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  1. About middle for Reading departures, later than I'd like but not the end of the world, and a manageable return time. Previously I've had the coach from London so not 100% certain, but I'm hoping about 2hrs so through the gates somewhere around 3pm.
  2. 12.30 out of Reading, 9.30 Monday return. Could be a lot worse.
  3. Tonight I start the packing pile in the garage. List will get pinned up on the cork board down there and ticked off as we go.
  4. Quark

    2022 New Music

    Yep, that's the first one on my list. Reckon I can just squeeze it in before my first meeting this morning.
  5. Absolutely nothing controversial about this. Did exactly that, albeit with tea instead of ale, on a Sunday afternoon to the London Community Gospel Choir. Outstanding way to spend some time.
  6. My old friends from school have always thought of me as "the big one" and couldn't get their heads around me telling them I'm really not. Then they came on my stag and met the rest of the team...
  7. I can't remember how it came about as I was in the crowd on my tod, but a very nice chap put the same question to me watching Biffy Clyro at Benicassim. Same build as you so I've always been the lifter, but a couple of minutes later I got my first shoulder view of a gig. It was amazing, right up to the point when I got a pint of piss yeeted at the back of my head 😂
  8. Been building up my squats ready for NYBB
  9. K.O.G. has been confirmed for Croissant Neuf. Ghanaian afrobeat type stuff, saw him with the Zongo Brigade in 2015 (?). Lots of fun.
  10. Quark

    NFR NFC 2022

    I was functional once. I think it was in 1997.
  11. Gone down a Hothouse Flowers wormhole this morning
  12. One of my mates looks like Peter Kay if he'd chosen a life of beer and rugby. I reckon we can get him leading the marching line around the field 😂
  13. Plus it'll give us somewhere to shelter from the biblical rainfall
  14. I've always kinda written off stuff on the acoustic stage as there's so much going on elsewhere, but my brother was really keen to see SV when we did Beautiful Days a couple of years ago so I had my first experience of seeing that kind of set as my headline for the first time. Was great fun, so like you I'm opening my horizons a bit!
  15. Actually some stuff on there I'm tempted by, trying not to just completely rule it out as I usually end up doing. Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott, Hothouse Flowers, Chris Difford, Fishermans Friends all catching my eye. Gutted that Suzanne Vega is on Sunday night, she's great live but that's not how I see my Sunday night ending! Quite fancy checking out The Mariachis as well, that could be a giggle 😄
  16. Yeah that was my first spot. Bugger.
  17. Quark

    BAR Williams Green

    Happy memory of being half cut in there on a Thursday afternoon, dancing like a tit to Harry Belafonte
  18. Quark

    2022 New Music

    Recommend going back and checking it, Thank You For Today was a great album. Their Georgia EP from 2020 was decent too, great REM cover on there.
  19. Gentleman's Dub Club have confirmed they're on Saturday, trying to get a time!
  20. Yup. More urinal troughs is the way forward as they feed into the big tanks.
  21. Quark

    Kendrick Lamar

    Wowsers. Sunday night in the bag for me there.
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