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  1. Cheers FF, I recognise you from the Glasto chat section I normally spend more time on. hope you are getting on ok in all the madness. in the event it is bumped to September , is there consensus that it would be the weekend of Sep 11/12? Family also thinking about a small Sep getaway together so might suggest we dodge this weekend if so just in case
  2. Morning all. I have been following this thread for last few months with all the uncertainty and in absence of any news from official festival sources. Is the consensus that the original June dates 2021 are highly unlikely still? And that maybe either a move to September or a total cancel until next year are the more realistic options. some of my friends are planning something in the UK for the June primavera weekend this year and they are trying to pin me down on whether I will be able to make it or not. I kind of presumed Primavera wouldn’t be going ahead but thought we
  3. Arrested development 1-3 seasons are exceptional, agree with previous poster who noted every episode beyond that tarnish the reputation though (ie the new ones Netflix revived). Short episodes too mean you can blast through it really fast , I would recommend to anyone it is also one of the best rewatch comedies I have seen. By season 3 there is so many little in jokes/nods to previous episodes that the gag rate seems about every 20 seconds lol , and it takes a rewatch or two to pick up on them all. Curb is great too, took me a little longer to get into but once you are in its brill
  4. This avalanches album is tremendous expected to be a bit disappointed on first listen then for it to grow on me, but one listen in massively loving it
  5. Summer in Australia then ha really looking forward to this too edit - whoops meant to quote priest
  6. Love the mandalorian . Great adventure and lots of fun, doesn’t take itself too seriously quite weirdly I really like the illustrations they show during the end credits. They make me feel really nostalgic for the kind of pics they had on the original Star Wars video tape box art ha
  7. This show is bonkers. Cannot decide if great or terrible ha. Also seems quite a odd premise for a show full stop. Feels like there was prob enough for a straight drama about the racist society etc then then the guy from lost came along and said get some monsters in it. Uh ok, which ones?... ALL the monsters!!
  8. May already have been discussed but the new fleet foxes album is great. A lot of it sounds positively cheerful
  9. I’m interested in this disclosure gig for Bristol providing some satisfactory safety outcome to get it on can be found. anyone got an idea of how these presale things work. It says you need to buy and album but then says * no purchase necessary?? also a fair few mates would be keen for this. If I did buy an album how many tickets could you normally get on presale??. Can anyone shed any light on how this works in practice? Also would price for gig be announced. Might not want to shell out £15 for new album only to find gig is so expensive I couldn’t go anyway help!?!
  10. internetjef

    BBC Glastonbury

    I remember thinking they were pretty good in 07, I think the conditions may have taken the edge iff it a little though. it’s was Pooled mud about a foot deep where I was standing lol . There was genuine concern about serious breaching of the welly line ha
  11. Guys do I need to be on O2 to follow that link and purchase Fontaine’s tickets? Doesn’t seem to stop me from doing so?
  12. internetjef

    BBC Glastonbury

    I believe station to station is in this setlist. ThT will surely be amazing ha
  13. internetjef

    BBC Glastonbury

    I get the feeling that in the time between the 2013? West holts set and this pyramid one they might have spent a bit of money upgrading some of the band members. Def seems a more polished show these days perhaps just the singers actually more maybe they have just tightened up from playing so much
  14. internetjef

    BBC Glastonbury

    Nile and chic now on bbc 4, one of the most enjoyable sets I have seen in my 10 festivals . Sun didn’t hurt it either
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