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    Get there as early as you can Sue, get your tent up, and then enjoy!
  2. I’m all over that Bristol Caribou gig come Friday morning. Anyone got any idea on pricing?
  3. Mgmt other around 2010 (flat as a pancake), Lauryn hill this year, Paul Simon (think he was ill though), couple of years back saw bob Dylan at benicassim one year which was prob one of most dissapointing away from Glasto .
  4. Thank you sir! Just got a pair Hoping for a bit of luck with the stage splits and the weather. if I get to watch idles, Fontaine’s, and one of grace jones/neneh cherry for £27 I will be a happy man I will be shunning Lauryn Hill based on Glasto dissapointment
  5. Thank you have picked a couple up on twickets so fingers crossed nobody will check on way in cheers
  6. Cheers mate (and HJ above). yeah I have seen a few singles pop up on twickets but was waiting for a pair with decent pickup options. I noticed the t&cs later and thought twice about buying through twickets without lead booker being present. sounds like although not guaranteed to work you guys think reasonably likely twickets purchased tickets would be ok even without lead booker
  7. Long shot but looking for 2 x tickets for New Order in Bristol tomorrow eve. Apparently tickets have name of purchaser on and they have to be present on entry otherwise they won’t let you in. So guessing I’m looking for someone who bought 3/4 and doesn’t need 2 talk about a long shot ha Send me a message on here if anyone can help out cheers
  8. Can I just check is the thinking still that it’s foals on the park later this eve as the tba. I’ve been offline since got here so don’t know if info has changed. P.s hope everyone is having an awesome time.
  9. Pretty sure at least two are still going. Montpelier and totterdown?
  10. Couple of the Bristol restaurants have closed recently , including the one next to my house. Real shame. also the jaldi jaldi food stand I believe is linked to thali has been missing from the central bristol food market on Fridays. Sounds like they could be having some difficulties. If anyone has a more positive take I would be delighted to hear good news
  11. internetjef


    Top Arcadia / Pangea tip... if you are approaching it at busy periods, nip into the dairy ground field, follow the hedge right up so you have gone past Arcadia, then cut through into the gap in the hedge so you approach it from the other side(south west). Easy to get to the middle from there as you don’t have the hoardes of people approaching It the conventional way
  12. My friend did it about 8 months pregnant back in the last real muddy one (2016?). she actually did brilliantly well even in the mud. Clearly she sacked off the late night stuff , and took less crowded positions further back for acts rather than getting stuck in the middle. taking a fold out camping chair which normally we wouldn’t do was a massive win for her tho in the conditions. So it’s def doable just take it steady, slow everything down, and stay out of big rowdy crowds
  13. Started half way back to right of mixing desk for strokes and sound was shocking. There was booing in between the first 3 tracks. We doubled back out to the where the bars were (as trying to find someone we lost), and that randomly dramatically improved the sound. I had thought maybe a technical issue had been solved, but perhaps it was just the spot we moved to. Sound was great after that
  14. Rum into a empty Capri-sun, capri-sun in pants, you into festival, rum into you enjoy!
  15. Bagged a pair for Cardiff and very excited. Only ever seen them once live before (recent Glasto), so looking forward to a full show with long set. How long before we can get a semi-accurate read on the type of setlist we might get? i guess just how much new album vs previous work hoping to get a fair chunk of the latter but don’t know how realistic that is
  16. Evening all. Long time Glastonbury forum lurker and occasional poster. If anybody is looking to get rid of two regular price tickets (not VIP), for strokes day please drop me a message. Foolishly thought they wouldn’t sell out and could call it nearer the day. I was wrong. Any help greatly appreciated
  17. This. A real head scratcher that one
  18. Anyone got any experience of whether you can get out of a midweek gig in Cardiff arena in time to get a train back to Bristol temple meads ?
  19. Does Albert Hammond senior make the strokes more likely ha
  20. internetjef

    Tame Impala

    I would hope for a couple less off currents (9!), and couple more from previous 2 albums. Guessing they prob won’t change it up much due to the visuals though
  21. Thinking of getting and APE ticket for Chems day. How similar do people think the sets will be a month apart? I’m guessing when you have that much visual you prob stick with similar sets to justify the effort in putting the show together?
  22. I echo these sentiments wholeheartedly and applaud your ability to get it down in words. ive seen two of the three you mentioned (both the Sunday’s on other, but not the Saturday). I would have been keen for any of Killers, Wu, Hot Chip but can’t see me missing Chems , especially on a Saturday night
  23. That pirate tent looks badboy! I used to have a tent of that size/type that I shared with a mate, just a plain one though. One of us in each end and all our stuff in the middle. Loads of room. Plus I bet it will be lighter than the big one, plus.. well.... arrrrrrrrrrrghh ... shiver me timbers and all that business
  24. internetjef

    Tame Impala

    Sounds ok but would be disappointed if that is the new album highlight. Seen them 3 times at Glasto now and once supporting Arctic’s. Never seen them in the dark with the light show though so that would be cool. It’s always been daytime or sunset slot. Love the albums (currents a bit hit and miss though), so even tho they don’t have much stage presence they are always worth a watch for the tunes alone
  25. internetjef

    Glasto Baby

    Thinking of taking babyjef who will be about 15 months down for Thursday also. Is the kids field stuff open then? Or not till friday? Im looking forward to taking him up to the park and chilling up on the hill, plus waking him round as much of festival site as possible before my back packs it in ha
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