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  1. Biggest surprises for me are Gerry Cinnamon, Paul Heaton and Lewis Capaldi. Thought these were all nailed on.
  2. Is it possible for Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott? Playing Bristol in the evening on Friday.
  3. Dan190984

    2020 headliners

    Didn’t swifty get ruled out by dates? Do we now have her back in the frame?
  4. Absolutely hammering down in Bristol.
  5. Dan190984

    Pop up tent help

    Yeah just want a bit of shade as we have an 8 month and 4 month old with us. Will just be if we plonk ourselves on the grass for a bit by pyramid etc.
  6. Dan190984

    Pop up tent help

    Hey all. On Thursday I’m bringing my little one on site. Will we be able to put a pop up tent (only a small beach one) up for shade for him or will we get told to take it down. I guess it shouldn’t matter as there’s nothing on the main stages.
  7. Festiweather has gone from 14mm Sunday to 1mm. I’ll stick.
  8. Dan190984

    Taking kids

    He loves the stimulation of being outside and around different sights at the min. Will strap him on us and walk the site. He’ll love it for a few hrs before the grandparents pick him up and the party starts.
  9. Dan190984

    Taking kids

    Eight months so I reckon we’ll be ok. Thanks though.
  10. Might be a bit of an odd one but Gaslight Anthem 2009. Pretty much my first experience of watching Glastonbury on TV and was the set that made me fall in love with the festival and the band.
  11. Dan190984

    Taking kids

    Looking to take my little boy in for the Thursday to share the experience with him. How does it work with them not having tickets for u12s? Do I literally just take him through the gate with me?
  12. I just need the Thursday to be dry and cool. Bringing my 8 month old in for the day weather dependent. It can do what it wants for the rest of the time.
  13. Dan190984

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    Gecko has self confirmed on FB.
  14. Dan190984

    day and stage

    Bastille for Friday if we didn't already know. Just had an email from Bandsintown. Edit - just checked the line up page - we did know
  15. Dan190984

    Glasto Baby

    My son will be 8 months in June so we have decided against taking him for the whole festival and instead will ask Grandparents to bring him Thurs morning and pick him up same evening so he can have a day at Glasto. We wanna get the obvious pyramid stage photo but any other suggestions for cool shots to try and get in the day?
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