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  1. Yeah, I don't think see tickets are being unreasonable if they can't find the page in his cache- essentially he's just sent them some WhatsApp messages saying he's got the tickets- I'd be more worried if they did accept that! It's horrible for morph and his friends who thought they had tickets, but I think if he had taken a screenshot of the confirmation page or number, then their response would have been different. As it stands it sounds like they probably don't believe/ have the proof they need, which is why they're politely saying there's nothing they can do.
  2. Mr.Tease

    Brexit at Glasto?

    That's the Johnson guarantee then, that is the exact opposite of what Cummings said 24hours ago. Ha, always amazes me how people choose to believe known liars.
  3. Mr.Tease

    Brexit at Glasto?

    The weirdest thing about brexit is how it was seemingly primarily motivated by immigration but has since been converted to a desire to strike fantasy trade deals (that supporters of it will have zero say over, and will be negotiated from a position of ultimate weakness by... unelected bureaucrats). Brexiteers very rarely bang on about immigration now- all the bluster is about fantasy trade deals, like they're 19th century traders out on the high seas.
  4. Yep, aside from the fact I never win ballots ever, it would mean the days of repeat goers (particularly people who have been many times in a row) would be a thing of the past, think it would probably completely change the character of the festival if essentially a completely fresh batch of people went. However, I know a lot of people who missed out over the years would prefer this and think it's fairer than people (like me!) hogging the tickets for years on end. They probably have a point! But it would just seem a bit weird to have that level of attendee turnover.
  5. Isn't the problem that your proof wasn't proof enough? I just ask for our future peace of mind- was the issue that they accepted you had proved beyond doubt that you had got the confirmation screen, but the card declined so they can't so anything, or was the issue that WhatsApp messages saying you'd got the tickets, plus web cache files, etc wasn't deemed sufficient proof, and so they just politely worded it?
  6. Oops, only saw this after I posted the same! Now it looks like I've stolen your idea and passed it off as my own!
  7. Maybe you get one of those new pre erected blue tents they're planning for the pier?
  8. Maybe it's a ballot of only people who are turning 40 next year but are already thinking about what it will be like turning 50 ten years later (me)
  9. Yeah, the odds of winning are essentially zero. I still think it's odd to not only have such a low amount of tickets, but on top of that you still have to pay for them- just seems a bit tight!
  10. No simple answer as it depends on your preferences! This is a very good guide though, so have a look at the map on the official site and then have a read of this: http://www.glastoearth.com/the-faq/faq-part-3
  11. Maybe we've just done it to ourselves - we spend all year recommending it, talking about how great it is, promoting it, we've created the very demand and scarcity we now complain about- we're out own worst enemy!
  12. 2008 took everyone by surprise though-- prospect of it suddenly not selling out seemed to come out of nowhere.
  13. I would probably add: scarcity adds to demand (its like a self fulfilling prophecy) and also it seems the other big festivals have really deteriorated over the years, you seem to not hear as much about them
  14. Mr.Tease

    National Express

    Last year they had a new system from Bristol where the coach was a double Decker coach, and the luggage all went in a van that drove along with it. The main thing is not to take the p***- big ruck sack and tent is fine, but if everyone turns up with trolleys galore, obviously there might not be enough space. Having said that, I've never seen them run out of space in the years I've been using them. One year they refused to let gas cannisters on (for safety reasons). But then again very few people of any, have brought trolleys on the coaches I've been on. Extra bag thing is new though so not sure if they will be stricter?
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