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  1. And, as with last time the government hit the 100,000 target by changing definitions, and when they launched a pretend track and trace system A few days ago (that won’t actually work til next month), the bbc news website just runs with the governments declaration as fact.
  2. Pretty sure there has always been a clause that EU countries can halt immigration if there’s some sort of emergency, but eurosceptics were happy to pretend the clause didn’t exist so they could pretend we ‘had no control’
  3. She was the one who managed to say we were an “international exemplar in preparedness” when we were running out of PPE, and the one who said testing wasn’t important to our strategy because it was more for developing countries, when we had to abandon testing, so she’s clearly a massive Tory who sold her soul a long time ago. She sung a completely different tune when grilled by MPs so she clearly seems to think her role at the press events is purely government spin and nationalistic clap trap.
  4. Note 'People tested' is still 'unavailable'. What a bunch of crooks
  5. Weird how they've been unable to say how many people have been tested the last 9 days...
  6. Have they just given up at this point?
  7. So Vallance has written in the telegraph that herd immunity was never and never would be an advocated policy. Shameless stuff! There are interviews of him saying the opposite back when everyone was saying should be locking down (and the government were making out we were so much smarter than any other country for not doing it). Sage must be made up of the most inept, government-cowed, bullshitting scientists in the world. Either that or the sole criteria is that you're a tory. They just keep lying! Still haven't forgotten that one who claimed we were an international examplar for preparedness, that suddenly testing no longer mattered because we weren't a developing country, etc etc They still haven't twigged on that the government set them up as the fall guys from day one! They still spin the government lines!
  8. Can't blame them, with our infection rates, spectacularly inept handling and forthcoming second surge, we'll pretty much be pariahs for the foreseeable future-- ironic after all these years of anti immigrant rhetoric and sentiment!
  9. It WAS this hot last year lol! In fact I think it was hotter!
  10. Mr.Tease

    How do you feel?

    Me too- I used to always struggle getting to sleep, or with waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep due to starting thinking and worrying about stuff. Since I discovered podcasts, they knock me out after 15 minutes! On the rare occasions when they don't work, at least I'm lying there listening to something that interests me rather than worrying about stuff.
  11. Still find it fascinating/depressing that so many people still support them- what does it take?! Same with Trump, seems like they can literally cause the deaths of tens of thousands due to ineptitude, lie through their teeth, but emerge with their core vote in tact.
  12. Ironically all of the servile scientists who seem to be in thrall of the government and have been all to happy to lie through their teeth/ change the subject/ spin lines, will be the ones who cop it- government' set them up for the fall from day one ("We're following the science"), and they don't even realise it.
  13. They keep pulling this stunt and never seem to get nailed down on it. A few weeks ago Johnson was hammering home the importance of the R number, saying how everything depended on keeping it below 1. then when it rose above 1 they suddenly said the R rate wasn't actually that important, it was the other indicators. Now they're pulling exactly the same stunt, except now the R number is all that matters
  14. Who hasn't? Gove on top form today
  15. The bit in the middle, when he clearly can't believe the BS he is finding himself speaking😂
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