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  1. verrymerry

    Good Luck ALL !

    Upvoted for you!
  2. I've bought my friends tickets every single time they have been - ten in total and once I wasn't even going. I have her committed friendship for life πŸ˜‚
  3. verrymerry

    Good Luck ALL !

    I hate these final minutes, just be 9am already!!! Good luck you lovely lot x
  4. verrymerry

    worth it with kids?

    Kids 2020 meet?
  5. I'm glad its moved although sounds like not by much. It's a great find but definitely not worth queueing for, there's so much other stuff to do. It was very entertaining when we went (not this year) and ME showed up 😁
  6. verrymerry

    Photos please

    Oh it's not bloody working πŸ˜‚
  7. I've been looking for a frame for our tea towel, don't suppose you remember where you got yours?
  8. Always 🀣 I'll be merrier if I get tickets in October. We made the decision to sit this year out due to having a one year old but I deffo want to take her next year. There can never be enough Emily's at Glastonbury ☺️
  9. Watching, getting updates and photos from my friend and drinking from my Glastonbury cup πŸ˜… FOMO was worst on Weds but I've actually quite enjoyed catching up on iPlayer in the garden. Already planning for 2020...
  10. verrymerry

    Resale Club 2019

    I couldn't help but bob in on this horrid evening to wish you all good luck tomorrow! It's our first time since going in 2007 that we're not trying for tickets, but I still feel a pang of anxiety!!
  11. Excellent! There were so many Glastonbury wristbands in the crowd, I was a bit sad to have taken mine off!
  12. What a gig! We could see sweet eff all for the first few songs (top of the seated bit) so we went to go downstairs and managed to stand on the bottom steps. Security gave up trying to move people in the end. I'm guessing we weren't the only ones singing Wake Up on the way home!
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