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  1. Also, what's the point of letting pubs and restaurants open in Wales but not allowing them to sell booze?? Plus closing at 6pm?? They might as well let them close and give support instead
  2. I wonder if he receive the same level of shit that Andy Burnham did for asking the same thing for months??? Doubt it and will be interesting to see how this pans out, as in will they get the money??
  3. God that man is such an arsehole!! He really is the definition white privileged posh male..... I can't believe he was married to Billie Piper what the hell was she thinking??
  4. Maybe they can scan you arm for the Bill Gate microchip we're all going to receive
  5. Good article by Jen from the MEN on the realities of Moonshot rollouts for Tier 3 obviously focusing on Greater Manchester https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/rhetoric-reality-operation-moonshot-19368722 One interesting point below was not getting help when applying for it, given students caused our numbers to go through the roof I'm surprised to hear this tbh: Manchester will start testing around 40,000 students from this week. A request for military support through MACA - the national Military Aid to the Civil Authorities programme - was unsucc
  6. When I 1st saw this story my immediate thought that Gove's obviously been up to his old tricks sticking the knives in
  7. This doesn't surprise me but I'm sure they talking about marking passports for travel so that should stop use of fake certs.... I fully expect these to be tried by folk as look how much legs the magna thing got
  8. I'm Tameside so hoping we'll be low too
  9. As someone who is mid-40s and on the bigger size I don't think I'd be comfortable going to a festival without a jab (I know my other half defo doesn't want to as he's literally afraid he will die from this thing ), issue is and rightly so there is priority to the vulnerable 1st but I don't view myself as low risk so would be super nervous having to go back to a full office, gig and defo a festival without a vaccine... With 2 of those things I can control whether I go, my biggest fear come April is going back to an office of 750 people with an similar sized DC adjacent to it before I can b
  10. I know it's looking so hopeful... I mean look how far Oldham and Rochdale have gone down too!! With few weeks of Tier 3 as well let's hope it keeps it down enough to not let Christmas movement cause too much damage... I'd be surprised if most folk round NW are not staying cautious tbh (I know we will be)
  11. Greater Manchester seeing good drops in cases which is great to see, hopefully we'll hear more about how the hospitals are doing this week though local reporting
  12. Daily Fail also reporting it, emphasis on people being overweight being deemed high risk too - as you can imagine the comments are the usual pits https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8994363/Severely-obese-people-Covid-vaccine-elderly-Brits.html
  13. End of day these figs are what the Gov uses to set the tiers, so if they are going down I'm happy with that.. R number for the North West is lowest in country Hospital admissions are still high but we are seeing the start of these dropping, problem is Gov now uses projections on hospital data whereas all the other parts are actuals - this is the one area that then can manipulate to suit (I think this has been brought up earlier in the thread) We have always had Covid in the NW it never went away, so naturally when everything started opening up it was always going to spread ag
  14. It's so good to see those drops after months of going up!! let's hope we get tier 2 on 16th so some of hospitality can try and get their livelihoods back
  15. Watched Raised by Wolves which is currently on Sky Atlantic - it's not bad tbh I Hate Suzie was okay but not fantastic, caught up with new season of Hell's Kitchen as do like that show despite the flash back every 5 mins just in case you forgot what you watched 5-10mins before
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