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  1. Last week I read The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. It got a bit too twee in the latter part, but I was otherwise blown away by how relatable it was to exactly how I've been feeling in recent months. It's almost embarrassing to admit how relatable it is, because if anyone else is to read it, I feel almost as though they would be reading my own journal. This example is more on the superficial side, than the mirroring of deep existential worries - but at one point in the book the protagonist is described as wearing a Cure t-shirt and tartan pyjama bottoms, and as I read that part I was wearing a
  2. Nahh not my bag. Some mates got tickets though. Hope it's a great success!
  3. Very interesting reading through this whole thread. It reminded me of the time that a friend of mine was offered work at Glastonbury in the build phase - if I recall correctly he would have been providing some large scale textiles. He asked how much he would be paid and was told his payment would be a ticket to the festival. He flat turned it down on the spot. He's self-employed as someone who makes things and needs money to get by. I was at first incensed by his refusal, but that's because I am someone who values Glastonbury highly. He had and has never been, and does not. Even if he had
  4. The Cure - 110 (+10) REM - 59 David Bowie - 80
  5. The Cure 63 ( +10 ) REM 85 David Bowie 80
  6. The Cure - 112 (+10) R.E.M. - 75 David Bowie - 130
  7. Just watched it - also been anticipating it for a while. I tend to love everything Andy Samberg does and this hit all the right notes, but with mote pathos than you normally see from him. Absolutely loved it. It's been ages since I've seen a movie that's become an instant favourite, so this was a real treat.
  8. My parents are finally - after 18 months of house being on the market - in the position of having a buyer for their place, and having been accepted as the buyers on a new place, at the same time 🥳 Still chains on either side, but a big step closer to being able to move away from the neighbours from hell. And more importantly than that, it's just five days until I'll see them for the first time since August ☺️
  9. Absolutely loving 'Don't You' and 'Bye Bye Baby'. Real sweet way to end the album.
  10. I perhaps naively thought Macca would be in the fight for longer.
  11. The Cure - 124 Stevie Wonder - 70 (-10) R.E.M. - 40 David Bowie - 184
  12. Oh I'm right in the mood for some this weekend now. Just need to get the lemons in.
  13. It was my want for LIIT's that inspired me to ask for a cocktail set for my birthday. The real financial outlay was acquiring all of the component parts of the 'tea, but now that I have them... potent iced teas on demand.
  14. The Cure - 144 Stevie Wonder - 61 (-10) R.E.M. - 31 David Bowie - 210
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