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  1. Ha, I went there and saw that- he's one of my favourite drawings ever!
  2. Mr.Tease

    Musical Confessional

    I hate Petsounds (and all the Beachboys music), but I enjoy listening to The Best of Kenny Rogers- I usually pretend it's because my parents made me listen to it in the car as a child (they had 3 tapes- Stevie Wonders 'I just called', Elkie Brookes, and Kenny Rogers), but have secretly grown to enjoy his music and was secretly delighted when he played glastonbury😂
  3. I'm not on facebook, so I find the whole liking and unliking comments things weird. It's useful on these boards as a way of gauging if someones reasonably trustworthy or a bit of a dick, but I can't help thinking of that ep of Black Mirror when I'm up or down voting people! I feel a bit lazy doing it too, but I still do it, so I'm a big hypocrite!
  4. Don't forget how nice and cloudy it was for our arrival wednesday morning - made queuing and carrying our stuff so much easier
  5. For any people in 2020 looking back on this thread to try and gauge when the forecasts started predicting the weather we ended up having - it became a possibility 2 weeks before the wednesday (there was a lot of uncertainty due to two fronts fighting it out due to some sort of omega jetstream - it could have either been wet and rainy every day or sweltering and dry.) a week before is when the trend started favouring an all dry festival, though wasn't until we got a few days closer that the threat of rainy days diminished-- there were some bad predictions along the way. There hopefully that will save me having to trawl through this thread next year
  6. Mr.Tease

    Musical Confessional

    Ha, I'm also 39 and have also never listened to parklife or suede and would probably agree re: white stripes, but have never listened to any of their albums either. I have a thing against people wearing bright white trousers, because I think it's dangerous, and that put me off listening to their music (imagine how I felt at this years Glastonbury).
  7. Mr.Tease

    Musical Confessional

    The first record I bought was 'Lifted' by the Lighthouse Family
  8. I got my desserts from that bakers between the workers tower and the astrolabe- very big portions and reasonably priced
  9. I always think custard creams taste better at glastonbury- I wolf them down!
  10. I feel quite greedy now- I ate the equivalent of that in one day😂
  11. What did people do for their last meal? I was so torn with indecision I ended up becoming a Tommy-two-dinners...
  12. I've always wondered why so few people get shat on by the seagulls considering how many they are!
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