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  1. Looks like me and the wife in the club. I was meant to be going to Edgbaston on Sat but looks like that’ll be knocked on the head. Gutted.
  2. Sigrid, Paul Heaton, McFly Honourable mentions for Self Esteem, Macca and Noel too.
  3. Tell that to my calves this morning. Can hardly move.
  4. 122k Wed-Sun. Had an easier day on Thurs as had the three year old with us so we’re more confined.
  5. People who assume that because they don’t like an artist their opinion of music is the only correct one and that that artist is bad. George Ezra / Ed Sheehan are good, you just don’t like them.
  6. Dan190984

    Queue watch

    We went to Bath and West to pick up the kids and stewards there were giving out cans of water at lunchtime.
  7. Heavy recommend for Burrito Cartel just round from Pyramid.
  8. Dan190984

    Queue watch

    Stood in E19 and it’s out of this field across the road. No idea how far.
  9. I know we will but he won’t. Will that matter?
  10. We’ve joined the queue from east car parks for gate c every year at about 4-5am
  11. Fairly sure Apple just make it up. It’s wrong more than it’s right. Which in this case is great news.
  12. Hi all Will be heading for the farm early tomorrow to get in and set up before mum brings the three year old down. Do we just go through re entry from getting him or as he won’t have been in yet so we need to do anything different? I don’t think he needs a band?
  13. Have we tried getting 200k people to just blow the clouds really hard as they come in? Couldn't fail. I am reviewing 6 different weather apps and going with which ever is best at any given time. Met Office for the win!
  14. I was thinking Heaton. How early do people think I need to be over there to get inside the tent?
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