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  1. shoptildrop

    Sold out

    I got through to buy tickets page, pressed buy tickets and the whole thing crashed ffs - so close!!!
  2. They would just use their normal card as address is UK, doesn't matter if buying it elsewhere it's about your home address
  3. Jesus I got 5 folk's tickets in the last 2 years and all I got was a thanks.... do people give more?
  4. Hi Guys is the best best link to start with tomorrow: https://glastonbury.seetickets.com/content/extras
  5. What happened to Russy?
  6. Been on here over 11 years and been a gold member a few years now Edit: Jesus it will be 12 years in Feb!
  7. I the person's point and what they were asking was it won't go back to the holding page once you get to regs due to auto refresh - which it shouldn't
  8. It will stop refreshing and let you put your details in to hopefully get to the next few pages to secure tickets
  9. shoptildrop


    I was furious!! as I was on a work trip in Shanghai at the time and Chinese hotel wifi isn't the best, so to have a person in my group get through and not buy tickets.... what's worse a 2nd person in our group got through at same time but it bounced back because newbie reg had been used - so double whammy!! I think group strategy has gone out the window this year (probably because of what happened last year) and people are sticking with their own groups... I didn't try for coach but I believe a few of the group got through so that's good, most are trying in the main sale Were you successful?
  10. shoptildrop


    I know I was swearing like a trooper at the time as this said newbie was in my group!! only 3 people went in the end and I think groups have defo been rearranged this year lol
  11. shoptildrop


    If groups are already set out stick with them, as changing groups when getting tickets screws up everyone else's chances, as this happened to me last year. we had 5 groups of 6 and one newbie got through from group one and just got her tickets and 2 others from another group. So when the other group got through it bounced back as regs had been used so 6 folk lost out there and the 6 from the newbie group, plus another group of 6 lost out out from the 3rd group too... this is because one newbie changed the group Don't do it lol
  12. shoptildrop

    Taylor Swift

    I'd love to see Weezer, can't believe I didn't watch them last time they played Leeds Festival
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