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  1. I'm up for this, as there is little interest at work. 😲 I've joined the squirrel one - is this correct? (It took bloody ages - pick a scorer?!?)
  2. Fishman


    Mr. Whitford is now not so sure. https://loudwire.com/brad-whitford-doubts-aerosmith-play-live-again/
  3. Whyte Horses mini-tour (due this week!) moved to May 2022.
  4. Yeah - maybe, but aren't there loads of examples of bemusing 'two similar acts clashing'?
  5. Wasn't the theory that it was supposed to be Metallica, Pixies, JB (and Prince on the main stage). When the Purple One pulled out, Metallica were shifted across and the JB jumped up and filled the gap as Pixies couldn't headline as they had to leave immediately after their set to be elsewhere?
  6. She Drew the Gun with a new album and shoehorning themselves into a busy October. OCT 06 The Behave Myself Tour @ The Bootleg Social Blackpool, United Kingdom OCT 07 The Behave Myself Tour @ Brudnell Social Club Leeds, United Kingdom OCT 08 The Behave Myself Tour @ Cobalt Studios Newcastle, United Kingdom OCT 09 The Behave Myself Tour @ Drygate Brewing Club Glasgow, United Kingdom OCT 12 The Behave Myself Tour @ Sub 89 Reading, United Kingdom OCT 13 The Behave Myself Tour @ The Fleece Bristol, United King
  7. 6; 6; 7; 9; 11 .... but then this could be a memory thing.
  8. Support the festival; support Stagehand; donate to Oxfam, Greenpeace and Water Aid - yes, certainly. Money already paid with no second thoughts from me.
  9. Fabric have some livestreams over the next few Sundays for the Save the Venues crowd-funder. If you can throw a bit of money their way, please do. x https://www.fabriclondon.com/blog/view/newsflash-announcing-london-unlocked-a-series-of-streams-from-iconic-london-locations 21st March Stream start time: 18:00 GMT - London Wavey Garms: Fabio b2b Grooverider, Oneman b2b Bluetoof 28th March Stream start time: 18:00 BST - London Smithfield Market: Object Blue, Batu 4th April Stream start time: 14:00 BST - London fabric: Josh Caffe | Round Chapel: Archie Hamilton | Round Chapel
  10. Was the best 'unfairly-tucked-away-on-a-small-stage' act of 2019. However, this meant they were up close and personal. Top stuff.
  11. Popped in here to say the same thing .... will give it blast later and try not to cry. (Is there a theme emerging?)
  12. Thanks for that - I'd put a message out to a mate who was also there to try and confirm. I seem to remember there was loads of people climbing up the previous year (yeah, I know, '95) and no one gave a shit. But again, 'twas a long time ago. (Was it Banco de Gaia? I wish I'd kept some notes).
  13. Ah, '97. I spent a LOT of time in the Dance Tent. I *think* it was during DP that some guy climbed the one of the central trusses in the tent and they had to stop the set until he came down. Once everyone started booing it freaked him out and he just froze. Just say no, kids.
  14. A noice Essential Mix from Kelly Lee Owens to soundtrack your day ... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000s3vf Hope you're all staying sane out there ... x
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