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  1. yeah, something like the Mavis Staples spot, I reckon
  2. Mardy

    2022 New Music

    hahaha, I was just composing something about this, but your post sums it up perfectly. Can't improve on that
  3. 2010, 2017 and 2019 all ideal. All this talk of ‘too hot’ is fucking cobblers. Have a word. also @The Nalneeds to up his fucking game here if the festival is to stand a chance
  4. Mardy

    Field of Avalon

    This is the Kit were on West Holts up against Kylie. Was lovely and quiet, got some food, found a seat, had a little breather, one of the highlights of the weekend.
  5. Mate of mine is flogging a pair of tickets for the whole 10 day shebang. Face value. If anyone is interested, give me a shout
  6. Mardy

    2022 New Music

    To echo @FloorFiller@Brave Sir Robin and @PDAD, the new Kevin Morby is great, although in first listen maybe not quite up there with Sundowner, one of my favourite records of the last few years. Really looking forward to seeing him at EOTR. He's not really made a bad record, has he? Love pretty much everything - Singing Saw, City Music etc
  7. Fuck yeah, had forgotten she was on the lineup. That and Golden Hour will be tremendous
  8. Astonishing scenes here. 6 weeks ago had fuck all, now we've got tickets and accommodation in Worthy View, Can't knock it.
  9. …years when I wrote this song, i’m 22 now but i won’t be for long etc etc
  10. If they’d knocked it on the head 20 years ago, they’d have had a decent shot at being a great band. But they’ve spent twenty years alternately grave-fucking their past and making rubbish albums (that their mates in the media won’t tell them the truth about). You’d have thought Gillespie who, if nothing else, has an immaculate sense of rock mythology would understand that. But no.
  11. Mardy

    Kendrick Lamar

    Ponces Sporting Bowties.
  12. Mardy

    Kendrick Lamar

    Holy fuck, All the bangers. Including 'Left to my One Devices'. Che Guevara and Debussy to a disco beat.
  13. Mardy

    Kendrick Lamar

    Ah man, I really want to see Kung-Fu Kenny, probably my only chance, but he's up against the greatest pop band ever, it's a fucking nightmare clash
  14. Stop what you're doing at the moment, just pause for a second. Mute the telly, tell the kids to pipe down, give the dog a bone to silence it. Listen, concentrate, focus very carefully. Now can you hear it? It's the sound of the world not giving a flying fuck about Miles Hunt in 2022, what he's doing and what the pillock thinks about fucking anything.
  15. I thought Bob Vylan was comfortably the worst fucking music I'd ever heard in my life when I gave it a go this morning. Like the worst bits of 1990s pseudo-counterculture had eaten some dodgy prawns and decided to do an aural shit in my ears. Making the Sleaford Mods seem like Albert Camus fronting Bach. Really, in a lifetime of disappointment, that was a new low. Then this afternoon I clicked on a PartyBoi 69 clip...
  16. Macca Sat and PSB on the Sunday. That’s all I’ve got as my must sees so far
  17. Bicep playing Margate early June, so I can settle back, relax and enjoy PSB on the Other to close out my festival.
  18. Got to be Thursday, really, eh? No Neil, no Kizzie, No Nal, No part-ay. Quite like the idea of an earlier one, maybe mid afternoon-ish, but you know, fuck it, whatever time it is, I'll be there.
  19. That's Paddy Considine's band isn't it? Absolutely fantastic actor, derivative indie-shite musician. Bit like casting Ian Brown in the Godfather.
  20. Mardy

    Taylor Swift

    Biggest Taps Aff moment in the history of the festival. Never going to happen, though.
  21. My (Russian) wife has been up a couple of times to London in the last month to protest outside the Russian embassy. I haven’t. I’ve been very quiet. Mainly because I’m hoping I can get back to Moscow soon and you know, ship all my stuff over here, see my friends, finish off all the things I didn’t have a chance to do when I legged it out of the country and over to Istanbul a month ago after 17 years in Russia. I really don’t want my visa cancelled and to be banned for the next 5 years. Does my reticence against speaking out in public mean I shouldn’t go to Glastonbury this year, then?
  22. Depends how international their following is, and how closely their links to the regime are, where they live, where their family are, where they see their future and any number of other factors. A sizeable number of Russian celebrities, bands etc have done exactly that. You don't hear about them, but you know, most Russians haven't got a fucking clue who our 'celebrities' are either. Come to that, when I come back to the UK, I look at Celebrity Masterchef, 'I'm a celebrity' etc and feel exactly the fucking same.
  23. Galgon calls it right. It's not the place for structured shows with elaborate flights of fantasy, callbacks etc, it's a 10 minute Saturday night mixed bill with a drunken crowd. Hard hard work for a comedian. The people doing it are the ones who'd be there as punters anyway, Godliman, Widdecombe, Kumar etc. It's a world away from their normal shows.
  24. Essentially, anybody with a profile in Russia at the moment who isn't speaking in support of war, you can be pretty damn certain they're against it.
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