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  1. Windsurfing looks like bloody hard work. Obviously I know that all Olympic sports are hard, but windsurfing has none of the grace and illusion of ease that you see in some others.
  2. Amazing work from Shriever and Whyte! Love the BMX racing.
  3. Woken up to the news that Bob Odenkirk is going to be okay is great enough but also Tomorrow I'm going to Center Parcs with my partner, Mum, Dad, brother, sister in law and nephew 🥰 for a whole week! This is the week away together we've been trying to have since March last year and it's finally here!!
  4. Yeah. Each time I google him the "headlines" are so long I get stressed worrying that the word "died" is going to come next. So, so hoping that he's okay. I watched it this afternoon and feel the same as you. I found it interesting that neither of the "best friends" interviewed in Asif Kapadia's Amy were the same as the three "best friends" in Reclaiming Amy. Of course I know that Amy is going to have had a lot of friends, but the three in the latter made me recall the two in the former. I'd have to rewatch Amy to recall exactly what Lauren and Juliette's take was on Mitch's role in everything, but honestly I'm not sure I ever will because it was too sad the first time. But that footage of her winning the Grammy as announced by Tony Bennett will never get old 💖
  5. Well exactly, that was my point! For some, as you say, they're a challenge and a way to best themselves. For me - as un-sporty a person as they come - sport is pure entertainment, and I so appreciate those who put themselves out there. I love the Olympics for seeing the pure joy and heartache and exhilaration, and to cheer on and get invested in people I didn't know the names of five minutes before.
  6. Yeah, I saw that - I was surprised at that. Only earlier in the day I'd had my aunt saying "but what's the point of it?" - to which I could only respond "what's the point of running around a track?" 🙄 I don't understand anyone writing off the skateboarding. It takes skill that I can't even imagine possessing - I know how to run, but stand me on a skateboard and I would be on my ass within seconds. I just love watching it - same as I love watching snowboarding. It's thrilling! I'm especially excited for the Park Skating rounds to begin.
  7. Prayer circle for Bob Odenkirk 🙏 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-57996085
  8. Have loved catching up on the skateboarding this morning. Just so cool, and so much fun to watch.
  9. Ah, excellent - you've made a thread already! The opening ceremony is beautiful so far - never expected anything less. As you say, it is a real shame for the athletes though.
  10. I have no idea where our seats will be. Not-quite-MIL offered to get my ticket as a Christmas gift as I am short on disposable funds at the moment. Kinda hope we're in the cheap-seats or I'm going to have to get my serious gifting on come December time 😅
  11. Fingers crossed for you!
  12. Just got a text from bf's Mum saying "Done! 27th September, yaay!" The Philharmonic have a priority booking thing - I didn't know she had access to that but it is possible that's how. Edit: although, I don't have priority booking (that I know of) and I've just been able to click on the "priority booking" button and go through the whole process (without actually buying at the end). So possible the Phil have just jumped the gun a bit.
  13. Woo! Going to the Philharmonic with boyfriend's Mum 🙂 So excited to have a gig booked in and this will be a great one.
  14. I'm sorry it has that association for you. Weirdly, folklore came out just in time for my one bright spot of 2020 - 2 weeks of hopping around the country to visit family, including a week in Cornwall in the sunshine with my brother, fellow Swift fan. I distinctly remember hearing Cardigan in the lobby of a hotel, the first time I stayed in one for so long, and being so excited by it. Of course, it has remained in constant rotation ever since, in the very mixed year that has followed. In recent months "this is me trying" and "seven" have taken on emotional heft that I've sometimes felt ill equipped to handle .. and that's a cyclical problem in itself! Anyway. What a great album. Long live folklore.
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