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  1. Mr.Tease

    2019 Headliners

    Do you think they'd go for an all male headliner lineup again? Didn't they say at the last festival they were hoping to give more female artists greater prominance? (can't fully remember, it was a while ago!)
  2. Mr.Tease

    2019 Headliners

    I went to see Arcade fire but it was difficult to enjoy as someone near me collapsed and it looked like the security/medical staff were trying to give them cpr (or at least check that they were breathing), but while this was going on ( I think it was during the song 'Wake up'), then had the confetti machine blasting out confetti while they were trying to do this, covering the poor chap and medical staff in confetti while someone who was quite wasted was freaking out about it and in tears. I presume they were okay in the end as there were no fatalities reported.
  3. Mr.Tease

    2019 Headliners

    This is the correct opinion to have! I think automatic for the people is also very good
  4. Mr.Tease

    2019 Headliners

    That song title put me off listening to any of their stuff for over a decade! My dad was from Egypt and so I always thought they were some sort of racist nazi band! I do quite like them now (and I've always liked the book the song is actually based on), but I'm glad they've changed the title and lyrics of that song
  5. Mr.Tease

    When to call it a day?

    Yeah, I'm 38 and to be honest I don't really feel any different to how I was when I first started going (early 20s)- I feel the same physically, same leftwing politics, find the same things funny that I always have- progress has been negligible! I need a bit more sleep, but that's about it.
  6. Mr.Tease

    2019 Headliners

    When he was announced for 2004 I was looking forward to it, but then did some research and realised the beatles songs I liked were mainly written by Lennon, and the ones I didn't like were written by him. I Get that he has a big legacy but I'm not really a fan of his. Couldn't even try his solo stuff after this: Its all I think of whenever I hear his name!😂
  7. Mr.Tease

    Old Music Thread

    Yep! I have such fond memories of that set as it was my first glastonbury and my first headliner- I remember arriving at the back just after they'd started and making my way down nearer the front through all the torch/flare things- good times!
  8. Mr.Tease

    Old Music Thread

    From their last good album! Though I always thought it could have been even better if they'd cut one or two of the songs and done a better take of one or two.
  9. Mr.Tease


    Updated my photo on Monday, and got an email 20 hours later saying it had been approved, so they were very swift!
  10. Mr.Tease

    Queueing Experiences 2017

    I remember being anxious about how long the queuing would be with the new more extensive bag searches that were proclaimed on the run up to it, and also the forecast sun and heat. I'm the end it was fine- arrived by coach around 7 or 8ish am, queue wasn't too bad at PGA and moved at the same speed as usual, so all was fine in the end. Think I ended up queuing for about 40mins in the end.
  11. Mr.Tease

    2019 Improvements

    While we're talking about the dance area- does the Pussy Parlure completely change each year? I seem to remember going there to see Charles Bradley one night and it was like a proper dance hall type thing, but then I have another memory of going there another year and it just being a standard tent. Which memory is real?!
  12. Mr.Tease

    2019 Improvements

    I think Eavis or someone said the idea behind the Leftfield's current location is it's quite central so people can come across it by accident who might not otherwise be into that sort of thing. A shame it had to move from it's last position where Williams Green is now- use to be a lot busier then, I think.
  13. Mr.Tease

    2019 Improvements

    I liked the first year of the dance village (I think 2005), but then it seemed to get gradually worse. I was quite looking forward to it when they changed it to silver Hayes, and I do like the gully and the blues bit, but they do need to get rid of the sonic tent at the very least- I don't know why they thought that shape would be a good idea!
  14. Mr.Tease

    It would be sad if...

    These vids are nice to reminisce with:
  15. Mr.Tease

    2019 Improvements

    Yikes! I like drinking pop! So can you not buy any softdrinks on site, or do they sell cans?