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  1. *REFUNDS We will be offering refunds for anyone who cannot make the new date. Your ticket provider will be in touch as soon as possible to inform you of your options and the next steps to take.
  2. Ypsilon in German means Y (the letter), could it be YM@6 (which has been mentioned as a possibility a few comments ago)? *is the only thing that comes to my mind
  3. are we expecting something like this? or different artists?
  4. "If you’ve already purchased a day ticket for Slam Dunk Festival then you will get access to a discounted A Day To Remember ticket for £27.50"
  5. don't think is fair as it not our fault that they are not organised from the start, but will see on Monday and see what happens
  6. does that mean that we will need to buy another ticket? or people that already has the tickets will be able to attend both days?
  7. it is no longer available. you could only purchase it until late Nov (if i remember correctly).
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