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  1. I heard Cardigan 'in the wild' yesterday (whilst checking in at a hotel) and it sounded great. I've found that as I don't yet know the songs beginning to end that I am getting a sort of 'medley' of bits of them stuck in my head. The medley seems to mostly feature the 1, mad woman and last great american.
  2. It just came up for me on another shuffle and I liked it much more. Definitely a grower.
  3. I'm sure they'll grow on me. I don't think listening to this during my last working day before two weeks off is the optimal situation... Can't wait to listen to it whilst on a long drive tomorrow.
  4. So on my 'shuffled' listen I just wrote down the title each time a song really hit me. I ended up writing down the titles of 11 of the tracks, with special asterisks next to 'illicit affairs'. Can 11 songs of 16 all be 'standouts'? Probably not. Short version, the five that aren't really resonating yet are 'my tears ricochet', 'mirrorball', 'epiphany', 'peace' and 'hoax'.
  5. I love four of the vinyl colours, but love the artwork of 'hide-and-seek' and 'running like water' - but I don't care for either of those vinyl colours. Argh! Edit: Actually, I'd overlooked the 'in the trees' artwork as it was at the top. That's my fave by far, if I go for any it will be that one.
  6. Just finished first listen through and I was just loving the whole second half. The tunes felt a little less distinct from one another but I just loved the sound. I think I was a little disappointed by the closer. The album just seemed to end on quite a flat note, for me. Or maybe it just felt flat because another song didn't start immediately and I was disappointed that it was over. Going to go back and listen again, on shuffle, see what stands out.
  7. Okay, fair. Maybe not the 'chin-stroking Pitchfork reading' type of music snob, but there are plenty of people who do still categorise music in those broad-strokes and would write off artists like Taylor, and many others, because of it.
  8. A harmonica! A harmonica is a sure-fire way to make a song a favourite of mine. Loving Betty.
  9. I've always found it quite funny that *music snobs* seem to think that 'music for teenage girls' is bubblegum pop and dance tunes... As someone who was once a teenage girl, I can attest to the fact that teenage girls are overly sensitive, have a *lot of feelings* and live for an overwrought cry to a song that tells a story about love that they haven't even come close to experiencing. This album will go down a treat with so many people and different ranges of fans.
  10. So my brother just messaged me and picked out his standouts (I'm still only half way through) for the first half and I listed mine and the only one we both said was exile. Just shows that everything hits people in different ways.
  11. Getting some lil frisson goosebumps from exile.
  12. I'm a few minutes behind you but I thought the exact same about Cardigan. It was the delivery of some lines, I just thought "that's Lana."
  13. It's just really weird how this has come along just now, for me. Yesterday I was thinking that I needed to put a playlist together for my upcoming two weeks of annual leave, and what with the weather here being so crap and grey for so long.. it wasn't feeling classic summer-y. It was more subdued. The tone of this playlist was sounds like Bon Iver, Nick Drake, Kurt Vile, some of Taylor's more low-key stuff for always necessary singalong value... basically, it was A Very Sad Summer Playlist With Moments of Levity. And now this. Maybe Taylor has been playing covert marketing mindgames with me for weeks.
  14. I mean... that's entirely the vibe I'm getting. Don't think it's too much to hope for at all.
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