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  1. sounds similar to me... in queue from Pink car park at 7am got through Gate D at 12.30pm!!! I was dying on my arse with sun-stroke!!
  2. No chance with a big tent or even a smaller tent if arriving Thursday to get in Park home or close by... The places you be able to camp will be Bushy, Pylon, Rivermead, South Park, Back house or Baileys - everywhere else will be full tbh
  3. shoptildrop

    EPO bands

    ^^^^^ I would say it was this, as the numbers were too high to be ignored (I have no idea the actually number mind you, was it thousands??)
  4. shoptildrop


    Flags, Flags everywhere!!!
  5. Oh my word that's brilliant!!!
  6. Just watched this and it was better than I thought it was going to be - quite enjoyed it tbh
  7. Some great pics - that new stage in Block 9 looks fantastic, such a shame not going to see any of it
  8. shoptildrop


    all the grass bailed up to be used as hay I would suspect
  9. My waterproof walking boots and waterproof socks survived fine in 2016.. sure you can't walk through every puddle but they definitely stayed on your feet and have support. There were so many welly deaths in 2016 as that mud was prope suck your shoe of sh*t!@! I've not worn wellies since 2008 as they just wreak your feet. I think for this year walking boots will cut the mustard tbh
  10. I have a feeling yellow car park is for hospitality now - maybe someone can confirm that.. As regards to getting to the west side park take junction 23 off M5 and head down A39/A361 it will be all sign posted from there tbh You don't get to chose which car park, you will be put in whatever they are filling up - so either pink or orange and maybe yellow if not allocated to hospitality
  11. We have a map!! Interesting changes: New Tranquility base which has mission control and contact stage re-homed with capacity tripled - hope you can access this from both main arena side and the star field side. Also, splits the late night crowds New Tent in Orbit area - deep space disco - should be interesting to see how they place this stage in the area Boutique camping moving to where crew camping was (by the looks of it) from last year - where does crew go? Separate Cinema or is this still part of contact stage in the evening? Luminarium moved Wonder what this means for food and bar placements, plus the usual toilet concerns?? I can see Vodka bar moved from Orbit area to tranquility though... I wonder when we will get the food vendor list? As said before really hope Pitt on the road vendors are back this year
  12. shoptildrop

    Staying Cool

    I arrived at queue at 7am for gate D that started as far back as pink car parks - 5 1/2 hours later I got through gate suffering sunstroke!! I drank loads of water and had sun lotion on and hat - it was brutal at gate D as they had not 1 but 2 bloody alton towers zig zag queues!! Getting out of pink took an hour alone
  13. shoptildrop


    This was the Earth version at Bluedot last year and they kept it lit up at night - it was amazing!!
  14. shoptildrop


    I'm thinking that dome in the middle will become the moon rather than suspended as would need to be properly fixed so as not to move around. Last year at Bluedot they had the Earth suspended in the trees but it had plenty of anchorage - this year we are Museum of the Moon too
  15. I know it's probably not that bad and apparently it's mainly staff/acts that are extra... but I remember Sunday last year which was at full capacity, it was nice to see it busy but don't like idea of double capacity being added. It's just a personal preference that's all
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