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  1. just too far for a one day event, I`ve also got tickets for Something Else by the Sea for the following weekend (Thur to Mon) which is a great little festival 🙂
  2. Gold membership renewed 🙂 Go on you know it makes sense 🙂
  3. Guy, I`m with you on this 100%. I suspect most people with tickets would be especially as we are only talking about the £50 deposit. There will always be people who were going because it was the 50th but they should be able to get a refund. There will also be an issue with some who planned on taking children who in 2020 qualified for a free tic but won`t in 2022 (if 2021 doesn't happen).
  4. I’ll see you all there 😁
  5. SIDE ONE Everybody's Got To Have A Hero - Roll Ups It Hurts Me Too - Salt Hipshake - Salt Move Over - Filthy McNasty SIDE TWO Fire Down Below - Filthy McNasty Walking In The Sun - Gerry McAvoy Jam Only For You - Remus Down Boulevard I Cant Get Next To You - Filthy McNasty Hand Shandy - Roll Ups EP SIDE ONE You Don't Have To Pay - Jackie Lynton's Happy Days EP SIDE TWO Walkin' The Dog - Gerry McAvoy Jam Gunrunner - Remus Down Boulevard Well it was a classic album t
  6. Hi, we hire minibuses and a van for the gear, we go down on the Tuesday b4 the fest and come back the Tuesday after (stopping the Monday night after the fest in Glastonbury town) we do it at cost which works out about £80 pp, we have 1 person who is flying down but coming back on the bus, normally they would have to pay the full amount but you could have the seat on the way down and split the cost.

    Rum club

    Any of these are good
  8. I`ve been going since 1981 and have been to most, the ones i`ve missed have been by choice. Never failed to get a ticket since the reg no started (or someone else has got it for me) We had 5 groups of 6 on Thursday and got one of them so 20% successful We`ve got 14 groups of 6 for tomorrow so the chances are slim. I have never been as apprehensive as I am now before a sale. Good luck all of you
  9. Went on to the BT website for the 9:00 am super early bird tickets this morning (£20 cheaper) and managed to get 2 tics before they sold out at 9:02........... good practice for T-Day
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