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  1. I didn't even put the sound on as just no.....
  2. talking about what I am looking forward too: Gigs Beer consumption with friends Wagamama noodles Finally getting hair cut (it's been a year as didn't want my hairdresser coming into my home when she's been in shed loads of other houses) - fella has Barry Gibb vibes hair lol Festivals (but rather this be next year as not ready for that yet)
  3. Oh good god Sunak has a tick tok video out now!!
  4. I'd say yes for that, as invites starting for 50s this month so expect 40s in April
  5. Brothers said a few years ago they stopped making it unfortunately..... so anything in B&M now might be out of date lol Thanks anyway 🙂
  6. Yeah they had taps and syrup added afterwards at Glasto I miss the coconut and lime one 😞
  7. Hopefully it will pass soon then 🙂
  8. Hold the press, Brothers cloudy lemon cider is back and in cans too!!! All they need to do is bring back the coconut and lime one and it's all good 🙂
  9. There are 2 main reasons for mask wearing in Asia - pollution and when people are sick so that they don't spread their germs to others Personally I think it's good etiquette for public transport going forward especially in winter
  10. I think they might if they think the uptake will be higher based on the questionnaire they sent I think that's fine but they should offer refunds or at least rollovers if folks don't want to attend IMO
  11. Download Festival cancelled which is not surprising as before 21st June - until social distance rules lifted I can't see a camping festival going ahead (I'm still apprehensive about Bluedot but lets see what they say) https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-56242440
  12. This is from a bar in NQ Manchester
  13. Never used to bother me before but since I hit my 40s I'm like a human kebab to them!! And it's always my legs, the buggers even get through the jungle formula that I spray on like the lynx ad... mozzies always find a way 😞
  14. I was sort of joking but glad no side effects does not mean immune system doesn't work effectively.. I got bitten by a mozzie when I went to China in 2018, bloody hell I was like an open buffet for them... within days I was getting sick and flight home no fun, pretty much wiped me out for over 3 weeks ..... immune system was working overtime then!
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