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  1. Same problem with the teenagers here. We were all that invincible once! Look after yourselves one and all - keep those mixes coming to keep us sane. Stay safe Benny & keep up the good work. Love to all. x
  2. Fishman

    Jon Hopkins

    Nothing on the RAH website yet, but JH has tweeted to say it's postponed. Sensible, I suppose.
  3. But this is the best coach return time there is. Pack up when you get up on Sunday and put all your stuff in the lock ups. Sail all the way through the rest of the day and night. It all then finishes at 5, which gives you the perfect amount of time to stagger to Gate A. Get on coach, pass out and before you know it you're back in your hometown.
  4. Put away the Christmas decorations in the loft. This always requires a bit of a rearrangement of the stuff in there, so, planning ahead, pulled the Glastonbury bag to the front as it's the next thing needed from up there. It's this year, folks.
  5. Great thread, Fuzz. And I hope it guarantees you a cool festival next year. Cheers.
  6. Fishman

    2020 headliners

    Stay excited. Brixton was brilliant, the crowd were brilliant and she is a star. (But next time, when I have to pay silly money to see her at The Enormodome I want a band as well.)
  7. Fishman

    The Rock Slot

    Is this the same Priest who were down as support for Ozzy on his European tour next year? Well, at least until he postponed it again.
  8. Fishman


    Just re-iterating what the Badger said up there ... she is a superstar and had the crowd in the palm of her hand (again). A top, top evening. (Next time around, let's have a full band!)
  9. Another +1 for Algiers. Great live and for us London-types they are playing at one of the best venues in town. (I may need the earplugs).
  10. We have the right answer. Klaxons, 2007, Other Stage - the worst performance of the grimmest year.
  11. In fact, Kylie is my bottom of that 4 and she was bloody good. Blimey.
  12. Still a bit niche, but look who us London types get as support ..... ? Ticket now secured.
  13. Excellent news and see you in the fields. Looking forward to a report or two, if you can find the time.
  14. See you there all you people in the happy thread ....
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