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  1. I am guessing we can expect them to show up at Download on the Friday as they in Paris after
  2. Pls. Need confirmation of this.
  3. But I have heard is cuz Kiss Princess cancelled, but that is earlier than 4.30
  4. have an amazing time everyone. cannot wait to leave work and head Reading on Friday. Am currently so jealous of all of you!!!!
  5. Nearly had a heart attack!!!
  6. 1. ADTR 2. Royal Blood 3. Foos
  7. this is my first year at Reading, and I was wondering if anyone knew how far is the parking to the camping and from the camping to the arena (approx.)?
  8. can you send the screenshot or picture as the one I was given is not clear, plz?
  9. some it was sent to me like this. I don't understand it either...
  10. Is this legit? Or rumour?
  11. any guesses on when will they be releasing the timetables?
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