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  1. A little tearful revisiting this thread after the weekend. Enjoyed the time to reminisce over the weekend, and it really made me think too about what I miss, and it's hard to pinpoint, but I think it's this: At some point during the weekend (or sometimes several points!), I'll usually have a little cry - not totally hangover induced, but just because the big emotional wave hits. You know there is nowhere else you'd rather be. That you are so happy. That everybody there just wants to have a good time. It might be when you see a band absolutely nail it, or it might be when you are having a little singalong with old friends. Often though, it's just when you are wondering around the site and it's a proper sensory overload, a real feeling of "this is incredible, I can't believe this only exists for five days, I'm so lucky". It's euphoric, it restores my faith in humanity and it sets me up for the year.
  2. Ooh thanks - I've just found the clip! it's a mini session, rather than the full shebang, but made me giggle/feel a bit emotional at the same time!
  3. Been hoping that Power Ballad Yoga might pop up somewhere online but if not i might recreate my own (lycra optional!) 🧘‍♀️👩‍🎤 (Also, if anyone needs a heartwarming story right now the last post on their FB page is a picture of a couple who met at one of their Glastonbury sessions a couple of years ago and now they are married!)
  4. I'm still on annual leave on Glastonbury weekend, so planning to mark it in some way. As well as getting the ciders in, I'll be recreating my fave food choices to soak up some of the booze and the tears. Number one on the list is recreating the magnificent Goan fish curry.
  5. Silver Hayes is not really my thing, and I definitely think a few changes might liven things up a bit. However, the thread from Pete Paphides about this year’s festival that has been doing the rounds gives the area a name check. In particular he talks about the young, lively and diverse crowd. I know SH is not especially popular on here (or with the group I go with) but it did make me wonder if i’d been a bit harsh. Didn’t spend much time here, so can’t comment on general atmosphere or vibes in the area myself: Obviously some of this applies to the future of Glastonbury in general, not just to SH, but I like the optimism about the next generation of festival-goers - if SH has helped to push this then might be exciting to build on this in future years to shake things up a bit?
  6. Only other place I remember branding was the Bar on the Green (WG) - interior bedecked in large Carlsberg branding and colours I think? (not just the tanks etc). Stands out cos I don’t think i’ve seen that much in one pace before? (Unless I’m normally just drunk when I go in one of the bigger bars?!) all in all though, branding is always something that shocks me when I see pics of other big festivals. Clearly Glastonbury goes to a lot of trouble to avoid this.
  7. kh24

    Lessons learned

    This is amazing. Why have I never thought of this?
  8. I sometimes feel like this and I also think I perhaps need to re-think my build up to the festival. As others have said, I also 'want it all', in that I aim to visit all parts of the site, spend time chilling out, see loads of bands, party late night, spend time with friends, spend time in T&C, etc. The heat especially this year just brought it home that you really can't do all of those things. So, my 'resolution' if you like is to put much less pressure on myself to have the 'perfect' festival. My major FOMO? I could have added loads, but I was happy with most of the choices I made. In terms of things that weren't impossible/I didn't need a time machine for I wished I'd gone over to Sharon Van Etten (I was just feeling a bit lazy but the heat had eased off a bit then) and I wished I'd got to The Cure earlier (I saw the last 30 mins or so). Another thing I'll perhaps calm down about in future years is spending time with pals/the group of people I camp with. I think I wasted a bit of time out of politeness (staying on longer at sets I didn't love, not being more adventurous with post headliner entertainment, not standing in a great spot for a set, less exploring in favour of pitching up outside a bar and staying there for ages - although that was the heat too). What I learnt was no-one really gives a monkeys - other people disappear/go off/get split up/get so spangled they are hardly paying attention to what you are up to. If anything, it makes the odd set, or hour or two that you do all re-group feel a bit more special or spontaneous.
  9. kh24


    Spicy Thai fried chicken from 'Krapow!' (I think it was called) somewhere on the walk from Beat Hotel to Pyramid - Thai-style slaw, spicy fries and sriracha mayo alongside also delicious, and a decent portion.
  10. "Pictures of You" by the Cure - never really heard it before, and it just sounded absolutely sublime on Sunday. I've had it on repeat since.
  11. Yes, that one's prompted an emotional cry for sure!
  12. Sharon Van Etten sounding incredible
  13. I'm also clearly out of sync because I thought crowding was better than usual. Granted I didn't do too much of the worst runs (eg. Pyramid to Other in the evening etc). Went to SE corner on Sunday and that was fine too. Noticeably busy on Weds but I'd just put that down to the weather being nice meaning everyone wanted to get there as early as possible. Williams Green was a bit ridiculous on Thursday, and it felt like everyone had the same idea to hang around there so perhaps this needs a bit of thought in future.
  14. kh24

    Flops 2019

    I agree - was really looking forward to them as I missed 2015 and slight problems with sound/wind, I really enjoyed it. Granted, we moved spots because the crowd around us initially were just stood there looking bored or a bit restless. Also, I think a lot of people were also going off to catch Hot Chip so once they'd cleared off the atmosphere seemed to lift a bit for me and I thought they were ace.
  15. 1. Lizzo 2. The Cure 3. Fontaines DC (John Peel Friday set)
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