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  1. It might not be the coolest response, but it's often worth checking out the Radio 1 Residency. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01d76k4/episodes/guide There should be something on there to tickle your fancy as they rotate 8 DJs who put up a mix a month. Each mix stays online for about a month. This forum's favourite Haai is one, who gives a nice shout out to the Genosys crew about halfway through her latest. As is Charlotte de Witte who is definitely floating my boat at the moment. There is also a banging set from Blawan & Dax J, which should be right up Benny's alley at least. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000743m Good luck.
  2. Fishman


    Make sure you don't miss out! Use all websites.... G&T, Live Nation & Ticketmaster. (Maybe more?) Good luck.
  3. Fishman


    Where are you? London have all gone, but there are still tix for Manchester & Glasgow.
  4. Set times: Saturday Main Stage Jamiroquai - 20:45 - 22.15 The Roots - 18:45 James Morrison - 17:00 Jacob Collier - 15:15 SG Lewis - 13:30 Second Stage Soul II Soul - 19:30 Incognito - 17:30 Swing Out Sister - 15:45 MF Robots - 14:00 The Family Playground Andy and the Odd Socks - 17:15 Science Museum Greatest Hits Show - 16:25 Bubble Show - 15:40 Comedy Show 4 Kids - 14:30 Pop Bingo - 13:20 Boppin' Bunnies - 12:30 Sunday Main Stage Grace Jones - 20:15 - 21:45 Rag N Bone Man - 18:15 UB40 featuring Ali Campbell & Astro. - 16:30 Morcheeba - 14:45 Newton Faulkner - 13:00 Second Stage Brand New Heavies - 19:00 ASWAD - 17:15 Laville - 15:30 Yakul - 13:45 The Family Playground Sooty's Bake Off - 17:30 Bubble Show - 16:45 Science Museum Greatest Hits Show - 16:00 Mister Maker - 15:10 Sam Copeland - 14:45 Sooty's Bake Off - 14:05 Jim Smith - 13:10 Boppin' Bunnies - 12:30
  5. Yeah - that's shite, but you'll still be fine. As HJ said, It's not much further to Maze Hill (it'll take about 20 minutes and it's downhill to the station) and they seem to have plenty of trains on. Also, Grace is scheduled to finish at 9:45, so you won't need to miss the end. Hope she's still on good form.
  6. Fishman


    O2 pre-sale on Tuesday, Amex pre-sale on Wednesday, General Sale on Friday ....
  7. OK, so it’s time for a little look back at after-dark Glastonbury 2019 as I shifted the old bones through various late-night areas. Thursday always is a day for catching up with old mates and clocking the changes round and about. Anything on tends to be way too busy, so I generally just ignore it all and have a few beers. I did manage to catch Giant Swan in The Spike, a very energetic and enthusiastic set of industrial noise, at least it was once they’d managed to work out how to get all the leads connected in what is basically a treehouse. Bonus points for the mum of one of the boys being right down the front giving it large also. I then nipped across to Avalon Cafe to catch Banco-de-Gaia who played at my first and is usually around somewhere. It was a somewhat measly crowd at the start, but we’d swelled in numbers by end with folks of a certain age trying to imagine it was ’95 and that people were swinging from the tent poles like the good old days. Friday began with a bit more reminiscing. Hidden away in the market areas, possibly on the site of the awful old Radio 1 Essential Mix stage, is Babylon Uprising, a little tent generally ignored by the passers-by. An hour of old-school jungle to an audience of around 30 from Mark Archer meant I knew most of the tunes. From there it was over to Pangea for CC & JJ. Now, first night and all that, but it was, erm, okay. Looked good from a distance. Looked good from underneath when it was snowing. Sound was good but not great. Atmosphere was fine but not great. It was busy but not rammed, with again the tourists on the edge and the more serious in the middle. I was looking forward to C de W but by now had been found by the most spangled of one my flock of spangled sheep. This meant I had to go into full-on shepherd mode and not give it my full attention. It was also not helped by the bellends group near me who were all wearing Charlotte masks and insisted on trying to get her attention, for what seemed like the entire set. General grumpiness and probably a bit of heat exhaustion from the day meant I knocked it on the head after that. Saturday was time for serious business starting with Chemicals front and centre and then into the SEC. Bicep first up in The Gas Tower which was rammed to begin with, but it was a bit under-whelming at the start so that thinned the numbers to acceptable levels and the last half an hour rocked a bit better. Then it was is generally considered to be the set of the weekend with Haai at Genosys. Others will pick out tunes and describe it better than me, but safe to say that 2 hours whizzed by and Teneil herself seemed to be loving it, which always is a plus for me – she needs to cut down on the fags though! Genosys itself has also benefitted from its re-location and has a lovely enclosed feeling to go with its top-notch sounds. From there it was a bit of a queue into The Temple, but it moved faster than I’d expected, so I was unfortunate enough to catch the end of Patrick Topping which seemed to be just about himself. Monika Kruse played in the sunrise with a sublime set of proper, clean Germanic techno. And, after apparently being in his orbit on more that one occasion, I finally caught up with Benny, who was still bouncing better than all of us at 5:30. Sunday already and joyed by Janelle, I raced back to the spiritual home of Genosys for Josh Wink along with Benny who had finally found a couple more off here to bounce along with (@GWR & @Binfish (top t-shirt work, BF)) amongst others, no doubt. From there it was the onslaught that was Karenn at Iicon. (Ooft, but I do like the occasional bit of light in amongst the dark!) It’s a helluva sound-system and stage, but possibly a bit too big (?) and it started to feel a bit cold and windswept in the wee-small hours, but that may have just been me! Passed through Felix on Genosys but was drawn to finishing at Slipmatt and Mark Archer in the Gas Tower – tunes I knew again! And lots of smiling faces. And then what do you know, it’s over for another year. Overall, another great showing from those putting on the night-time entertainment and the line-ups themselves just get better. We can all bemoan the loss of Lost Vagueness or the tunnels and its edginess, but shear weight of numbers put paid to that. Light and sound are mostly all top-notch and roll on next year (hopefully). Cheers and thanks for the indulgence.
  8. A couple of piccies from the wee small hours .... CdW; Haai; MK (yep, it was the women who were the best!).
  9. Fishman

    Emotional moments

    Miley with 'Malibu' set me off, because, y'know, family 'n' kids 'n' stuff, but then she shifted it to that awful Gigamesh remix and I was able to rein it in a bit. Also, there was definitely a moment or two (or three) somewhere during Lizzo, but that goes without saying.
  10. Not many though .... NOVEMBER 4 – Salle Pleyel, Paris, France 6 – O2 Academy Brixton, London, UK 8 – O2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow, UK 10 – Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland 11 – O2 Victoria Warehouse, Manchester, UK 13 – Palladium, Cologne, Germany 14 – Columbiahalle, Berlin, Germany 18 – AFAS Live, Amsterdam, Netherlands 19 – Store Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark
  11. Oh yes ... old man, straw hat on the lhs. That was me. It's not often I know most of the tunes!
  12. Fishman

    Favourite 2019 Flag?

    None of these w*nkers ....(is it possible to ban them in the pit?)
  13. Yep - was me at Josh Wink. The old man in the straw hat. My lot had insisted I wear it all all times as they could never find me. Thanks. Benny definitely mentioned Tuna for some reason and that's all I could hear about you, it's that you weren't him. Or something. Things get hazy on Sunday. Clocked you (GWR) last knockings at The Gas Tower also, but was a bit too 'tired and emotional' to come and say hello. Especially as all I remembered was that you were not Tuna! Full report at some point gang.
  14. Fishman

    Pangea.... Thoughts

    In short ... it needs work.
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