some who planned on taking children who in 2020 qualified for a free tic but won`t in 2022 (if 2021 doesn't happen).
  10. I’ll see you all there 😁
  11. SIDE ONE Everybody's Got To Have A Hero - Roll Ups It Hurts Me Too - Salt Hipshake - Salt Move Over - Filthy McNasty SIDE TWO Fire Down Below - Filthy McNasty Walking In The Sun - Gerry McAvoy Jam Only For You - Remus Down Boulevard I Cant Get Next To You - Filthy McNasty Hand Shandy - Roll Ups EP SIDE ONE You Don't Have To Pay - Jackie Lynton's Happy Days EP SIDE TWO Walkin' The Dog - Gerry McAvoy Jam Gunrunner - Remus Down Boulevard Well it was a classic album to me My local.
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