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  1. Dan190984

    day and stage

    Bastille for Friday if we didn't already know. Just had an email from Bandsintown. Edit - just checked the line up page - we did know
  2. Dan190984

    Glasto Baby

    My son will be 8 months in June so we have decided against taking him for the whole festival and instead will ask Grandparents to bring him Thurs morning and pick him up same evening so he can have a day at Glasto. We wanna get the obvious pyramid stage photo but any other suggestions for cool shots to try and get in the day?
  3. This is massively the problem I've seen. Got closeish (sound stage distance) to other and had loads of space but getting in and out is a nightmare. Same on JP and WG. People seem to be clogging the outside of fields more and making things difficult.
  4. *fixed
  5. So far from this thread I have taken, any weather is possible. All I want is dry until my tent is up, after that I don't care.
  6. Mixed results from Accuweather. This changes almost every time I look at it which proves how little you can trust these but it has been going downhill over the last couple of weeks. Wed 6/21 Considerable cloudiness Thu 6/22 Mostly cloudy, a little rain Fri 6/23 Cloudy with a little rain Sat 6/24 Cloudy Sun 6/25 Cloudy
  7. Let the rumours commence....
  8. Will Beans On Toast likely be playing anywhere else? That slot looks like clash territory and I've not yet managed to see him.
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