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    Glasto Baby

    Thinking of taking babyjef who will be about 15 months down for Thursday also. Is the kids field stuff open then? Or not till friday? Im looking forward to taking him up to the park and chilling up on the hill, plus waking him round as much of festival site as possible before my back packs it in ha
  2. Didn’t they play 3rd/4th down pyramid last time? Which seemed low considering the most recent album was well received. It felt like it was pretty new tho and lots of crowd maybe didn’t know it aswell as the super popular 1st one
  3. internetjef

    Emily interview

    Looking at setlists gutted to see that only tightrope is getting played regularly off archandroid . Where are faster, dance or die, and Cold War? Absolute bangers Appreciate she is touring her new album but the setlists look short too. Do we think she would roll out the tour setlist or get a bit longer for WH headliner? 1h15 - 1hr 30 maybe?
  4. I will temper my expectations appropriately
  5. Just reading back and realised people are throwing AF albums in the mix too ha funeral alligator boxer neon bible suburbs HV TWFM reflector SWB E Now
  6. Alligator Boxer (almost tied 1st, but edged into second as Gospel doesn’t give it the big finish of Mr November) High Violet TWFM SWB haven’t listened to the first two which is mental really considering how great the five above are. That’s on the to do list!
  7. when kasabian subbed the Boss weren’t they pitched as ‘his special guests’ or something like that?
  8. internetjef

    Parquet Courts

    Absolutely immense last night in Bristol. I expected them to sound a bit scratchy live, but was surprised that they sounded very tight. Wish I had seen them more on previous tours, especially the 1st album. That said the new album is great so was happy with a set list pretty heavy with that.
  9. Last time East 17 played Michael Jackson died. if they are playing again we need to make sure all pop superstars are wrapped in cotton wool in case it’s a jinx
  10. internetjef

    Not taking baby

    My wife and I had A little boy in April this year so he will be 1 when Glasto rolls round next year. We always had a deal I would continue going but only fri-sun instead of normal Tuesday arrive, and she would look after him. The more she thinks about it she wants to go too tho , so likely we will leave him with his auntie. I think we will still only arrive on Friday tho. We tend to go canpervan in recent years so we can get a friend to put tent up in advance. It will be weird not going on the Tuesday as normal as I love those extra days at the start, but I think leaving him for longer would feel a bit weird, plus I would miss him. holefully one day we will take him with us but think we will wait until he is a fair bit older as that would make it a very different festival ha
  11. internetjef

    Parquet Courts

    Got two for Bristol SWX. Went to SWX for car seat headrest last week and thought it was a decent venue. Easy to get to the bars and good sight lines to the stage. Also amuses me that I used to go to no alchohol ‘nappy nights’ there when I was about 12/13 ha. enjoying the PQ album, but if they don’t play the master my craft/borrowed time double hitter I will cry lol. One of my favourite opening one/twos of any album. Light up gold still my fav album and will take something spectacular to top it. Would also like to see ducking and dodging live but not sure much chance of that, that vocal must be tough to deliver and nail it (not sure where he gets his breaths in)
  12. So is the consensus that due to pyramids longer headline set for foos, it will be pyramid sub and west holts 3rd down that will clash directly. So in this case The National and Avalanches if so this is deeply upsetting to me as they were prob two of my top 5 must sees on the 1st poster
  13. I feel we need to get guy to do a reaction live stream going. Especially for the bits where jools joins in on the piano ha
  14. Surely Sunday other headliner no? Pyramid crowd would murder the experience I reckon
  15. internetjef


    Thanks to the posters earlier for posting the new songs, gonna listen to them now Pyramid headline set would have been spot on if it was a Other stage headline set IMO p.s i love demon days
  16. 1st - Alligator and Boxer dead heat 3rd - High Violet 4th - Trouble Will Find Me Must get other ones promptly
  17. Kingcrawler, every time I see your avatar I chuckle. Great work
  18. They say the term legend is overused these days... But not here!! unbelievable effort , good luck with rest of the run.
  19. Love Guy's unique reviewing style! Look forward to it every week. Keep it up sir, here's to a mended cock!
  20. alright good choice get it on
  21. internetjef


    apparently they are playing new york governors ball festival on 6-8 june aswell as coachella. thats a bit closer to glasto i reckon subbing pyramid under the biggest of the 3 headliners would be spot on
  22. Keep the car running, intervention and especially no cars go definitely the standout tracks on neon bible IMO, wholeheartedly agree with floor filler. Also ready to start, month of may and sprawl II from the suburbs.
  23. Just walked home from pub and played funeral, this must be one of the best albums in the last 15 years alframsey get involved! although suburbs is a great album, funeral drills it in every sense if they played neighbourhood 1-4 back to back i would implode
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