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  1. Chuckling in the midst of all this that he considers Taylor's output to be "endlessly upbeat" 🙃
  2. Only three episodes in to Yellowjackets so enjoying all the praise the rest of the series has gotten. I am easily creeped out, admittedly, but already finding that just thinking about the show too long puts a shiver up me 😅
  3. A few thoughts: - Really chuffed to see Love get some love. Think it is oft overlooked but a significant favourite of mine. - Inclusion of Lust for Life reminded me of the demo version. If anyone hasn't heard it, you should: - Can't argue with no.1 either. Difficult to explain just how transportive that track is for me. Will never ever tire of hearing it, and as soon as I hear those bells, it can't be skipped.
  4. I've only known two Americans who were familiar with/had heard of Glastonbury, one because she lived here in the UK for a year, and the other because he is quite "into music" and had come across references to it online. The latter is the boyfriend of my best friend in the States. They're planning on visiting here in the summer, and I had to gently let her down when she threw into conversation that "Ty suggested we pick up some Glastonbury tickets if we're over at the right time!" "Oh, sweet summer child... one does not simply 'pick up' tickets to Glastonbury..."
  5. On the Bruce topic, I noticed Nils' tweet a few weeks ago and got the vibe that a tour was looking to be off the cards:
  6. WestCountryGirl

    Campsite Poll

    First two visits I was in south west corner - south-west corner of Paines and then in one of the South Parks. Thought these were fine, until in 2017 we were in Michael's Mead as a friend had access to the facilities in Spring ground. Had a great overlook of the site, was quiet and close to JP and super accessible for the Pyramid. I'm sold and will be heading in that direction next time (although there is the chance we may actually camp in Spring Ground this time, which is also fine by me).
  7. That's a stunning achievement! Well done you! I've been so crap at reading this year, and I've really appreciated just how much I enjoyed all the reading I managed in 2020, so I'm quietly making the goal for myself to read another 52 in '22 🤫 Also, think I saw 'Good girl's guide to murder' on your Goodreads and I thoroughly enjoyed that this week! Good to know that if I'm on a slow down at any point in the year I can just turn to the sequels 👍
  8. On top of a wonderful Christmas weekend spent with numerous family members, my boyfriend proposed to me on Friday. I said yes. It's very exciting and overwhelming!
  9. The good news is that I will shortly be getting in my car and driving home to my family for Christmas 🎄 partner and I have lft'd everyday for the last week, and just done two different ones half an hour ago that have all come up negative - which is as confident as I can feel. Have been reminsicing, naturally, about how similar and how different last year was. I'm really glad the board is back now so that I can say thanks again to everyone on here who was so supportive and friendly when I was really going through it last year, unable to see my family. I hope everyone is able to enjoy the festive days however they feel comfortable to do so ❤
  10. Finally got around to watching Maid in the last few days. Man, I have not openly sobbed at a tv show like that in a LONG time! I know its been going around on word of mouth for a while, but do check it out if you haven't given it a go already!
  11. It's a Christmas miracle! 🎄 (Also, the not miraculous and very real hard work of @eFestivals - well done, Neil 🙂)
  12. I thought he was on Norton with Obama, re. their book that has just come out. Of course I desperately want there to be a tour announcement because I need to know how much money I need to put aside/for how many dates of it - but don't want to get my hopes up prematurely!
  13. I'm trying to keep my expectations low that I'll ever see her live. Unfortunately she just did an instagram live chat a few hours ago and said she wasn't touring. Obviously doesn't rule it out for the future entirely, but 😔
  14. Literally how my best friend ended up having sex with Miles Kane. Related: how do i get past listening to Dealer without having to remember, every time, that my best friend had sex with Miles Kane?
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