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  1. neither can i!!!! i'm sat back at my desk today, and i have that total "post glastonbury blues"... feeling... you know that feeling where you sort of feel empty inside after you have to come down again after witnessing something so f**king amazing!!! i must admit i was a little apprehensive about Sunderland... the Cardiff gig was so brilliant i was worried it would only be downhill from there... thankfully i was very very wrong in that worry... even the atrocious weather didnt matter... if anything it actually added to it!!! sorry for rambling... just still buzzing....
  2. Bruce Springsteen, Sunderland, Wednesday. FUCKING INCREDIBLE!!!! that is all.
  3. maybe it was precisely because of the demo of the crowd (assume you mean because everyone was old? 🙂 ) i've seen just about every metal band out there, i've stood in front of massive speaker stacks at dub nights... ... but the LOUDEST gig i've ever been to was Alfie Boe! i always assumed the reason for this was because the average age of the the audience was probably like 82 or something so he just turned it up to 11 as everyone's hearing was knackered!
  4. -TLR-


    if ECOLI is the gabba producer from back in the day, then i have heard of one name on there. if its not... well... i guess i truly am an old man...
  5. today i am mostly practicing being hungover...
  6. i've only ever been to Glasto Latino once... and that was just to get a cocktail from the little van in the corner!
  7. Asphyx playing later in year - only one show in UK as far as i can see. The Dome in Tufnell Park: i've been trying to remember but i don't believe i have ever seen them live before - i have to say Martin Van Drunen is one of my all time favourite metal vocalists, and The Rack is a stone cold classic album (not sure if they'll play anyting tho seeing as they will be touring a new album). anyways - looking forward to this one!
  8. tomorrow is our annual Eurovision / BBQ / put-up-tent-in-garden day! just one more sh*tty day of invoices and spreadsheets to go...
  9. did anyone on here go to Bruce in Belfast last night? the setlist was essentially the same as Cardiff (there were three changes i think, one of which was Land of Hope and Dreams which is up there with my all time favorite Bruce songs). i've heard differing reports of the show - but a common thread seems to be that Bruce was actually pretty ill and it really showed and the show was... well.... not great. i'd be very interested to hear opinion from anyone that was actually there.
  10. i really hope so - last year, the usually really rather nice longdrops on the path in Big Ground ended up resembling one of the circles of Hell because of all the extra people that arrived on Row Mead for shows.
  11. Bruce Springsteen - Cardiff, Sunday. (i know there have been a few posts on this already, but i just wanted to add my 2cents) i think i can sum up this show in three words - Bruce Is Back! i went to 6 shows last year, and they were all sh*t. as soon as he stepped out on stage in Cardiff, you just knew it was different - there was quite literally magic in the air. he performed with such passion and energy and emotion and power... everything that was missing from the shows last year. Sunday was my 54th Bruce show - and i have to say it was up there with the best of them (not the Best of the Best, it wasn't quite up there... but man it was close). i've been trying to think of a single highlight, but really i would say, and i know its a bit of a cop out, but the entire show was a highlight. but if i had a gun to my head, and someone demanded a highlight i think i would probably say it was "If I was the Priest" - i cant say i really care for this song on record, i always thought it felt about 5 minutes too long, and sort of felt like "bruce-by-numbers".... but fuuuuuuck, live it was simply magnificent. i walked out of every show last year wishing i hadn't bothered. as i walked through Cardiff back to the hotel on sunday i wished i was going to more shows - and that is a f**king great feeling to have! f**k yeah! also just to add - he is still playing the piece of crap that is "Nightshift" - so there is still a perfect bar run song!
  12. Channel One and Dubkasm for me!
  13. lord have mercy... i wish i could remember what it even felt like to be approaching my 30's... (apologies for being absolutely zero help in the topic).
  14. ok, so i know there is the "teachings in dub" half day takeover at Firmly Rooted, but i really wish they would just stick a tent in a corner somewhere dedicated to 24/7 roots / dub / reggae. they tried it a few years ago with the "Greenhouse"* stage - but that was there once and never seen again for some reason. and i had some of the best times ever at The Blues stage in 2014. why can't they just get the guys who used to run the Dubshack at One Love Festival (Instrument of Jah i think?) to have a little tent somewhere? why is the genre so ignored these days? *Greenhouse stage was over in Shangri-La somewhere, not Silver Hayes.. but still...
  15. can't be of any help i'm afraid - after 30 years on Big Ground i'm well used to a slope!
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