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  1. Mr.Tease

    General News Discussion

    As soon as he says how he'll vote Labour will lose a big chunk of support (as they did at conference when they adopted the possibility of a second referendum). For now, tactically ambiguity is necessary. Think of it as a funnel - at the moment there is a big consensus vs mays deal. Next stage will be to get no deal taken off the table- that will shrink the current consensus as it will lose some tory brexiteers. If you get no deal ruled out then you get to the make or break territory where the consensus starts to break down to the point it could go either way- second referendum, remain as an option, general election, back to May's deal? It would be a tactical disaster at this point to leap ahead to that decision that will break down the consensus. Think mays next tactic is to get all other options apart from no deal off the table to pressure people to back her deal. Expect the EU over the next week or two to help out- they'll rule out any renegotiation, then they'll say there's no time to delay the march deadline (rules out time for referendum or election) - it will be a bluff but a favour to help may get the deal pass. Also expect business, BBC, Mail and maybe guardian (and more) to eventually start pushing mays deal if only the alternative of no deal is on the table.
  2. Mr.Tease

    General News Discussion

    I worked in a youth project with impoverished and homeless CYP during the height of the Cameron years and also with adults in some of the most deprived areas of the country--truly disgusting policies towards some of the most vulnerable people and the media didn't give a shit, in fact they happily went along with it making programmes demonising 'scroungers'.
  3. Mr.Tease

    General News Discussion

    Why would anyone know what Boris's dad looks like, or what farage looks like from behind?
  4. Mr.Tease

    Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    I thought their names were rubbish so I refused watch it!
  5. Mr.Tease

    General News Discussion

    It's a compromise (I'd rather remain), but at least it acknowledges that leave won- why should leavers compromise if remain people won't? Norway gives them control over fisheries, they can strike trade deals and it reduces the membership payment's, all stuff they've been crying about.
  6. Mr.Tease

    Thursday Night

    Most people use it to sit quietly and reflect, others use the opportunity to catch up with their paper work
  7. Mr.Tease

    General News Discussion

    But I’m pretty sure it has full access to the single market, I think it’s the customs union norway isn’t part of. So we’d also have to join a customs union to avoid NI issues. Like I said, I voted remain, but I’d settle for the Norway model as a compromise.
  8. Mr.Tease

    General News Discussion

    I’d be fine with a Norway style deal, so I think a deal with that as a starting point would have been fine. There was never really much hope for a completely bespoke deal, it was worth a try, but it became obvious pretty early on where that would ultimately end. still, I think this negotiated failure has value and was necessary in that it shows some Brexiteers what the reality is- you have a choice of Canada, Norway, no deal or this shit!
  9. Mr.Tease

    General News Discussion

    This is a genuine question (probably doesn't come across as that!), but what exactly is the normalcy you miss/crave? what sort of policies do you want to any of the problems facing the country? When was the golden era?
  10. Mr.Tease

    General News Discussion

    So? think everyone knew the deal was going to be s***e for a long time.
  11. Mr.Tease

    General News Discussion

    I don't think that's a bad thing--if it was declared we could revoke it before the vote on the deal, some of the brexit tories might panic. Think may is happy enough knowing the march deadline can be extended (I presume that's why she floated the idea a few weeks) as it will allow her time to call a referendum when her deal gets voted down. After a referendum I think she'd then announce she'd delivered what she set out to do and is stepping down. Then they can elect a new leader and the dup will then return to the fold allowing the tories to carry on governing.
  12. Mr.Tease

    General News Discussion

    Losing Dacre as editor of the mail is a huge blow for them too, really knocks their ability to set the agenda and the framing of this, as today's front page shows.
  13. Mr.Tease

    General News Discussion

    Ha, there goes whatever remaining support he had amongst brexiteer tory's- first that whole debacle with Johnson in the leadership contest last year, now this, they must loath him.
  14. Mr.Tease

    General News Discussion

    I meant she wins whether people voted for her deal or remain (if those were the two votes in a referendum)- I do think she'd prefer to remain over the dogs dinner she's had to negotiate, plus if remain won there would likely be an economic boost and a boost in support from centrists (that would likely offset the tory brexiteers), while she could technically avoid taking the 'blame' for brexit not happening (it's what the people voted for, I offered them the only realistic brexit option or remain and they chose the latter etc). hardcore brexiteers can go back to their preferred position of muttering about betrayal, everyone else moves on due to boredom.
  15. Mr.Tease

    General News Discussion

    I'm still going with: her deal will lose it's first vote, she'll then do a press conference banging on about the will of the british people and declare a referendum between her deal and no deal, when that legislation gets to the commons MPs will say no deal is not an option so it gets changed to a referendum between May's deal and remain- at that point, either way she wins.