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  1. Never seen King Gizz before but super hyped for it. Have heard they have a pretty solid group of die hard fans who sometimes go full commitment and dress up as charachters from songs ha. If it further back and there is talkers I am gonna try and get stuck in with these guys hoping to get a couple of tracks from mind fuzz / nonagon infinity as those are albums I am most familiar with. Appreciate could be absolutely anything though. The most recent album with gila monster will prob get a few but that’s a bit more hard metal than I normally go for
  2. What’s the walk time between main stage and the 2nd stage ? Would be keen to see a bit of bodega / dry cleaning / fat dog doable or would I miss most of each set transferring ?
  3. Ah didn’t realise they were alphabetic I had presumed that was in set order with headliners last . You are indeed right , in which case my rudimentary plans are out the window until we get set times
  4. agreed , good for catching a bit of all, although I did arrive a bit late for apex twin after watching leftfield so starting spot wasn’t great. Normally pretty easy to politely filter through tho (if not in a big group)
  5. You may have seen this already , but stage splits were put up on insta a week or two back (2nd may). No set times granted , but can probably get a feel for some of acts that will/wont clash
  6. That is a lovely add on . Guessing they may headline 2nd stage so could be a bit of scampering around between Jessie ware and lcD soundsystem to try and catch a bit of all
  7. Just realised there is an app available for this available through woov . I followed the Facebook link through the festival website and it was there 3/4 posts down they are yet to drop the full set times / stage splits but based on socials looks like it is coming very soon . They have been teasing it across last few days thought worth mentioning in case anyone else going was unaware
  8. I went in there a couple of times year before last . Stocks levels / product offferings seemed a bit scattergun. If you are absolutely wedded to a particular mixer / brand I would be a bit wary about availability (even if you know they sell it in regular offsite Co-ops). if you are just looking for ‘something to use a mixer’ then you would def be fine I didn’t go last year though , and others may have different experience. Was later when I went in also
  9. internetjef

    2024 New Music

    New lemon twigs sounds nice but it’s not got as many immediately catchy ones the last album IMO
  10. My mate met his now fiancé dancing under the Arcadia spider years ago when it was in SE corner. Few years later he proposed to her again under the spider , nice touch I thought. Technically different spot tho as it was over towards park by then
  11. I signed up for the email distribution on the event website and it came through at lunchtime today. Must admit I presumed it has been blanketed all over socials but didn’t actually check
  12. Killer Mike , Lankum , Sam Morton , DJ milo filling out the bill on the massive attack Bristol downs day
  13. Could see myself around for a bit of Friday for sure. Squid , noname , Danny Brown , maybe Sofia kortesis although could be drawn away by something exciting opening up elsewhere
  14. West holts is up. Looks pretty much as per leak at first glance . Sorry cannot link
  15. internetjef

    2024 New Music

    scuttling off to check this out as have a wide awake ticket. Nice one
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