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  1. I got Shelter From The Storm, which is in my top 3 Dylan tunes - also it was kind of ironically pertinent, so I thought it was the intended tune!
  2. WestCountryGirl

    The Cure

    You're not alone, I was literally just coming here to say the same thing. I need to not read this thread, it makes me sad. The only positive spin on it I can make is that I have already endured the most heartbreaking miss that the Glastonbury fates could present me with - nothing will ever sting as much. And, as I sad in the classic performances thread, I do get a lot of joy out of being so proud of the band that I love absolutely smashing it out of the park, and receiving some of the plaudits and attention they have long deserved.
  3. If anyone has any kids they're trying to keep amused (or if you're interested yourself!) Chester Zoo are live streaming different animals throughout the day on their facebook page. I think the Red Panda stream at 10 went down because so many people jumped on, but there is now a very cute video! Rest of the day is: 11:00 Rothschild's giraffes πŸ¦’ 12:00 asian elephants 🐘 13:00 butterflies πŸ¦‹ 14:00 sun bears 🐻 14:30 Sumatran tigers 🐯 15:00 humboldt penguins 🐧 16:00 aquarium 🐠
  4. I couldn't record because I was, well, clapping πŸ˜… but it was lovely around here. I'm basically on the corner of three small streets and people came out on all of them. Started with just me and two other houses, but it was really quite emotional as more doors opened and the clapping got louder. One guy was being like a town crier getting people out. He was outside long after the minute was over. I hope we do it again. I know it is nothing compared to what all the key workers are doing, but it really did feel nice to feel like we're all on the same side.
  5. This is where the muddiness comes in, there is no "restriction" because the visiting people at home thing isn't something they said they could police. It falls back under the "advice" column of what they're telling the public to do/not do, which makes sense because they can't know what is going on in everyone's homes. The literal 'restrictions' (which will incur fines) are the gatherings in public of more than two people not from the same household. I suppose fines could be given if someone called the police to tell them a party was happening next door...
  6. Exactly. I haven't interpreted the rules as "i'm doing a good enough job of self-isolating so I can go over to someone's house" . Even going to the shop you could get it, and not know. If I thought I just had to stay inside for three weeks with only trips to the shop, and then I'd have a free pass to drive home to Plymouth to see my parents, I'd be perfectly happy right now - but that's not how I've interpreted the rules. The government have explicitly said you should not be visiting any other households.
  7. They absolutely do. A friend from my last job has been preaching all of the "stay at home" stuff, saying all the right things, but there is no way in hell she isn't going to be visiting her Mum and sisters. They all got together for mother's day at the weekend.
  8. Boyfriend and I don't have much in the way of a yard, and there's a lot of stuff out there we meant to take to the tip - our bad for procrastinating! Still, we have plenty of means to keep ourselves entertained in the way of games consoles, streaming packages etc. We've already started a list of "different" activities to keep our minds fresh and occupied. We did some creative writing the other day and have downloaded a list of writing prompts that we're going to work through. With my family group chat I started a thing where every morning we post a link to a song. Any song. I'm building a playlist of them all and it makes something nice to look forward to when waking up every morning.
  9. Exactly, every time. That's why I can't play it right now! It doesn't paint a pretty picture of the odds of beating any disease - even when you're playing with the medic, quarantine specialist and scientist!
  10. The one board game I can't bring myself to play at the moment is Pandemic. Too soon. The real life version is stressful enough.
  11. Currently feeling very grateful for my boyfriend being big into the video games. Have an Xbox One, PS4 and spiffy gaming PC at my disposal. He also got a Valve Index just over a week ago, so Beat Saber has been my primary source of exercise for the last self-isolating week. However, he purchased the Index solely for the release of Half Life: Alyx, which is out in approximately four and a half hours time, so my hours on the PC are now limited...
  12. One of my favourite musicians, Joe Pug, as well as doing free live streamed shows for all is offering personal 3-song private shows for Β£85 a pop. He's from the States and I'm bummed anyway that he hasn't toured here since ... 2015? Bloody hell ... so if there are still slots available once I've been paid on Friday, I might go for that. I can imagine I would be horribly awkward and British for the duration, but it would be quite special.
  13. My Mum has had the letter asking her to come out of retirement and get back to nursing. She's worked on cardiac ICU, a hospice and then as a community nurse until she retired in December 2018 because she couldn't handle the pressures, stress and physicality of it anymore. I know it is the most selfish response but obviously I am terrified and don't want her to go back, but she feels guilty and like she has to. My Dad had a (small) heart attack in December and I am worried about her potentially giving it to him, or her having to self-isolate away from him, never mind her getting it herself of which she would be at high risk to being in a work environment without the right protective equipment. It makes me feel sick to think of her getting ill, or Dad. It makes me feel sick to think of any of the medical professionals having to make impossible decisions at this time. It all just makes me sick with worry. And I can't even see her to give her a fucking hug because I live 300 miles away.
  14. Worked for me πŸ‘ A bigger quiz with more questions spanning all years would be grand (doubt it would improve my score mind!)
  15. "Iiiii am watching, you through a camera" just plays in my head with alarming frequency, not just when I hear Eurythmics.
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