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  1. Mr.Tease

    Sunset at Glastonbury at 5.10 pm

    I do like walking around the markets when the sun's at that level of setting- the atmosphere, the cooling breeze, the sudden second wind you get.
  2. Mr.Tease

    Ryan Adams

    Yeah, it’s weird, never knew anything about him, liked some of his music, went to see him on the park stage and enjoyed it but disliked him/thought he was a bit of a dick (even though he didn’t really do anything dick-ish that I can remember!).
  3. Mr.Tease

    FKA Twigs

    Yikes, can’t believe that was almost 4 years ago!
  4. Mr.Tease

    Toughest clash choices

    Agonised over Public Enemy vs Family Stone. Went for Public Enemy, who I very much enjoyed, then found out Family stone were running very late so got to see both! Rejoice!
  5. Mr.Tease

    Anyone recently quit smoking?

    I quit the January before last glastonbury, cold turkey style (helped by the fact I was ill with a chest infection at the time). For me the fear of how difficult would be kept me smoking for a long time, but in reality I found it much easier once I figured out the cravings are just pangs that only last a few minutes and come and go (I used to think the cravings would be continuous and would last for days/weeks!). Agonised about whether to smoke at the festival, decided to and then miraculously managed to stop with no issues immediately afterwards. However due to a horrific experience at work started smoking again a few months ago! Intend to stop soon- key for me is not to start smoking when things are bad as feeling doomed is my trigger for smoking!
  6. Mr.Tease

    Toughest clash choices

    Such a relief when you've agonised over a clash, ended up going with one, then afterwards hearing people around the site saying the other one turned out to be shite!
  7. Mr.Tease

    Toughest clash choices

    I don't even like blur and would concur it was the wrong choice-- prodigy was way too quiet, it was annoying! People were even chanting for them to turn it up but to no avail.
  8. Mr.Tease

    How Many Janet Jackson Songs Could You Name?

    I knew you were, but you triggered old traumatic memories of watching the ITV Chart Show, becoming enraged when they forwarded the vids you'd been waiting for and played the ones you couldn't;t take anymore!😂
  9. Mr.Tease

    How Many Janet Jackson Songs Could You Name?

    Yeah, I just assumed she and her music was well known, I'm surprised at the reaction. Rhythm Nation is a good song and video
  10. Mr.Tease

    How Many Janet Jackson Songs Could You Name?

    You had to keep watching to get to the songs and videos you were actually waiting to hear/see! Sometimes you'd get lucky watching ITV Chart Show and they'd forward the video you had no interest in, but it was a nerve racking few seconds waiting to find out- great feeling when "FWD>>" suddenly popped up, but a body blow to the gut when you saw "play" and realised you were going to have to sit through the whole thing...
  11. Mr.Tease

    How Many Janet Jackson Songs Could You Name?

    I'm surprised a lot of people don't know any of her songs, they used to always be on MTV and ITV Chart Show back when I were a lad! And my guilty pleasure:
  12. Mr.Tease

    2019 Headliners

    The reaction was ridiculous- Imagine if she'd shown both! It would have been like a no deal brexit
  13. Mr.Tease

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    The thing I don't get with morrisey is, wasn't he seriously ill a year or two ago? Who goes through that, survives and comes away thinking "I must become more racist!"
  14. Mr.Tease

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    You could have just said "I don't like radiohead"
  15. Mr.Tease

    Emily interview

    I think iggy pop and the stooges played that year--very enjoyable. Also spiritualized did an acoustic late slot on the park stage which was good. John Fogherty too (cheesier than I was expecting but still enjoyed it). I think there were quite a few good, underrated sets in 2007 despite the weather