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  1. Mr.Tease

    Efest posts

    If only we could go back and warn them! Also ticketless so next festival seems even further away, though my priority will likely be travel next year. Also gives more time for the music industry to pressure the gvt to sort out visas with the EU, I do think that's going to greatly impact Glastonburys booking abilities for the smaller acts.
  2. You keep your mask in your BACK pocket?! What is wrong with you, man?! 😂
  3. We had this back in the first lockdown and the emerging consensus was just if someone is running or cycling just make more space between you and them than you would a walker (they'll pass you quicker so it ain't difficult). I'd do that even not in a pandemic - not sure why that expert decides they need to get so close to runner that they can breathe in their breath! I don't even understand the logistics!
  4. Maybe some of his supporters would reconsider their hesitancy to have the vaccine if they knew he'd had it
  5. Do you know what the rough time scale is for people there over the age of 60 to be vaccinated? One of my friends is Canadian, so just wondering when their parents can expect to be vaccinated
  6. These covid bereavements are horrific - people having to say goodbyes via Skype or phone, people stuck at home alone to deal with their grief, just so many sad stories
  7. Can't believe surgeons have been wearing masks in operating theatres all these years unnecessarily! They must be so embarrassed!
  8. Is the new Archives Vol 2 out on Friday worth buying? It's expensive!
  9. Does anyone know when any good studies are due that will give some finality to this question regarding AZ (and other vaccines) and preventing serious illness/death? I know there are promising signs and indications, but when are the studies due that are specifically looking onto this?
  10. I genuinely don't understand how people run with masks on, the breathing the sweating, overheating - plus don't they become ineffective once wet?
  11. It's the line pushed by exactly the same people who have claimed nothing was really necessary the entire pandemic (they were against face masks, the first lockdown, the second lockdown and the third lockdown, didn't see why we should wait and see if vaccines were successful, didn't see why people should still work from home, didn't see why they should have to do anything differently, thought Christmas in a pandemic was a grand idea, believed Whitty et al were being 'Dr Doom' back in September, thought this was all over and done with last summer, etc etc etc. I get all the arguments about
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