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  1. Excellent! There were so many Glastonbury wristbands in the crowd, I was a bit sad to have taken mine off!
  2. No one wanted it last year so it's all yours. It was Thursdays iirc!
  3. verrymerry

    Variety Bazaar

    I can't see it being next year if they've got 100% confirmed a venue for it. I know it'll be smaller, but it'll still take a lot of preparation. Hoping I'm proven wrong though!
  4. Is it a programme or free press you're after HMV? I've got two programmes, and a spare copy of one of last years free press if that's any good?
  5. What a gig! We could see sweet eff all for the first few songs (top of the seated bit) so we went to go downstairs and managed to stand on the bottom steps. Security gave up trying to move people in the end. I'm guessing we weren't the only ones singing Wake Up on the way home!
  6. Of course! PM me your address x Sorry gfest got in there first but I'll let you know if I see anyone else with spares x
  7. I have two spares, two spare lanyards and a copy of Sundays free press if anyone needs them. They were giving away the programmes as we left PGA so I thought I'd get a couple as there's always people who loose or don't get one
  8. Anyone who managed to work on Wednesday deserves a medal (and a lifetime place at the festival) because it was ridiculously hot, and impossible to do anything without melting. I'm sorry to everyone who missed out this year, I know Emily always Tweets that and it's never consultation enough, but I really hope you all get tickets for 2019!
  9. I bloody loves this! Woooop!!
  10. What's happening Royal Mail!?!
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