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  1. Absolutely belting album. Haven’t really listened thoroughly to the ones that came after, but this one is near perfect IMO. Love it
  2. Awesome. Tell me both sides are lined with bars and toilets with hardly any ques ha Appreciate there is some great stuff on the smaller scattered stages to. Potentially being able to watch a run of something like Beck, National, Strokes , Caribou with barely any stage travel sounds tremendous tho
  3. Looking at the site map from previous festivals (2019), do they have a massive open arena bit with a stage at either end of it which has most of the main acts. Looks like it was pull and bear / seat stages, and as one act finishes the next one starts 5 mins later on the reverse stage. So all you have to do is turn round and shuffle forward as much as you can? Is that correct. As someone who has done a few muddy Glasto pyramid to park stage sprints this sounds too good to be true ha
  4. Thanks for this response and for all the other chat that followed. I think it stayed in playa Catalunya is where I stayed when I went to Barcelona before from memory. Big square at top of la ramblas ? think we will prob look for hotel over an Airbnb anyone got any go to hotels they use in this area that might still have some availability? ps - is is a absolute nightmare trying to leave the festival forum site itself at about 4am or whatever time it finishes each day. That was my logic in trying to stay close to site I was hoping to avoid cab scramble / massive bus ques etc
  5. Morning all. 2 friends and I have a ticket for weekend 1. I have been to Barcelona before for a weekend so know the city a little , but first time going to Primavera. One of friends is round later so we were going to have a few beers , crack on the Spotify PS2022 playlist and start looking at some accommodation options. appreciate best deals prob gone already due to canny veterans snapping them up. We are pretty much starting from scratch though. Are there any well trodden accommodation guides or tips I could turn to , to narrow the search. i believe the festival site is a bit o
  6. If honey Dijon / roisin Murphy doesn’t start to 12:00, what time is finish? they advertised it as 5 hours but 7-12 would account for that. Do we think it will just run an extra half our or something , or will it just run through into the small hours
  7. This is a tremendous idea. I’ve smuggled a few cans of beers into the cinema before but never thought to buy an ice blast then pour some spirits into it. Visionary! gonna watch worthy live at home but this has just ramped up the next James Bond movie ha
  8. This guy wrote some absolute monster tunes. RIP
  9. Yeah what do we reckon the likelihood of this is? I would be keen to see them again if playing their own shows
  10. Well keen for this. Have paid £10+ to see a couple of bands live streams already in lockdown so £20 for all this plus supporting the festival and charities seems more than fair Looking forward to idles and Chris Martin combining for an acoustic performance of Rottweiler from the stone circle ha
  11. I would also be interested in a APE foals presale if anyone knows of one ? cheers
  12. Cheers FF, I recognise you from the Glasto chat section I normally spend more time on. hope you are getting on ok in all the madness. in the event it is bumped to September , is there consensus that it would be the weekend of Sep 11/12? Family also thinking about a small Sep getaway together so might suggest we dodge this weekend if so just in case
  13. Morning all. I have been following this thread for last few months with all the uncertainty and in absence of any news from official festival sources. Is the consensus that the original June dates 2021 are highly unlikely still? And that maybe either a move to September or a total cancel until next year are the more realistic options. some of my friends are planning something in the UK for the June primavera weekend this year and they are trying to pin me down on whether I will be able to make it or not. I kind of presumed Primavera wouldn’t be going ahead but thought we
  14. Arrested development 1-3 seasons are exceptional, agree with previous poster who noted every episode beyond that tarnish the reputation though (ie the new ones Netflix revived). Short episodes too mean you can blast through it really fast , I would recommend to anyone it is also one of the best rewatch comedies I have seen. By season 3 there is so many little in jokes/nods to previous episodes that the gag rate seems about every 20 seconds lol , and it takes a rewatch or two to pick up on them all. Curb is great too, took me a little longer to get into but once you are in its brill
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