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  1. I've seen Four Tet twice, as an opener and then at a festival (not willingly) around 2004-2005 I think. Maybe it is changed since then but my impression was very neutral. I can say the same for Father John Misty (APE or Field Day I think) and Sharon von Etten (as opener ages ago). Coupled with the fact that Broken Social Scene and Richard Thompson have played club shows in the area within the last year, only Stereolab really caught my attention, with a bunch of other things of course that I'm curious about. I've made the decision to see Stereolab at the Villette Sonique festival in Paris instead where day tickets are available 😕.
  2. Awww. I want to see Stereolab, but are there day tickets available?
  3. Stereolab - Low - Guided by Voices - Jorge Ben Jor - Interpol - ... nice! I wish there was June of 44 and Tim Hecker though, then it would have all bands I want to see from Primavera...
  4. Now I wonder where Stereolab will be playing... I was hoping for Field Day and not a camping festival where you can't buy day tickets. Oh well.
  5. My row B MBV single ticket is on ticketswap for the exact face value . I went to see them in Birmingham last night instead... It comes with a price, but maybe someone would like a good front spot?
  6. Have the openers for Mogwai and MBV been posted? I could only find for Low tomorrow (from the band, doesn't seem to be on website)
  7. Thanks. They have now replied to me and they email tickets by request only because of a bug in their system! So I got mines, but indeed unless anyone is planning to rush last minute to the venue, it is just easier to print the tickets there...
  8. Still haven't got MBV and Mogwai tickets....
  9. A full show is about 2 hours. They will probably do 1h30, or 1h15 if less lucky. They tend to extend their songs quite a bit + banters, so in 1h30 they will only do about 12 songs. I'd be tempted to go for them as well, but I suspect it will be the same 12 songs as last year's tour.
  10. Hmm, no. body searches, metal detectors, and airport security is NOT something that is part of everyday life, not something I paid for when I am going to see a concert, and not something I have ever seen in other countries except some parts of USA. Large UK venues abuse this by annoying people who bring cameras, recorders, and other things that are neither dangerous or illegal, and that's why I have no interest in going to these big festival shows. If they want to look for crime, then just let Police do that.
  11. I don't agree that the queue system was good. I missed the queue since when I clicked on the MBV link, there was no button "join the queue", just a button saying "tickets not on sale yet". They can do pre-sale to members if they want, but to me it gives unfair advantage to London based people who already get all the shows. It is not my job to support art exhibition in other cities.
  12. Yes, plenty of them. Just got 2nd row (but with the price tag of course).
  13. Really bad setup. Where you click on the MBV show, it doesn't even re-direct you to the queue. And now: "We are holding everyone here for a few more minutes" [...] for NIN tickets. I don't care about NIN, I want to buy MBV tickets! And I don't live in London so no way I will buy some kind of pass.
  14. No early queue this morning?
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