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  1. Thanks! Did I hear right when one of the scientists involved in an interview said even among those who still contracted COVID, none required hospitalisation? (I’m not sure if i misheard it as no article seems to have given this much attention)- So even if it’s only 60%, that’s not so important if it prevents severity of illness?
  2. I could understand their position when there was no certainty about a vaccine, and no end date in sight (even if I strongly disagreed with it). But now there is a vaccine (or three!) and at least a time line, the "just give up and open everything up" makes no sense at all- just leads to easily avoidable deaths. If they're worried about business and jobs then focus on adequate financial support for the next 3 or 4 months until vulnerable people have been vaccinated.
  3. Centrist pretending to not understand what the point of a walk out is, yet somehow thinks this makes them right smart and witty. All they do is whinge about the left because the literally have no ideas or solutions for any of the big problems of the day Anyhoo, seems like labour will be focusing on infighting for the foreseeable future, in the middle of a pandemic and economic collapse - brilliant 🤦‍♂️
  4. My issue with centrism is it’s stuck in the 90s- it hasn’t generated a single idea or policy in years. It’s main focus seems to be to criticise and crush the left (but not the right). It has no answers to climate change, aging population, housing, the current economic disaster. It’s stuck in the 90s. But because of the sense of entitlement, centrist politicians think they just have to look ‘sensible’ and ‘moderate’ (i.e. propose nothing). I appreciate the idea that you have to get power first, but the challenges of modern times are so vast you need to have some sort of ideas to tackle them- Bl
  5. Yikes! Roasted alive and nods along in agreement!:
  6. I still want him to beat the tories in the next election, but the way the BBC shamelessly exhaults any centrist, be they of the tories or Labour or libdems is beyond a joke- they literally don't need to do anything other than have no ideas for tackling any major issue, give a half sob story about a difficulty they've endured in their life or some of name calling directed at them (classed as terrible abuse), and talk about being sensible and grown up and reaching out across political divides (except to leftwing people who must be destroyed), and they're heralded as the new jesus. Last few years
  7. Tories continue to stuff the ECHR with fellow Tories and people with believe complaints of racism and sexism are over stated (except for anti-semitism in the Labour Party): Equalities campaigners criticise senior EHRC appointment Journalist David Goodhart has defended ‘hostile environment’ measures and ‘white self-interest’ The government’s appointment of a supporter of the Home Office’s “hostile environment” policy to the equalities watchdog has prompted a fierce backlash among equalities campaigners. The writer and journali
  8. Nah, we were assured kids didn't get it when they were trying to pursuade parents to send their kids back to school...
  9. Healthy media when there's a revolving door between senior BBC & ITV reporters and editors and working comms for the Tories
  10. Russy... Sadly missed
  11. I spent the last one at a picturesque camp by lake with a bunch of counsellors - it did not end well
  12. So a low paid tele-sales person who works from home should pay an extra tax that a well paid city worker doesn't pay because...?
  13. She has no chance as her rivals will just leak the results of the enquiry into her bullying allegations
  14. That's what I'm saying, if he was going to resign out of principle he would have probably done it with no warning, by threatening to first, he's open to being placated. I don't think I've ever been considered indispensable, so I don't think it would work if I threatened to resign, so I've never tried it! 😂 I've quit before a few times, most recently a few years ago due to ethics (knew they weren't going to change the policy, and didn't want to be talked into accepting it so just handed in my notice as undramatically as I could!)
  15. I think people tend to resign with no warning, if you’re threatening to resign then the odds of you actually going through with it are lowered (unless BJ makes no effort to placate him, which he will)
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