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  1. Mr.Tease

    2019 Improvements

    While we're talking about the dance area- does the Pussy Parlure completely change each year? I seem to remember going there to see Charles Bradley one night and it was like a proper dance hall type thing, but then I have another memory of going there another year and it just being a standard tent. Which memory is real?!
  2. Mr.Tease

    2019 Improvements

    I think Eavis or someone said the idea behind the Leftfield's current location is it's quite central so people can come across it by accident who might not otherwise be into that sort of thing. A shame it had to move from it's last position where Williams Green is now- use to be a lot busier then, I think.
  3. Mr.Tease

    2019 Improvements

    I liked the first year of the dance village (I think 2005), but then it seemed to get gradually worse. I was quite looking forward to it when they changed it to silver Hayes, and I do like the gully and the blues bit, but they do need to get rid of the sonic tent at the very least- I don't know why they thought that shape would be a good idea!
  4. Mr.Tease

    It would be sad if...

    These vids are nice to reminisce with:
  5. Mr.Tease

    2019 Improvements

    Yikes! I like drinking pop! So can you not buy any softdrinks on site, or do they sell cans?
  6. Mr.Tease

    Would it have been too hot?

    Absolutely - people were in a better mood because of it too. 2007 had a bit of a grim atmosphere, I thought! Plus if it's been sunny all day, then night time is much more enjoyable too.
  7. Mr.Tease

    2019 Improvements

    Remember, If you want more stuff, it will cost more so ticket prices will go up even more. Personally, I'd rather they pulled the Wednesday entertainment, hopefully it would save a bit of money -it used to be fine without it. I think sometimes you get so used to having entertainment options all the time you can forget that you're more than capable of making your own.
  8. Mr.Tease

    2019 Improvements

    There's lots of night time acoustic/folk stuff all through the night in the greenfields, one of my favourite spots (it's not too busy either)
  9. Mr.Tease

    2019 Improvements

    Yep, I don't know how much stuff people want--there's the cinema tent, the drive thru cinema, the circus field tents, the green fields (perfect if you want music other than dance), the woodland areas, arcadia, the glade area stuff, all the stuff in the park field, the silent disco, the stone circle, the viewing areas, the bars all across the site, the tipi fielda etc etc. There's enough stuff and variety, you just have to go out and potter about.
  10. Mr.Tease

    Would it have been too hot?

    Remember, the alternative to sun and heat is this: Compare and contrast:
  11. Mr.Tease

    Would it have been too hot?

    Yeah, temperatures like the Wednesday last year, energy day would have been too hot even for me! I falsely remember 2010 being hotter than it was too!
  12. Mr.Tease

    Would it have been too hot?

    What we're the temps in 2010? I remember it being nice and hot and sunny, but can never remember how hot it got
  13. Mr.Tease

    Would it have been too hot?

    Not for me, I like the sun and heat and anything in the 20s is pretty much perfect. I think there are a few cooling spots if you get too hot (the glade, summersville, the woods), plus there are a lot of tents and sheltered areas now a days. For me everything just looks better when it's sunny, especially just before sunset when the heat goes and you get a second wind- one of my favourite times of the day at Glastonbury.
  14. Mr.Tease

    General News Discussion

    The weird thing is the Metro had an article a few weeks ago specifically saying the cat and guinea pigs had been taken away for testing. http://metro.co.uk/2018/03/17/poisoned-russian-agents-cat-guinea-pigs-taken-away-tests-7394516/amp/?__twitter_impression=true That was from 17th March. That turned out not to be true, I guess, but it would indicate that they must have been aware of the pets being in the house, so it looks like they decided just to leave them there. How cruel- that poor cat has been starving to death all this time.
  15. Mr.Tease

    Plastic Bottle Ban?

    Yeah, I usually buy one large bottle of water on site and just refill that over the course of the festival. Also usually buy a big bottle of pop to share with my friend (for some reason it's become part of our routine over the years!). I can't really see them banning pop from those shops, though I'd be happy having them go back to selling cans of pop instead of bottles- companies only brought in those small bottles of pop so they could charge more.