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  1. This confused me earlier as BBC breaking reported the individual figures as follows: England - 758 N.Ireland - 73 Scotland - 74 Wales - 19 So that is 924 not 786??
  2. I know... Also, it will create shortage for people who actually need it to treat/prevent malaria - omg!
  3. shoptildrop

    How do you feel?

    Me and the fella are okay staying at home but we are lucky to have a decent sized garden. I find the shop run abit stressful tbh as like miltary operation cleaning everything when I get back!! We've limited social media/news as that the bit that adds to anxiety on seeing so many deaths and then on the other side selfish a**s who not taking it seriously as they can do what them want!! I've been furloughed but knew that would be the case and certainly don't miss the early starts and 3hrs+ driving each day... gonna start sorting the garden out this week but the last week I've just enjoyed the box sets to take my mind off the sh*tshow that is happening out there.. I think they will be a big shift on how we are and what we do going forward, especially realising who/what is important after this (I do hope so anyway)
  4. shoptildrop

    How do you feel?

    I'd recommend Westworld, Picard and Altered Carbon as all really good I hope you are okay, my fella suffers from anxiety and I've told him to limit social media as it's not helping him tbh... plenty to talk too on here though
  5. I can see measures being loosened until we get proper testing and deaths going down... I think it will be June before we see some changes, end of May absolute earliest IMO. I also think they will be stricter measures on going out ahead of Easter, as it's clear there is still a contingent of folk who are taking the piss and still not understanding the stay at home mantra I unfortunately think we'll see daily death figures pass 1000 by Tuesday too
  6. My Mam, Dad and 2 brothers all self-isolating due to symptoms in the North-East, they seem to be on the mend but not always sure about Mam as she tends to down play things unfortunately = so there is 4 extra as well
  7. I work for a major retail HQ and I've been furloughed until further notice on 80% (no top up for me) with a review possibly end of April. Company have pretty much furloughed anyone not deemed critical, although I do wonder why my particular was not kept on but no point even arguing with them tbh... I am thankfully I have the 80% which is better than most but I was struggling with my 100% salary as I took a step back on role level last year to move forward in new slight new direction so pay wasn't great, glad I can defer the mortgage as that should give a bit of breathing space at least!! also found out 2 days ago my mum, dad and brother all have covid symptoms and are self isolating one other brother lives with them too so he'll probably get it too.... it's not been the best week
  8. It's actually scary how many parts of this film from 2011 can compare to what is happening now tbh
  9. The differences on how they dealt with it where glarring, they shut everything down with an iron fist, tracing and putting anyone sick into designated quarantine - whilst they are starting to relax the rules the country has been in shut down since end Jan and you still can't move between provinces (think Yorkshire to Midlands).. Given we have so many dumb selfish people that don't think rules apply to them, this will go on for longer than it should... I'd say it will be 6 weeks shut down minimum then slow release very gradually after that, nothing is gonna be normal this year IMO
  10. I am very impressed with their forward thinking, lets hope Sept pans out as well x
  11. Think it might be just Beth doing the collab, either way I hope Portishead come back so I can finally see them
  12. I'm really happy with that 1st drop tbh, as Metronomy and Bjork were 2 of my picks on the questionnaire thingie they send out Looks like some great after hours stuff and science - Tim Peake!! Hitchhikers guide live, oooh soo excited already but just need a bit of cash to buy tickets and we're all good!
  13. aren't Portishead doing some orchestral collab?
  14. It was a suggestion based on who is touring, so no chips pissed on lol I want folk who aren't active so we'll see tomorrow (would love FNM too but its not type of festival they would do imo)
  15. what about Foals or Goldfrapp?? as both touring this year
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