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    fuck yeah

    All is right in the music news world again
  2. Title track and harmonias dream prob standouts for me also im sure it has been discussed on forum already across other threads (acts touring round Glasto etc) but is there any consensus of likelihood of an appearance next summer?
  3. I’m absolutely loving this album went through it three times with a few drinks last night max volume , then blasted live drugs for good measure it’s exactly what I needed from a new WOD album. does that mad cool date they have committed to early July mean we are confident for Glasto?
  4. Yes please sooner the better
  5. I shall be inserting my own whoops where I feel appropriate ha
  6. Squid Bristol tonight was great. Unexpected houseplants action too
  7. internetjef


    I’m in! Great work SC. Good Glasto ticket karma showered upon you
  8. internetjef


    Nice one. I live about 10 mins walk from venue so would be a dream. Could prob even get the kids down for bed and still make it lol. I’m on here lurking every few hours so will keep an eye out for your message. Have a great time tonight.
  9. internetjef


    I would be v keen SC got a downs ticket for upcoming gig but this would be magic in such a small venue will happily stick £20 in charity of your choice if you don’t want any cash yourself
  10. Surely that previous fan-picked other stage headline set list cannot be topped? even if there is some good stuff on albums released since then to bring to the table will happily go and watch again as they were great, but will need to temper my expectations accordingly ha
  11. Thanks all, sounds pretty encouraging. Will dive in and do some research
  12. Got a ticket for this. have heard working men’s club album and like that so def happy to watch them. heard a couple of Anne Meredith tracks on 6 music seems quite expiremental electronic stuff. Anyone seen her play live? Is it likely to ‘go off’ or not really ha. perhaps not the kind of support booking I had necessarily anticipated for this any reviews of the other 3 acts on the top left? Will stream a few tracks but always interested in peoples live experiences if they have any cheers in advance
  13. Got pinged and had to miss RB last night as iso finished at midnight . Boooo
  14. Hey guys. Any idea when we are likely to get stage splits / set times?
  15. Interested in that Royal Blood Bristol gig. If anyone has bought royal blood album through their own website direct (meaning you were sent a promo code), that you aren’t planning to use, I would be extremely grateful if they could pm me
  16. From memory didn’t the news about Jacko passing away break on site a few hours before E17. Seems to remember nobody new if it was a hoax and people were trying to text mates of site to confirm it
  17. Absolutely belting album. Haven’t really listened thoroughly to the ones that came after, but this one is near perfect IMO. Love it
  18. Awesome. Tell me both sides are lined with bars and toilets with hardly any ques ha Appreciate there is some great stuff on the smaller scattered stages to. Potentially being able to watch a run of something like Beck, National, Strokes , Caribou with barely any stage travel sounds tremendous tho
  19. Looking at the site map from previous festivals (2019), do they have a massive open arena bit with a stage at either end of it which has most of the main acts. Looks like it was pull and bear / seat stages, and as one act finishes the next one starts 5 mins later on the reverse stage. So all you have to do is turn round and shuffle forward as much as you can? Is that correct. As someone who has done a few muddy Glasto pyramid to park stage sprints this sounds too good to be true ha
  20. Thanks for this response and for all the other chat that followed. I think it stayed in playa Catalunya is where I stayed when I went to Barcelona before from memory. Big square at top of la ramblas ? think we will prob look for hotel over an Airbnb anyone got any go to hotels they use in this area that might still have some availability? ps - is is a absolute nightmare trying to leave the festival forum site itself at about 4am or whatever time it finishes each day. That was my logic in trying to stay close to site I was hoping to avoid cab scramble / massive bus ques etc
  21. Morning all. 2 friends and I have a ticket for weekend 1. I have been to Barcelona before for a weekend so know the city a little , but first time going to Primavera. One of friends is round later so we were going to have a few beers , crack on the Spotify PS2022 playlist and start looking at some accommodation options. appreciate best deals prob gone already due to canny veterans snapping them up. We are pretty much starting from scratch though. Are there any well trodden accommodation guides or tips I could turn to , to narrow the search. i believe the festival site is a bit out to the east of the tourist city centre. I reckon we would maybe prefer to stay close to the festival site so it’s a short crawl home each morning, and then we could travel in and out of city centre by day when we feel up to it. we have all saved a bit of money up during lockdown so happy to throw a bit of cash at some half decent digs. A year in a tent at benicassim in low 30s heat has tought me the value of having a hotel room with some functional air con ha im guessing we would prob be looking at 3/4 star hotel near festival site itself. Any tips? thanks for any help in advance would also consider air bnb but I can only stay for a few days so simplicity of hotel for quick check in and out could be better .
  22. If honey Dijon / roisin Murphy doesn’t start to 12:00, what time is finish? they advertised it as 5 hours but 7-12 would account for that. Do we think it will just run an extra half our or something , or will it just run through into the small hours
  23. This is a tremendous idea. I’ve smuggled a few cans of beers into the cinema before but never thought to buy an ice blast then pour some spirits into it. Visionary! gonna watch worthy live at home but this has just ramped up the next James Bond movie ha
  24. This guy wrote some absolute monster tunes. RIP
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