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  1. Smack. Pretty sure it's smack. Moreish. Will endeavour to catch you somewhere over the weekend, I'll be shouting tosser in the Cockmill as much as I can get away with
  2. NBJ fritters....you bloody tosser 😂
  3. Oh no, that doesn't look or sound good in any way shape or form! Whatever's happened I hope it's a speedy recovery.
  4. Ditto, plus it'll be a good singalong. Biggest pull to FAK for me is the fact that a couple of mates are there, and I like to try and catch some sets with them if I can. Or it's the big Confidence Man party up in The Park...
  5. Quark

    Damned pull out

    Just said to a mate that's the song I'd want to be able to duck in for. Absolutely love that track.
  6. Quark

    Damned pull out

    Looking on the (selfish) plus side, this could work for me in a way. I would have been either cutting Dub War short or missing the start of The Damned (even more so now that DW's set is showing as finishing at 23:40), and then would have had the same issue between the end of The Damned and the start of Chainska Brassika. With the extended Dub War slot I can now watch all of them and then happily bimble over to Small World for CB without rushing or missing either. Swings and roundabouts innit
  7. Quark

    Sound systems

    Sound Systems have been on the banned list for ages. They mean proper kit. You'll be fine.
  8. Chuck in Confidence Man and Dry Cleaning and that's my Friday afternoon quandry. Will all come down to a combination of my mood and what friends are watching I suspect.
  9. My mrs had it last week so I've done one and I'm all clear
  10. Quark

    Damned pull out

    Come on, there's loads of other stuff you wanted to s.....oh, right. Sorry. As you were.
  11. Yeah I've got loads of those especially on Friday. Instead of being annoyed about clashes I'm just trying to be really happy that I've got options! Ask me on Friday night how that's working out 😄
  12. Quark

    Damned pull out

    Bummer for me, was looking forward to this but Reef's not a bad replacement. Probably won't be there (although never say never!) but fingers crossed everyone still enjoys it! This was always going to be a risk. Main thing is that whoever's got it in the Damned's camp recovers sharpish
  13. Agreed. The Wildlings' Wanger can do one.
  14. I've been playing their likely fest set a bit recently. They're right up there on clash Friday for me, although it'll come down to mood on the day. Either way I think it'll be fantastic, perfect afternoon fare
  15. Quark

    Paul McCartney

    Frog Song or we riot
  16. Quark

    Tent theft - look out!

    Quicker to type. And because no-one cares.
  17. Quark

    Tent theft - look out!

    Your opinion has been duly noted and will be filed in a very important box.
  18. Quark

    Tent theft - look out!

    Fine. I believe they remain incredibly proud of their 100% record at the festival
  19. Quark

    Last day at work

    Worked pretty late last night so I'm not in a mental rush today. Handover notes done, only a few days but a few bits likely to kick up while I'm off so enough info to keep the team ticking over and not left up shit creek.
  20. Made a few final tweaks this morning. Tubbed up coffee (morning) and some peppermint teabags (bed time 😄), stuffed the fully charged power banks and cables into the rucksack along with baccy and lighters. Dug out my butt pouch and stuck that in there as well. Travel clothes all set out for the morning. Just need to fly into town later to pick up a sleeping mask, then it's clipping my hair tonight so it's nice and fresh, decanting posh booze into the hip flask (don't want it sat in there too long) and we're done. Bag will go in the car ready for the morning for Mrs Q to drop me at the station and off we go!
  21. Hopefully see you for a beer pal
  22. No idea Zig. Nothing's been posted about it since the vote so I'm assuming not.
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