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  1. yeah she is as did see her last time she played Bluedot 🙂
  2. Really happen they have got Metronomy (personal fav) and Groove Armada (not seen before), plus a few regular acts I enjoy seeing (Henge, Stealing Sheep, Radiophonic workshop, Hannah Peel etc).... need to check out some of the other names I'm not familar with but happy with this lineup.. My other festival is bearded theory who have an awesome lineup this year!! so happy bunny here 🙂
  3. They both had tours to sell, so reckon that was the reason for the delay... I'm hoping for both as love Metronomy (been asking for them on the questionnaire thingie they do each year, actually asked for Bjork too so double winner!) and never seen Groove Armada 🙂
  4. made up The Hives are playing as great at interacting with the crowd!! plus Frank too 🙂 Surely Echo and The Bunnymen are Friday subs given they are at Wolverhampton on the Saturday??
  5. I think we will get Echo & the Bunnymen back too given this festival puts them in Wolverhampton on the Saturday..... I really hope so Hoping the Undertones are back on the lineup too 🙂
  6. Thinking of treating myself to a stay in one of the posh tents... anyone stayed in them before and what they like? Are there big queues for the showers? If anyone has an pics I'd really appreciate it 🙂
  7. Tickets back in the bag for next year so made up about that 🙂 I think they should look to book up and coming band called Witch Fever from Manchester as seen them so many time now and they are amazing!!! please book them guys!!
  8. I'm hoping they will be confirmed later, as 80s cheese is a must 🙂
  9. oh my word!! I am so sorry to hear this and sending virtual (((hugs))) and condolences your way xxx
  10. Saw her at Bluedot.. totally go for it in that small setting it will be fantastic
  11. Not a festival but was gutted when whitesnake cancelled gig last year but they have announced new tour next May... so actually bought tickets for the 1st time in forever for something!!!! Hoping to buy Bearded Theory tickets too as handed mine back in as needed the money Small steps for me but buying gig tickets has made me happy 🙂
  12. The cynic in me things the plan was to piss people off enough to say "f**k it" and get back to normal without precautions = boost the economy Then as you say gets to hide whilst this sh*tshow unfolds further App will get a few deletions too... It's such a mess 😞
  13. They're really good live.. caught them at Cotton Clouds festival a few years ago, great band
  14. This made me laugh 😂 (it's the little things that keep you sane..)
  15. Was just about to post this.... they really are just leaving us to it and gone "fuck it" we want our holiday break, if some of you get sick or die so be it 😞
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