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  1. I burn pretty easily. So I can put this on and, y'know, not have that problem. No-brainer.
  2. Ah that's a bugger, the once a day application works wonders for me. Soltan was always my go to before P20, the 5* UVA is decent. But yeah, once you get above F25 with that stuff it gets a bit thick
  3. Getting happy I topped up on this stuff. It's pricey, but by God it's good and because it lasts so well you have to reapply a lot less frequently.
  4. Quark

    NFR NFC 2022

    I like that they've put handles on it. Makes it more accessible.
  5. Quark

    2022 New Music

    *adds Pongo to endless list of stuff to check out EDIT: OK, you have my attention. Going to be in that neck of the woods for Pigs and Nova Twins, could end up being a threefer...
  6. Absolute nightmare but so good to hear they've recognised the issue. At least now you know you'll get through the gates
  7. That was grade-A material and you know it.
  8. Personally I'll be giving some K.O.G. a listen this afternoon. I suggest you do the same.
  9. I know it's all to play for and some of the forecasts will change etc. Staying out of the forecasting bit tbh, madness. But this thread of the conversation was specifically about whether people would bail if that high forecast does come to pass, which is where the heatstroke bit came in. 🙂
  10. Result! Hope the offer wasn't a complete piss take 😄
  11. We know it's about now. Everyone's made their choice to go or not. Started as a semi-interesting question about what happens if acts pull out, and now you're on to how it's going to be a super spreader event and ruin people's festivals. Basically turning it into yet another covid thread when we'd just about got rid of the bastard things. Nearly a third of the posts in the thread are yours. So yeah.
  12. Any particular reason you keep trying to make this a thing?
  13. No those aren't, but the ones talking about 28 and higher are.
  14. Quark

    Diana Ross

    I don't do downvotes as you know but to put it in terms you'd understand, get tae fuck.
  15. Quark

    Diana Ross

    Been having a think about possible guest appearances from people she's worked with, and tbh it's looking like slim pickings. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me, Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing w/The Temptations - Not happening, playing Michigan on the Sunday Endless Love w/Lionel Richie - Pretty much zero chance, playing Fri and Sat in the US and then a break until his Vegas residency starts in August Chain Reaction w/#RightBazza - Dunno about this one, nothing to show he's in the UK or active at the moment so probably unlikely. Upside Down & I'm Coming Out w/Nile Rodgers - Nope, Nile's in Ireland on Sunday. Turn Up The Sunshine w/Tame Impala - I reckon this could happen. Song's a perfect fit for a sunny afternoon, only just out, and Tame Impala were in Europe for Primavera and have more fests lined up, so I'd assume still in the area (ish). If I was gonna bet, it'd be on Tame Impala if we get one at all.
  16. Straight Outta Shepton
  17. Hugely. Would have loved their Park set but it clashes with Skunk Anansie and they're one of my few non-negotiables. I'll be at their Lonely Hearts Club set on the Sunday instead.
  18. The only thing grimmer than that would be a massive dirty sex pond jacuzzi
  19. Believable tbh. I know of a few people who got sunstroke in 17 and 19, and my entire group was broken on the Thursday afternoon in 19 when we couldn't find any shade. If people like Fuzzy are really struggling with no escape from it I could see it as an unfortunate option
  20. Getting practice in for jumping from one musical genre to the other so my brain can cope with the swerves! This morning, Nova Twins >> Gabriels 😂
  21. Sorry pal. I'll be struggling a bit but can cope with this weather, but it looks proper bad for you. Hope the temps come down a wee bit
  22. Out of upvotes but happy days, been following this thread more than the weather one! Hopefully that's the start of everyone getting sorted
  23. Quark


    Yeah that's what I was thinking he meant
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